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As an English teacher from New Zealand I would like to say thank you for such innovative and helpful ideas in the area of learning and preparing to learn. An excellent resource which I'm sure will assist my students (high school level). 12/10/99

A well layed out site with good facilities to help and educate all types of problems 11/25/99 from England..

Thank you for having this on the internet. I am a disabled student a a local university. 12/17/99

Tes pages sont tr? bien faites il n'y a pas beaucoup de fautes, de plus moi comme la majorit? des francophones avons comme lacune l'orthographe fran?ise (ce n'est pas une langue facile...) . Je doit avou?que mon talons d'Achille est mon orthographe , ainsi que la grammaire; Dieu merci j'ai un correcteur d'orthographe sur mon traitement de texte. Tes textes sont compr?ensibles et c'est cela e plus important . 12/1/99 from Belgium

I am very impressed with your website which gives a lot of info to students on learning methods and skills. What I wanted to emphasize is are there any info that you can provide us on case studies i.e. as a student of strategic management or post graduate students, case studies is a very important thing for us to link to the real business world when writing essays. 12/10/99 (Yes, the millenium page!)

I thought your site was very easy to follow. The format was user friendly and covered a lot of important requirements. 11/03/9

Just visited (Study Guides) Excellent work! 11/14/99

I just came across your web site and was very impressed by the scope and clarity of your materials. I would like your permission to use information in your web development presentation for staff development courses that I do for teachers and librarians. 10/30/99

"Study Guides for testing, reading, writing, and classroom participation" was quite helpful to me, even as a 6th grade student. I read through each and every section, followed all of the links, and got some magnificent ideas. Thanks so much! 10/11/99

Congratulations! I think you're on to something important here. Students, including myself (:-) do cram - and a systematic approach will clearly provide the best results. Check out also David Ellis' "How to cram, even though you shouldn't" in Becoming a Master Student. My students always seem to get a kick that cramming is even acknowledged. like they invented it! 10/15/99

I LOVED these test-taking strategies. Who doesn't want to become a better test-taker? As I think I talked about before, I think that the "confer with other students" suggestion is especially helpful. Sometimes when you're talking to others in your class, you see things in ways that you've never seen them before. (And also, one of your classmates may know someone who has had the class before and has given them helpful hints that they can pass on to you!) 10/18/99

Interesting web site on test preparation. Thanks for sharing. I have no comments for improvement to offer. 10/19/99

This is a very good web site. Thank you for providing. 10/15/99

Your SQ3R page is the best one I've found so far--that's why I linked to it from my Reading 90 online class. I just wanted to say that your site is excellent, and that it really made my day to come across it... I am going to recommend your site to all that I know and refer to it often. Keep up the great work!! 10/7/99

Thank you for developing this site. I am a second time around college student. It is very helpful. I just added your site to my "favorite places" list. 9/27/99

Thank you for this great site. My son is a fifteen year old high school sophomore who has never developed note taking or study skills. He always managed to do very well up until this point. I'm sure that the strategies you outline will be of great service to him. I have also initiated the help of a very successful senior who is on the football team with him to help him set some goals and using your strategies I'm confident he will reach them. I think that these skills should be taught in high school because there are so many children like my son who never had to work so they never developed them. They are our "underachievers". We have given him two weeks to adjust his focus, and starter or not we will take him off the football team. I'm quite sure he won't allow this to happen. 9/30/99

Thank you for the wonderful advice. 10/5/99

This web site is a teacher's dream! Thank you for all of your hard work! 10/3/99

(I am a) elementary gifted instructor (in Pennsylvania), and I was wondering if I could obtain an official "OK" from you to utilize your site in our gifted program. I need to teach study skills and was extremely impressed with the information available at your site. 9/21/99 (Yes)

I visited your site looking for help for my less-than-studious granddaughter, and noticed you have not visited Texas. When you do, as with other places, be sure you learn the language first! Your site is well done and quite informative. 9/20/99

familynav.gif (1215 bytes)Family Fun Magazine, September 1999: The group of Study Guides hosted by the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, is even more comprehensive. It covers goal-setting, managing stress, paying attention, memorization techniques and more. Although it is written for college students, parents can easily adapt the guidelines here for children of any age.

As the parent of a struggling 8th grader, I appreciate your website. I'm so happy to find information to help my student. Thank you for your time and effort. I feel it will truly help us. 9/14/99

A very informative site. Thank you. 9/13/99

The study skills information you provide is excellent and I would like to ask permission to use some of it. I work at (a Community High School in Indiana). I have been asked to assist some students in improving their study skills. Educators advise students to study, making the assumption the student has the talent naturally. Unfortunately, study skills (for most students) need to be taught and practiced just like other skills. 8/27/99

I was looking through the Study Guides and things that you have done with them. Sounds like you are doing work for Moscow State.... That is so cool!!!... I will talk to a local (U.S.) Russian magazine about doing an article for the local community about the site and the partnership that you have created with Moscow State. 8/27/99

I teach a middle school reading strategies class. I am also a reading teacher. This is a wonderful resource. A million thanks to you ! 9/13/99

I've been looking through various sites today, particularly for information for my 11th grade students at the secondary college I teach at in Brisbane, Australia. Your site came up, and I found it extremely interesting. I was wondering if, it is at all possible, I could use some of your information in collating some resource material for my "LIFE SKILLS" classes for next year???? 8/27/99 yes!

From Uppsala University: I am most impressed by your web sites about study habits! 9/9/99

WOW!! As a mentor teacher, I have been perusing the web for resources to help all those involved in the learning process. This Site is PACKED with helpful and well organized information. I would like to share some of the contents with new teachers. May I have permission to focus on portions of this site, making reference to authors and site? Thank You. 8/12/99 YES!

YAY!! How delightful to find such a comprehensive and helpful site. I teach at both a technical college and a county jail. Thank you for presenting such great information in such an easy to access format. Your site is the best example of one stop shopping I can think of! : ) 8/16/99

Thank you for the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of your web site. I have been teaching test preparation courses and incorporating test prep into the classes I teach both in college and high school for 15 years, and yet when I needed to put together a presentation for a group of teachers, I found your site most helpful. It incorporated the best tips I have learned along the way in an easy-to-use and comprehensive format. 6/9/99

I am very impressed with your site, both in terms of content and format. I particularly like the WebTruth area. 6/9/99

I work at (a Hispanic Serving Institution). I would like to thank you for this wonderful web site. I have found it very useful in working with young high school students who are in (a health careers program). I teach the academic skills component and have used much of the information found in the web site as well as the links. You have done a great job! Thank you! 6/15/99

Just came across your wonderful sight. What a help it has been to me in my English Lesson. I hope to use it many times in the future. 7/12/99

I came across your site while doing a little bit of research on websites that would be interesting for youth and young adults. I think it's great. 6/23/99

We are a group of teachers in a high school learning community who were asked to prepare and implement a unit on study skills for the coming school year. We visited the professional library and found many good books on the subject, but nothing immediately useful in the classroom. When we found your site, we knew we'd hit pay dirt! 7/2/99

I ran across a link to your study guides on a general chemistry page elsewhere on the web and found some of them particularly useful. I would like to encourage my students to read through them. 6/28/99

Throughout this last year I have been planning my final project. The topic I am very interested in is teaching young students good study skills. This summer I plan to concentrate my efforts on the completion of this capstone final project. I have done research on this topic through the internet thus far. When I came upon your site I was thrilled! 6/24/99

Our state organization Adult/Community Education of Florida is working with the Florida Department of Education the develop a new GED WEB site. We would like to use some of your material in our new site . Can you give us permission? 7/1/99


lizard4.gif (1112 bytes)star.gif (512 bytes) The Open Directory Project's goal is to produce the most comprehensive directory of the web, by relying on
a vast army of volunteer editors. Top rated as a " Thoughtfully constructed study guide..."

We would like to include links to your webpages on our schools' (K-12) websites. Thank you for the hard work you have done to provide such an excellent resource. 5/2/99

I want to thank you for preparing such a wonderful tool! I have just been thrown into a Middle/High School Study Skills class and was at a loss as to where to begin. Someone told me about your site, and it has been such a huge help to me! Thanks again! 6/23/99

I am an instructional design doctoral student.... Starting this summer, the Instructional Design program will implement a new on-line graduate course entitled, Instructional and Learning Strategies. We are looking for web resources to supplement this course and believe that your web page would make an invaluable contribution. 4/23/99

I just wanted to write you this memo to say a job well done in putting together the Study Guides and Strategies Web site. I will be directing people to your site. 4/7/99

Excellent job! It must have taken a lot of work and I'm glad you took the initiative of making the resources available on the net. 2/7/96

This is a wonderful site. As a facilitator of a student success course for first year students and a study strategies course for students on academic probation--this site is a real gold mine. I look forward to the time when I can contribute to this site. :-) 1/16/99

American Library Association, CHOICE (publication) FEB '99: ...offers information to help students be more effective both in and out of the classroom. The site starts with a well-organized table of topics and subtopics. For example, Study Preparation gives tips on time management, organization, and stress; In the Classroom gives advice about preparing for classes, taking notes, and participating in oral discussions and presentations; and Testing Skills talks about test taking, preparation, and questions on tests. Writing Skills may be the weakest topic, since it focuses on finished products rather than on helping students with writing process itself; organizing Term Papers, for example shows the basic note card style but omits the important steps for selection topics, prewriting, drafting and revising. The section Reading Skills however, offers information on enhancing reading comprehension and on mastering difficult texts. Most impressive about this site is that most of the material resides at the site itself, though off-page links lead to sites devoted to grammar, written languages, dictionaries, reading , using primary versus secondary sources, designing syllabi, and study strategies and skills. The site compares favorable to others on study skills...

talking1.gif (18975 bytes) Those who nominated your site, did so from their "heart", because in some way you have made a lasting impression on them 11/12/ 98

As a college student, it is helpful to see web sites that can help with this sort of problem. I hope it is recognized as a true disability in the near future to help those of us who know the material, just blank out when tested on it. Thanks for the tips..

Wow! I like your site. It offers an excellent collection of study strategies for students in several languages. As a director of the writing center--where we emphasize study skills in reading and writing--I would like to make your materials available to (my) students. Can I have your permission to create a link...? YES!

hotsitelogo.gif (4587 bytes)"Studyguides shows what Web can be" by James Romanesko, St. Paul Pioneer Press/Dispatch Studyguides is a no-nonsense site that doesn't try to make homework seem cool with the use of funky graphics or groovy fonts. It's all-text and serious, but very practical. 8/3/98

I was searching for one basic answer to a question and found a bevy of info. Bless you and thank you for maintaining such a valuable resource! I've bookmarked this site and will refer to it constantly over my college career! 12/7/98

I am a Special Education teacher in Anchorage, Alaska. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your web site. Actually I've added your link to my web site. My students find your site to be one of the best we've found for study skills!

scoutsel(1).gif (1527 bytes)Your site--Study Guides and Strategies--has been chosen as a selection for the Scout Report, the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts. September 4, 1998

I found your site via the Scout Report. It has some fantastic tips and hints that I would very much like to share with my students (Secondary - ages 12 to18) and colleagues here in (Australia). We have an intranet at our school and I was wondering if you would mind if I "whacked" it? Thanks once again for a very useful site. 12/9/98

This is the best study guide info on the Internet! 02/26/99

You have a great website. I am going to reorganize my (website) organization after looking at your site. 11/26/98

chronHiEd.gif (4736 bytes)

"Information Technology Resources", by Bianca P Floyd, Chronicle of Higher Education, Vol XLV, October 30, 1998: A website that offers tips for improving academic performance...

I pulled your address from The Chronicle of Higher Education and will definitely make sure my students (freshmen in history surveys) have access to and use the information next semester. Concise and informative.

I looked up your website and was thoroughly impressed with the comprehensiveness of the site. Anyone interested in using the Internet for a study skills course could use your site without having the students buy textbooks. I could easily see the material you provide used as a stimulus for journal writing and class room activities that would reinforce the recommendations you make. I can also see the value of a comparative study assignment for students to compare the value of the different study skills sites that you link to.

USAtoday.gif (2127 bytes)USA Today Tech Web Resources School Prep: Get the most out of school this year with the help of Study Guides and Strategies from the University of St. Thomas at St. Paul, Minn. How-to lessons range from stress management and taking notes to test prep and writing skills. With links to other online resources.

I am a junior in high school. I located your material on the www and I thought is would help me become a better student. Thanks for all the good tips

apicslogo2.gif (2141 bytes)Moser, APICS Online (The Educational Society for Resource Management): In addition to sound advice in six general areas, the site features numerous reference and link to a wide range of resources from other universities November 1998

I am so thankful for the most helpful links and other information you have provided. I am sort of the URL-man on campus, so I was delighted with the info and will pass it along to my colleagues

Your (website) is truly a work of art. Chocked full of information, which is readable and useable.

I would like to thank you for organizing all of this information into such a helpful piece of work. 3/29/99

I am working with a committee of high school teachers trying to come up with ideas and ways to decrease the dropout rate at our school. one of the areas we are looking at is providing study skill instruction for ninth graders over our intraschool t v network. I found a great wealth of information to include in our presentation. thank you for your help. 3/24/99

I want to cheer! St. Thomas website source is very helpful and easy to access. I thank you for the computering persons who do this job!

I teach study skills to 5th and 6th graders and have found your site very helpful even though the language must be simplified to their level.

I looked up your website and was thoroughly impressed with the comprehensiveness of the site. Anyone interested in using the Internet for a study skills course could use your site without having the students buy textbooks. I could easily see the material you provide used as a stimulus for journal writing and class room activities that would reinforce the recommendations you make. I can also see the value of a comparative study assignment for students to compare the value of the different study skills sites that you link to. 9 Dec 1998

I think that your website is the most complete site I have seen. 11/26/98

I am not in college -- now retired -- but I wish I had your studyguides when I was in college. the (writing) pages were extremely enlightening and clarified the process for me thanx for the help and info it really helped with my STS tests I had to take!!! thanx again!

I have been trying to explain to my students for 36 years the benefits of the kinds of preparation that you advocate. I am encouraging my students to use your site. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the info. (on the Cornell Note taking method)! Why can't you summarize the advanced system?

I just happened across your web page and thought I'd send my two cents worth...Bravo!

sometimes the way a former teacher has treated you during test will stay with you well into your college and even professional career, and you will never think that what happened to you back in pre-kingergarden will stay with you 12/10/98

Thanks for the information re test anxiety, test-taking skills, etc. I'm a school counselor and will give it to some of my students 12/10/98

I really have to congratulate and in fact thank you for holding the tradition of free info on the net alive and publishing a document of such immeasurable importance thank you

I love this web site. It gives me a lot of confidence and made me feel as if I hadn't studied in vain! Thanks a lot!

I think your study guide website is excellent. I will be sending my students to your site to gather information! Thanks.

WOW, Great - so much better than the ... site!

May I link to (Study Guides) for a personal Web page that I have designed for my library instruction students? ... Thanks for sharing.

This is a great web site! I am going to put a link to it..

What a wonderful resource!!

I think this website is very useful. For one of my classes I had to write a paper on note taking tips as well as group dynamics. This information made writing the paper much easier. Thank you. 2/15/99

I am helping a student with writing this summer. Your ideas are very much appreciated.

I am writing to ask permission to link to Study Guides from my website. I am having my high school Health students do a project in which the information on your site is very useful. 3/24/99

May I share your website with the faculty here ...? Can they share the resource with students? Great job!!

I visited your website today and I wanted you to helps!

Thank you (from Cairo).

I would like to laud and thank you for your pages. I find them to be really helpful and I feel a lot more prepared for this coming semester due to the intelligent suggestions and advice provided at your site. 1/16/97

I am a "non traditional age" student (55) who has long forgotten how to study and take tests, etc. I really enjoyed your information and would like to print it out and put it in my binder to jog me into good habits when I get off track. I will share it with the rest of my class, all older students re-entering school to attempt to finish.

We are trying to give our (middle school) students an opportunity to utilize the Internet as a research tool...I found your web pages while researching for sources our students could use while they are studying their current units. You have compiled a wonderful source of information and I would very much like our students to be able to learn from your work.

Just stumbled onto your study page. Good job! I am the Director of Technology Services for a K-12 School District in Arizona....

I have a problem with writing essay. I need some help I would appreciate it if you would help me learn how to write an essay. I' trying to get my GED. So please write back.

I am also doing graduate work in ... and find your site to be a nice compilation of tech resources I use or want to use in the incorporation of tech in my teaching. One more thing, I am presenting my set of strategies at ... I am going to plug your site as "the best one I've seen".

I am writing in regards to the information on Test Taking that I found on the internet recently....we work with middle school students who are at-risk. (Our office) is wanting to produce a booklet (brochure) using the test taking information. This booklet (brochure) will be given to students who are in the program or any other middle school students who may benefit from this information. This information (we feel) is greatly needed and therefore would be of a great benefit to these students.

I am a special education director for a six school district cooperative in Texas. I am researching this topic for a principal and counselor in one of my districts. you have some good information here.

..I thought "Greg would find this interesting" and used the "send this page" feature in Navigator to email it to him. I underestimated his reaction. He was EXCITED! He crawls the web on a regular basis trying to find things of true value, so he's inclined to be jaded, but that wasn't his reaction to your pages. He knew in his gut he'd found a gem and told me so.

I think a link to it will be a very beneficial addition to the website I am developing

Thanks to you for organizing a nice set of information for students. I will be encouraging my graduate students to peruse it, especially the international ones who have such trouble their first few months here, figuring out the U.S. system

I finally got time to view your website. Very nice!!