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My college found your site/s and sent them to me; I teach/train other teachers and a variety of learners and he knew that I needed/wanted to know everything that you shared.......I'll pass this info to many other colleagues, as well. Thanks for all your input 12/11/00

Thank you for posting the Study Guides. I work with a federal program called Talent Search (for low-income middle and high school students to help them prepare for college)... I will definitely get a lot of use from your guides with my students.11/24/00

Internet Resource of the Month, August 2000, The Learning Center Newsletter

Site of the Week: College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin/Madison, Oct 16, 2000

Best of Education on the Web 2000, Los Angeles Educational Project (LEAP)

Your website is a a treasure, Joe. Thank you so much. 12/3/00

Thanks so much! I am a teacher and am writing for National Board Certification. I have to convince assessors that I have contributed significantly to my profession. Your tips are what they tell me to do but it helps to hear it in a new set of words. Maybe I can do it now. 11/29/00

I'm from Taiwan. I've surfed the Study Guide pages several times. They help me prepare my teaching LD students in developing their learning strategies. 11/13/00

Congratulations on this GREAT web site, Joe! I took a look at your site after seeing it listed in this week's Sunday edition of the Montgomery Advertiser (through Dave Farrell's column). I am sure that I will use it often. 11/6/00

I have been using these study guides with my seventh grade learning disabilities students. They have been very receptive and they love trying out their new strategies. Thanks! 11/13/00

Wonderful job!!, informative to the point I would like to link to High School Guidance page dealing with study skills 11/4/00

we used a lot of your material today at a midterm review that my students run for our freshmen who have never taken a midterm exam and they were very enthusiastic about it -- ... -- the kids really need help with the concept of studying and these materials are very useful -- they liked the things on how to address specific types of questions -- true/false, multiple choice, etc. -- I noticed that they remembered things such as the idea that more questions are true than false so they should guess true if they're not sure. They also liked the mnemonic memory aids -- although I think they lend themselves to some subjects and not to others -- science teachers seem to use them well -- they also liked the tips -- things like don't ask each other questions just before the test and what not to eat and drink before an exam. I was surprised that they were unaware of some of what I thought was really obvious things. You should also stress organization. I find that my students are not organized. They don't save old test and homework papers and if they do, they can't find them. I tell them to make a folder for each subject and keep everything in it. That way, when the exams come, they just have to pick up their folder to start the studying process instead of spending an hour just gathering up the correct material. ...-- Thanks again for all the good information 1/22/00

I am an inclusion teacher which means I attend the regular classroom and serve my children there. However, I have them all at a time for one period a day for Study Skills. We have been using your wonderful study tips and test-taking strategies at the beginning of each period. For example, one week we did SQ3R, focusing on Survey on Monday, Question on Tuesday, Read on Wednesday, etc. I try to spend just 10 minutes to cover a section per day. I make handouts which I've tweaked just a little bit to fit our situation, and they put these in their Study Skills notebooks. They should have a nice resource to take home at the end of the year. What has surprised me is how receptive they are to learning these strategies. They can't wait to tell me when they've tried something in the classroom. Now that's rewarding! Thanks again for your good info. 11/15/00

My wife and I have been truly impressed with the information provided in your Study Guide site and are currently using some of the material to assist our two boys (14 and 12) manage their studies and prepare for their High School exams. My wife is a high school teacher and we are wondering if she can use this material with her classroom kids and if so, is there a way to easily download the pages for the site, where the pages can be hosted locally on the hard drive of her notebook. We live in the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean and on-line internet access is not cheap (having to pay both the ISP and the telephone company for the access), not even in the schools. Accessing the site, drilling down to all your hosted pages takes time using a 28.8 modem. We are currently printing the pages. Again if possible can the pages be hosted or accessed from an ftp server? Please let us know. Thank you again for this valuable information. 10/3/00 ftp under development

I am a Junior Business major at ... AL. In my organizational communication class we are required to do a formal business report. This semester the subject is to evaluate our ... web page and compare it to other colleges' web pages... I came across your site trying to find what makes a good web page. I would love your opinion and recommendations for our web page. You have already been most helpful just with your site, but I would love to get an additional view point from you. My teacher, fellow classmates, and my grade would benefit immensely from your feedback.11/3/00 Your information on multiple choice strategies was just what I was looking for, but, I needed more explanation of words and phrases such as "stem" of the question, "negative" and "100%" words and "look alike" options. Please explain. 11/3/00 (text edited)

I am a student at an Ontario college and I have just watched your power point presentation. You did a fantastic job presenting your information. My first experience on the web was two months ago. As a beginner, I find the world of electronics a bit overwhelming. Your site is easy to read, and easy to understand. Thank you for you help! 11/3/00

THANK U, for such a comprehensive and informative website !!! I'm a thirty-something night student, in a community college and it's the small things that I forget. 11/2/00 This was very helpful. I am in a Algebra class and did poorly in a test last night, but this information has motivated me to continue working hard at learning the subject. Thank you. 10/25/00 I'm an eighth grade science teacher and stumbled upon your information. I'm going to try to implement it with my students in the beginning of 2nd quarter. I think it will help motivate them. 10/24/00

This web page is incredible!! It helps a lot. Thank you 11/23/00

I was recently visiting your site (22/10/2000) and I was very impressed with your layout. One suggestion I have is having a section on providing students with a guide to Maths and Science exams, how to prepare, tips on keeping 'your cool' and other various things like that which students such as myself would greatly benefit from. Keep up the good work and congratulations are in order for you for your great site. 11/23/00 I just wanted to tell you that the study guides and strategies page is a wonderful resource. It was very helpful and informative, helped a lot with a class project. I'm back in school working on a Master's in Library and Information Science at U of I at Urbana-Champaign and this site was just what I needed. 10/14/00 What a marvelous site you've created! So generous of you to share. Many thanks, 11/19/00

A colleague just pointed me to your study guides site, and I've been finding a wealth of good info, even if not all of it applies to K-6 students :-) 10/18/00

I am using this site for task number 7 at Alabama school of math and science.10/5/00

Thank you for your web sites! They are awesome and the staff at our school really appreciates them 10/12/00

Your page was recently referenced in our local paper's Access section. It's a great resource for students of all ages. 10/7/00

Thank you for this valuable resource. I am a services coordinator for a Student Support Services program in ... Virginia, and I plan to place a link to this page on our website so that participants in our program may use it. Thanks again. 10/12/00

...for your site as a teacher. I am working on my master's and was searching for websites for high school students so they can learn to be discerning readers of information. My suggestion is to create a version that would peak the interest of young adults and provide them with the ammunition they need to know how to find accurate and reliable information. I liked several pages on your site and you are now a bookmark. Thanks again. 10/8/00 Many thanks for this. I like the content and style and tone, rather than the usual tedious and obfuscatory visual devices. The quotations are true links into the fuller pages. I@have spent too long - now past bedtime - browsing, but will use and present to 300 parents tomorrow night at Year 11 study evening on stress, exam revision and progression. 10/5/00

This is my first time on your site and I enjoy the information very much. I'll be visiting more often. 10/2/00

Thanks for the motivation "stuff"! I think it will be very helpful for my students. 10/4/00

What a wonderful resource! My junior high school students would find much of this invaluable. Would it be possible for you give me permission to link to your study skills site from my school's student resources page? I am the teacher/librarian and web master for (a school) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 10/2/00

I am a junior in high school and saw your website listed in a computer pullout section of the Milwaukee Journal. I would just like to compliment you on your studying/test-taking suggestions. Although many of the points were things I've been hearing for years in our language classes, you presented some of the most clever ways of doing them I can recall. I'm going to try out a few of the suggestions in my classes this week and see what happens. The reading-material-in-textbooks and test-answering skills were especially interesting. Good job! 10/2/00

Loved this site. 9/22/00

I am teaching a group of freshman, and your site was recommended for use in their class. It is a wonderful teaching tool. Thanks. 102/00

Your site will definitely benefit me and my sixth grade science and language arts classes. 9/27/00

I am writing for permission to link to the Study Guides and Strategies for AICS, The American Institute for Computer Sciences. AICS is a distance education school offering programs in computer science and information systems. AICS' general education courses contain labs for their students where online resources are available to aid the student in their course work. It is in AICS' Becoming a Master Student course, where AICS would like to link to Study Guides and Strategies. 9/30/00

I think your website is one of the best I've seen. It is user-friendly, contains excellent core information, and a pleasure to visit. Thank you so much for your help. I'm a graduate student of 55-1/2 yrs. I visited your site to gain information to sharpen my skills as I re-tool myself for today's learning environment. I found exactly what I was looking for in your site. Thank you so much! 9/26/00

I'm very impressed by your Study Guides and Strategies site! Recently I attended a conference where the presenter recommended that students read from a book, close it, and then write their notes. This increases the likelihood that the notes will be paraphrased and not word for word. Thanks for a fine resource 9/22/00

I want to thank you for the great web site and all of the wonderful information. It has helped me a great deal with the study skills class that I have just started teaching this year. 9/17/00

Thank you very much for the study tips. I really need to learn how to take tests well. Hopefully your site will allow me to do that. I WILL come back again, and I'll tell all my friends. Thanks again. 9/14/00

Additional benefit of following a schedule: the satisfaction of "crossing off" the completed task... a sense of accomplishment, and even a little sense of reward 9/9/00

You have put a dozen years of teaching into one fine site!!!! All my students will be linked by tomorrow!!!!! 9/10/00

Thanks for all of your wonderful guides and strategies. As a 1st year graduate student, I have only one question : Where were you when I needed you in all my years of undergraduate school? Thank you so much; this is exactly what I had been searching for. 9/9/00

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I loved (and I mean LOVED!) the site! I was relaxing after a long period of studying, just surfing with no plan at all, and I happened to come across the Study Guides site. As I have a very important exam tomorrow (I'm a 2nd year student at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), I read the topics that interested me the most (e.g. Emergency test preparation ;)), and I was delighted! The content is well-organized, straight to the point and, above all, useful. I especially like the fact that even not-so-acceptable studying techniques (e.g. cramming) are presented, along with the ways to improve them. Maybe you could add some examples (pictures would be welcome, at least to spice up the site), but even as it is, the site would get a 10 out of 10 rating on my list of useful URLs... If I pass this exam tomorrow, I think I'll start translating the content to Croatian (my native language), so even more people could benefit from this material... Anyway, thanks for putting up such a useful site! 9/6/00

I sent a note earlier today about my happiness with this web site. I was premature in sending that note. I should have raved and raved and raved about the wonderful information. As I looked further into your web site, I discovered all kinds of helpful information which either changed some of the ways I teach my Study Techniques class to the lower GPA kids (2.2 or lower), or supplemented other information. I am always looking for ways to make my class work a little better. I teach my kids flexibility and change, among other things, and now I am expressing those same thoughts in changing some of the ways I teach....thanks to this site. I will refer to your information often...very often. Thanks for the unselfishness in sharing. I am truly pleased. 8/31/00

tesekkurler ve tebrikler! ellerinize saglik,web'de Turk? i?rik sorunu yasayan bir ogretmenim, siteniz cok iyi olmus kutlarim... (Turkish) 8/23/00

We are an educational website based in Singapore and wish to request your approval in the highlight of selected features from your site to be featured on our Chinese portal as we feel these features would be beneficial to teachers, students and parents. With the feature of these articles, accompanied hyperlinks to your homepage will increase traffic to you. We would also accord proper accreditation to all sources/authors where necessary. With this, we hope for a favorable reply and are readily available should there be any concerns. Thank you for your consideration. 8/29/00

I am an L.A. based writer, teacher, and tutor who has just begun teaching and tutoring study skills to elementary and high school students. I have just begun working one on one with a high school student who is suffering from text anxiety. A very bright boy in a very competitive school who is choking on his tests. I just wanted to thank you for all the information on your website, which I am using to help coach him through this next semester and hopefully help him see some A's at the top of his tests. Thanks again. 8/24/00

I'm an Indonesian student. I find these articles very interesting. Please make more translations. Thank you . 9/1/00

I like the memorizing study strategy the best. I find it is easy for me to use. 9/5/00

This seems like a good system for note taking I am going to teach it to my 9th grade science classes. Maybe if you put in a sample it would help out even more. 8/12/00 I've been assigned to teach an exploratory class in study skills, note taking, research...etc....this website is the best information I've found!!! 8/19/00

I am writing to request permission to use material from your web site for educational purposes in a non-profit setting. The specific magazine we wish to use is "Writing Essays: the basics" "Study Guides" The material would be used in English as a Second Language course packs here.... in Istanbul, Turkey and may be modified to fit the reading level of our English students if the length and/or vocabulary is too challenging. Our aim is to give the students good quality content information and ideas that are relevant to them. 8/17/00 This is probably one of the most valuable websites that I have come across as an educator. I would like your permission to utilize materials from your site to create a handbook for my 7th grade students. Thank you. 8/17/00

hi i really think that putting this on the internet is really good. 8/12/00

A little feedback from high school kids: They like your page overall because it's straight and to the point. They like it a lot better than "Learning Power" which is the book that the course was using. For the most part, they just want to know what they have to do in bullet form, and not have to read yet another book because they don't have enough time to read the ones that they do have. It was an overall success for the course I taught 8/8/00

Your site is amazing. I will make great use of this in helping grade eights make the transition to grade nine. I would like to see some more examples or activities to do. Thank you so much for putting this on the net. 8/8/00

I just want you to know that your study skills web page is excellent -the best I've found. I use it with the high school kids I teach. 8/3/00

Thank you for the study skills I thought they were very good they were short and fun to do. I also think it got me motivated because I picked to learn about computers and now I've found a course to learn about them. Thank you once again they were very good. 8/3/00

Thank you so much for your web page! I'm teaching a study skills workshop for high school students for the next two weeks and have found your site and information very helpful in my planning! It's nice that once in a while people aren't wanting to sell you a book! 7/31/00

I'm adding your page ... to the 5th ed of my book, which will be out in Oct 2000 if all goes well. Only the top sites make it into this book as I am very picky! I don't know if you do awards or not, but you get the "Net-mom Approved" slice o' pie. 7/20/00

Just wanted to thank you for this wonderful resource! I am currently developing a curriculum plan and lessons for a high school in ..., Washington. I am working to incorporate an extended series of study skills workshops with the content-driven program on Washington state history for ninth-grade. The history component is required by state law, so should provide an excellent medium for practice of specific skills and techniques. I have found a great deal of information on the web, and will direct students there for self-help beyond what we present in the classroom. I have, however, some concerns about reprinting materials which may be covered by copyright. I sincerely appreciate your formal statement that we may reproduce your material. 7/28/00

As a novice writer I am searching for information on how to create a cause and effect essay. A list of possible topics would be good to post on this page. 7/08/00

First of all i must tell you that the study guides pages are very good indeed. In my opinion, on thing is missing, though. I'm a modem user and have to pay a certain amount per minute online. It would be splendid if perhaps a .PDF-file with all the guides would be available for download. 7/19/00

as a student in high school meeting the ways needed to achieve are tough to find in a teacher and how best to prepare. Your website is a STUDENTS DREAM THANKS SO MUCH FROM me and my parents when they see how this has affected my report card. 7/5/00

Just wanted to let you know you have a "FABULOUS!" site. I'm an educational psychologist and am doing lot's of work with middle and high school age students and I consider this find a gold mine. Many thanks. I will be back often. 6/29/00

Just visited your site and what a great visit it was. It has so much great information. Just wanted to let you know. 6/6/00

I just started back to college as an adult. The professor gave us this web site and I think it is wonderful. I know I will refer to it as my classes continue. I am also going to show it to my teenage sons. Thanks for the help. 6/29/00

I frequently use many of the materials and suggestions from your web site. I've been an LD teacher for 27 years, and using your material as a resource has allowed me to travel in some new and exciting directions. 6/12/00

Bu g?el ?isma i?n tesekk?ler. ?k aydinlatici... (Turkish...) 6/29/00

Thank you for the super-rad site. I'm a former writing tutor (and current writer... :-) ) and a graduate of Friends Select School in Phila. Your site is fun to visit and explore because it contains so many useful links and is arranged so well (I like the column arrangement and color and font choices.) 6/22/00

Your site is an excellent tool for people in my squadron, thanks for offering this great site. 6/19/00

You don't know me...i was looking for a a page about fear for of exams.. as yesterday I would out of my Exams, i worked 1 1/2 years for. I found your page. its very interesting... i am reading it.. thank you for it... have a nice day.. and thanks once more. its great.. 4/02/00

This page is an educator's dream! Thank you so much for the great site. 5/25/00 W?e sch? wenn auch die Links ins Deutsche ?ersetzt worden w?en. Sonst eine super Hilfe Vielen Dank 5/29/00

HI, I am creating a website for a middle school, may I link to your website? I believe it will be a great help to the student body.5/19/00 YES!

Hey, I love your site, it has helped me to study correctly for many tests. You're doing great...keep it up. Thanks 5/20/00

I've been teaching remedial study skills for the past eight years, and never have I seen such a helpful, user-friendly website. Thank you for providing resources which I am sure will be more than helpful to my students. It's rare to find educational material on study skills that is clear and unambiguous. 5/17/00

Thank you for helping me manage myself better and more appropriately during test taking and such. I really appreciate what your website has done for me. 6/1/00

This is the best site tha I have found for study guides. This will be very helpful for me with my study skills class. Thank you so much. 5/20/00

I want to congratulate you for your effort of trying to bring learning methods and advice for learning on the web FREELY, which is rather rare in this domain. As far as the mind-mapping for learning page is concerned, why don't you include an example of a mindmap? I discovered this technique some two years ago, but I can say that almost every one who tries to get started with it is a little bit confused at the beginning.... 5/15/00

Your website is AWESOME!!! It has great study tips and I think you should make yourself more known. Kids and adults could benefit from this website. 5/15/00

Your page about stress management really helped me. I read it and was pleasantly surprised that some of the things you said really worked. I took the test got a B and passed the class. Thanks Again and You will be highly recommended to all (and I do mean all of my friends) Thank you 5/2/00

I have just finished my Master's in Instructional Design. I stumbled across your site by accident. Your site will help me(find) my way safely through the subtle and complex world of adult learning and instruction. 4/26/00

We just wanted to let you know that your site is one of the Incredible sites featured in our new book "300 Incredible Things To Learn On The Internet" by Robyn Freedman Spizman and Ken Leebow. 4/14/00 Your website has been very helpful to me as I help with mentoring our instructors in our Adult Literacy program here 4/10/00

As a high school administrator who deals with at-risk youth, I want to thank you for this informative web site. We have shared this web site with the six teachers who instruct our at-risk youth and have found it to be extremely helpful in providing a study skills format that is enhancing our students performance. It is comprehensive, well planned, and even better maintained. It also provides many links to other helpful areas. Thank you again for your stellar work. 4/13/00

I just recently stumbled upon your website while searching for electronic falshcards for studying. Now I know that I don't even need them. I have been looking over all of the info on your site for almost an hour and I have found it extremely motivating and very helpful. I even forwarded the address to a bunch of my college and high school friends. I have always struggled with studying, reading comprehension, and exams.As a freshman in college, this year I have really struggled. I think your page will help me greatly with my final exams that I have to take in two weeks. This is probably the most useful website I have ever come across! 4/3/00

This site is great, I send it to every support teacher I contact. Thanks 3/20/00

This page is outstanding even though I am only in the 10th grade my midterms are overwhelming and I think this page will help me a lot 3/27/00

While participating in the Spider WebQuest students and teachers across North Carolina will have the opportunity to uncover the marvel and diversity of spiders and learn how they can survive. I think that your Web site provides a wealth of information that will interest students as they explore the world of spiders.... I feel that your site is exemplary and would like to include it as a link in the Spider WebQuest. I would like to ask your permission to do so. Thank you for taking the time to create a site that enhances education. 3/20/00

I just want to say that I personally can understand this section of influencing teachers. In college I needed a B+ for a course I was taking. No matter how hard I tried I wasn't getting the grades that would average out to a B+. I talked to the teacher after each test or quiz, asked what can I do to improve, turned in assignments on time, and even tried studying with top students in the class. By the end of the semester I personally know that I hadn't reached my goal but when grades came out the professor had given me the B+ that I needed for the course. I know this was only due to my determination in the class and good rapport with him. Now I am a teacher myself (elementary teacher) and it's true that those who really want to try hard usually get the grades they want because they care about the class. 3/14/00

I am a newly certified middle school teacher in Illinois. I came across your "studyguides" website. It is terrific! I wish I had that kind of information as a college student. I am grateful that I will be able to pass on your many useful hints, tips, and strategies to my students. I know that it will do a lot of good. I especially like the way the information is presented. Thank you for the time you must have spent on this. 3/16/00

I am a teacher-librarian developing library web pages of Internet sites which are relevant to students’ assignment topics. The library web pages will be part of the schools’ intranet pages. Your site on study guides and strategies has valuable information relevant to the students’ academic needs. 3/15/00

Your website was uncomplicated to use, comprehensive, and extremely helpful. I found exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate the research and quality of contents. Thank you very much! 3/13/00

I am a grad student.., mother of two, and Project Manager... I found your study site by accident but absolutely love it. Sometimes I just need someone to tell me how to jump the hurdle in front of me - even though I have done it before. Life gets busy sometimes (you can imagine) and I just lose sight of what my abilities are. I am sure I will refer to your page many times during this, my last year of my...program. 3/13/00

Thank you so much for all the hard work. As a music teacher overseas, I find this most interesting and helpful. Straight forward, to the point and easy to digest. I have sent your site around the world (literally). I know that my principals will pass on this wonderful information to their students. 3/7/00

busaward.jpg (6411 bytes)You did a great job on this site. Well done! In fact, it's a truly remarkable site. 9 years ago I had the opportunity to spend a year on a study skills committee for out board where we looked at all the best materials to help students with their studying (long before the web!) I know how much work all this takes and really appreciate all the work you've done here. I am pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award. 3/6/00

I am quite impressed with the Study Guides and Strategies web site (as well as your garden photos found on your personal site!) that you have put together for St. Thomas. Our students at St. Edward's could truly benefit from the same type of web page. (can we link?) Yes! 2/23/00

A quick note of thanks for the work you've done on various St. Thomas and ISS sites. I was trying to help my 14-year-old with different views of the learning process, and came across the ISS page on "Learning to Learn". We both found it very helpful. From there I found the Webtruth site, and was very impressed with the website evaluation section. I'd like to ask your permission to use the PowerPoint presentation in a class I teach at my local Junior College. I teach a few beginning net classes, and would benefit by being able to utilize the file. I would, of course, fully credit you...Yes 3/1/00

I have been reading through all your study guides, etc. I think there excellent and I am sure they will be of help to me THANK YOU 3/8/00

Just finished surfing the net looking for tips on writing a 5 point essay. I teach at a rural alternative high school... As you know I have a classroom of reluctant writers. I need a basket full of writing topics!! I have a 6 prep-day!! Not enough time to be creative. Can you help? 2/23/00 On behalf of the University for Industry and Cambridge Training and Development Ltd., I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your web site. We are writing because we would like to link you in to some courseware we are making for the new University for Industry It's an induction programme for people who will work in their learning centres. 2/23/00

I have been searching for good material to work with my son. I thought the school would do this, NOT!!! Thanks!!! 2/23/00

I found your site in my search for information about test taking skills. We are preparing our juniors at ... in ..., Georgia, for the high school graduation test. I would like your permission to put this information in a pamphlet form to distribute to approximately 200 students...Is this possible? Please let me know...great job! 2/21/00 yes!

National Education Association: NEA Today, Web Winners: "High self-esteem is as easy as the click of a button." March 2000 edition

Going through some web pages reviewed in NEA today, March 2000 edition. I look forward to using, and referring others to your study guides page. 2/23/00

I am teaching in a university in South Africa, and find your study guide most useful for students. may I have permission to adapt (to the South African situation) and reproduce as handouts for the students? 2/17/00 yes!

Thanks for having such a comprehensive site for students and faculty alike. I introduced our students to your site and they have never been the same! 2/17/00

Metacognition: I enjoyed your setup and the information . Thank you for having it available! 1/14/00

Thanks, I am a high school support teacher and I was looking for a refresher before I went over test taking strategies with a student. Your site is perfect. 1/14/00

I have been searching the web for study skills information I could use in my Freshman Seminar Class and also for my tutors to share with their tutees. I think your web site is great and would love to have permission to use parts of it. Let me know what you think about granting permission. Thanks for considering!! 1/12/00 permissions encouraged!

I have a 6th grader who is having a BIG problem being organized. Your site is an answer to my prayers! Hopefully, I can find some ways to translate your material to his level. Thanks for this site. 2/9/00

I find this webpage really helpful and I have made it as my homepage. However, I have recently encountered problems in visiting your different sections due to the server, but I have success in visiting other websites that are listed on your webpage. Since I do think yours is the best, I hope in the near future there will no more such problems to occur. Thank you for the effort in maintaining this webpage. 1/31/00 Server problems are rare, but occur, and I am sorry for any inconvenience.

I just want to say that I personally can understand this section of influencing teachers. In college I needed a B+ for a course I was taking. No matter how hard I tried I wasn't getting the grades that would average out to a B+. I talked to the teacher after each test or quiz, asked what can I do to improve, turned in assignments on time, and even tried studying with top students in the class. By the end of the semester I personally know that I hadn't reached my goal but when grades came out the professor had given me the B+ that I needed for the course. I know this was only due to my determination in the class and good rapport with him. I am a teacher myself and have been for quite a few years (elementary teacher) and it's true that those who really want to try hard usually get the grades they want because they care about the class. 2/8/00

I'm ready for the math exam test. 2/8/00

I'm writing to congratulate you, your site is very good. By the way I'm a Brazilian College Student, English for me is a trouble. May you translate your page to Portuguese, you would be able to help people in Brazil, Portugal, maybe Timor, Macao and another Portuguese Speakers countries. 1/24/00 volunteers?

I wanted to write and thank you for your very helpful study guides. We have used a number of them for our Distance B Ed students as well as on the undergraduate teaching course at our college. I have edited a few terms to make them more South African in tone, but the content is still fully there. It was great to find somebody had already done a great deal of work for us. 1/31/00

This is an excellent website -- We plan to share some of the tips with our freshmen who are about to take their first full set of midterm exams. I realize that it is really designed for college level students but much of the content can be successfully adapted for high school audiences. Thanks again -- it's terrific! 1/12/00

Thanks a lot: now I am feeling more confidant, and I am not nervous or anxious anymore because of this. THANKS!!!!!! 1/18/00

Thank you for a very helpful and informative study guide page. It has motivated (me) to go and get organized. 1/18/00<

I teach at ... in Southern California, and saw a reference to your site in a new textbook (by Krough) we just adopted for our non-majors biology. I am really impressed with your site! It is well-written, and very user friendly. I have called it to the attention of the other faculty in our department, because it is so good. I want my students to become familiar with this site, because I think it will be very beneficial for them. Their first assignment is to visit your site and complete the "setting goals/making a schedule" worksheet. Many of our students juggle a pretty heavy schedule of school, work, family, etc., and this activity will undoubtedly make some of them realize they need to take a realistic look at time demands. Congratulations on a wonderfully helpful site for students of all ages! 1/09/99

Thank you for the useful information on using memory effectively. I am learning German and it takes quite a while to remember new words, I just seem to forget them again a few days later. Hopefully I might be able to improve now. 1/09/00

Thank you. I needed a comprehensive list of transition words for tomorrow's writing lesson, and I was frustrated that someone did not provide easy access to such simple information. You did. I will return to this web site often, I am sure. 1/13/00

Zip studyguides/index.htm so that it can be down loaded and used off line. By the way, I wish this info was available when I was younger! (hmmm... I'm thinking about this one.) 1/03/00

I just want to send you a quick compliment on the content of your study guide site. I found it very informative and an important resource. 1/02/00