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I'm thanking you for your excellent Study Guide page. This material will be so helpful to me who's back in school after a couple of decades. This page will serve as a "lantern" as I make my way through this forest of readings, research, presentations, papers, etc. I will gladly refer others to your site. 12/29/01

We have a Virtual Library (work in progress) that sits on our web site. We have linked to your site on our Exams page in our Virtual Library. We would like to thank you for providing an excellent web page and resource for students. Your site is being used as a resource by our students. 9/15/01

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators "Sites of the School Days" Site 17, 2nd Week of December 2002

I am a weekly subscriber to Kathy Schrock's educational websites. This past week, I received your site on study guides--it's wonderful! Thanks for such a great resource. 12/13/01

Thanks a lot for helping me with my paper. It really worked great. I will make sure to come back for my next assignment. It is a great site and I will recommend it to my friends. Bye! 12/13/01

While attending the University of Florida in 1949 on a football scholarship I complained to my English Professor that I was having a hard time. He offered this advice. "You have only one thing to learn " "Wow that will be easy I thought."" What is that I asked?" "Learn how to learn" he answered. Imagine my surprise to see a Web Page devoted to this proposition Keep up the good work and impress on all you can, that the important thing in school is to "Learn How to learn." 11/30/01

A life-saver!! Thanks!! Keep up the great work!! 12/01/01

What a thorough site! This is a gold mine- much thanks from an 8th grade English Teacher 12/7/01

As an English Learning Mentor NOT as a teacher, or study specialist, I have found that your site has been superb for me to get an overview of study techniques that I can modify for our age groups and pass on. Thank you 12/6/01

I am a Study Skills teacher in a low socio economic school. I have been trying to find a study skills program that I can order for my students to learn from as I teach. I am quite impressed by your site. Do you have any publications that I could order? 11/28/01

Thanks for your most useful website! I have been hired this year to set up a learning assistance program for students with identified learning disabilities or attention/learning differences/weaknesses. As this is a private college preparatory school I am finding many of the students have specific needs to improve study skills/organization/time management. Your website will really be helpful in guiding students to be more effective students, not only here but in their future college years. 11/12/01

Teaching adults Real Estate for 14 years has certainly been a challenge. So many can't read or do 3rd grade math. My next students will eachreceive a selected copy of your material, which we will review in class. Way to many don't know how to start to study. Your material has been very helpful to me and I'm sure it will benefit my students. 11/5/01

I really needed help with writing my persuasive writing essay and you hit the spot!!! 11/5/01

I am a teacher/librarian and presently tutoring a student who lacks good study habits. Your study guides are very helpful! Thank you! 11/1/01

Hello! I really enjoyed your page. thank you for the study guides I have a soon to be college freshman in the house and I'm making her a directory of helpful sites. Gee I wish we'd had the web during my college years in the late 60's. Got hooked on technology after seeing the movie War Games ! It only took 25 years for technology to catch up and get easy. 10/25/01

Thank you very much for granting (the City University of Hong Kong) the permission of linking up to your website. The very useful and enlightening information will certainly benefit our students and broaden their views. 10/24/01Hey! this is great!! I teach kids with disabilities how to study and your site is a wonderful resource!! 10/16/01

Happened up on your web site while researching for my study skillshomework. I visited lots of sites for study skills but yours is the best especially for this student returning to school at 53!! It is very complete and user friendly!!!!!!!! 10/9/01

I'm a Teacher Assistant in an Alternative Middle/High School. Your site was invaluable in putting together a packet of tips for study/test taking for the middle school students and the GED high school students. I'm giving my own college age son a copy as well. Thanks for providing all this information. 9/29/01

While supervising some students on writing their undergraduate essays, I came upon your website. I just want to say that it is a GREAT site, with a lot of help for students (even tips for my PhD - submission date within a month!). 9/25/01

Thanks for putting together these study resources!9/25/01

I just stumbled upon your site, and all I can say is WOW. I'll be adding it as a link on my site ( Hopefully, my students will be making good use of your site this year. Keep up the good work 9/10/01

Thank you for the most useful informationI've ever foundon the internet about learning, "Study Guides and Strategies" ... Students worldwide deservedetailed information on how to develop these skills without being subjected tofinancial extortion. I feel that your website is committed to this mission... 9/09/01

When I searched Google for Preparation Graduate, I found your site. I was delighted to stumble on you study guides site and will be directing my students to it. Great collection of practical tips! 9/10/01

Congratulations! An Impressive Site! 9/12/01

I just visited your web site. I bookmarked it to reference later for what looks like good advice. I reviewed you study techniques and found them helpful. I am a non-traditional student enrolled in college earning a BSEE Degree. I am also a diabetic with two grandchildren, have had two strokes to distract me but to no avail. I'm surging on with reckless abandon with a sensitivity to health related issues of course. I'm looking for any inspiration I might find to keep going toward older age and goals. 8/31/01

When you are studying for a test, you should never do it in one time. divide your study in sections, so you can understand the concepts of the things you are learning much more clearly. If you jam it up, you will not remember 1/4 as much as you are suppose to need on the test. 8/26/01

I just discovered your site and as a tutor planning of focusing on skills rather than content (for improved cross-curricular learning), I think it will be of wonderful benefit for the students I work with. I was wondering if you have or know where I could find some similarly laid-out information on learning styles and the strategies/skills kids can use to help themselves in dealing with their learning styles. Something like a little self-assessment and then skills. Not just skills for their own learning styles, but since kids are exposed to several learning styles, tips on how to adapt to the other styles, too, despite their own dominant style would, I think, be very beneficial. I've found sites that deal with learning styles, but I really like the wayyour site is laid out. Perhaps it's within one of the sections I have notyet read. Anyway, any tips/pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Again, this is a wonderful site. I don't know why moreteachers aren't addicted to the Net for resources like I am!! :o) 8/10/01

I found your web-site after searching yahoo for study guided. I am 54 years old and am taking a self study program for the Level one insurance license in ... I have not studied for many years and found it difficult to organize the material to study. With the help of the St. Thomas' learning center my progress has improved considerably. The work you have dedicated to this site deserve a lot of credit and I appreciate your commitment greatly. Are there download versions of the Study Guides and Strategies? Perhaps, a simplified print version may also help. 7/2/01

Excellent review of basic punctuation! One question/comment: I think you need to check use of italics in explanation for example #3 under Using Commas and for answers to practice sentences. Thank you for this good reference site; I plan to give the address to some of the folks who write for us. 6/29/01

I'm a Canadian student starting grad studies soon after a several year absence from classroom studies. This site will be an excellent resource for me to hone my rusty study skills. Thanks. Your hard work is appreciated 6/28/01

WOW this site is awesome. I'm the Director of Student Support Services at a small community college in southern Illinois. I have made copies of numerous pages and will pass them along to students who are having difficulty in their classes. We do workshops to help students to stay in college. Thank you so much for this comprehensive guide to success in college. 6/12/01

Bravo Thanks for putting an excellent website together. The theme that we are concentrating on this year (teacher-librarian and learning assistant) is literacy, particularly reading. We are looking for reading skills and teaching strategies that apply to each subject in particular (math, science, text book, etc.) With our work we are trying to look at different ways of getting the strategies out to our clients and we are thinking of a website, newsletter, etc. which would focus on reading in the content areas (for use this would be at the Grade 10, 11 and 12 level). We would be interested in linking with your site if that is permissible. It is one of the best yet and we have been looking. Thanks again for all your hard work.

5/23/01Thank you so very much for permission to use your, "Study Guides and Strategies." Students at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and friends and family will benefit from using this fine work 5/19/01

Thanks for a really good study guide, anyway. We are using it over here in Denmark. 5/19/01

Your site is an important link on the Office of Training Technology's OTT SPIDER web site. The Office of Training Technology SPIDER site has over 1200 active files (and over 2300 hotlinks) that focus on education and training related issues for the military services, other government agencies, and colleges and universities. 5/16/01

The information was very interesting, as I had not been aware of Hyperlexia being connected to Asperger's. The information about hyperlexia was not wholly relevant with the student I tutor, but that's to be expected; as everyone is truly different. 5/09/01

This is a great site, Thank you for creating it!!! 5/09/01

I am a teacher and subject coordinator in Sydney, Australia. Specifically a catholic secondary school. Two other teachers and I have been working on preparing a 10 week course for our students on study skills, memory retention, self motivation etc etc Your website is beyond excellent as a resource for what we are trying to establish, as the students do not have many of these skills, attitudes and knowledge. There is very little or no time to teach this during normal lessons. Obviously this is way beyond the requirements of the curriculum. 4/20/01

I would like to suggest that you also include information on Asperger's Syndrome, which is commonly mistaken for ADHD. I am tutoring a 16 year old high school student who was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 6, and has been taking Ritalin ever since. Once her school work became overwhelming, and her high school could not meet her IEP, she was found to have Asperger's after seeing a neurologist. People with Asperger's are very high functioning; indeed my student was in all honors classes. She could not keep up with the demanding workload, and hours of homework each day. In January, she transferred to a private school where she is doing well. She still exhibits the problems in concentration and
organization explained in the above-named article, but now has adaptive materials for learning and studying. I wonder if there are lots more children out there who seem to have severe cases of ADHD, but really have Asperger's Syndrome. 5/5/01

Thanks for the information on your Study Skills and related site links web page. I found an enormous amount of information that should help my son get through high school exams. Hopefully it will stick around through college. 4/22/01

Been to visit your study guides pages. They were great! I'm a teacher at Webster University in Geneva Switzerland, and many of our students have terrible skills. I'm going to use your materials, credited, of course, and I'll be recommending the links both to my students and my colleagues! You've written down 14 years of my teaching experience! Thanks a lot for all your work. 5/2/01

I'm about to graduate with my second master's degree, but I sure wish I had known about this web site several years ago! I've past the web address along to other members of my seminary community, especially targeting those who are non-English speakers, and hope they will use it. My congratulations to you for providing a VERY complete assistance for all students! 4/28/01

What a wonderful site! I have a child starting high school and know it will give him a excellent start in his first year. 4/28/01

I am a teacher and subject coordinator in Sydney, Australia. Specifically a catholic secondary school. Two other teachers and I have been working on preparing a 10 week course for our students on study skills, memory retention, self motivation etc Your website is beyond excellent as a resource for what we are trying to establish, as the students do not have many of these skills, attitudes and knowledge. There is very little or no time to teach this during normal lessons. Obviously this is way beyond the requirements of the curriculum. I note that its okay to use your info (is it just yours? It seems to be a collection of many works) in educational situations - which is great. As this is out of school hours, would it constitute a commercial use is we charge a nominal fee for our time and to gain student commitment? 4/20/01


Thank you very much for setting the website up. It has proved to be a tremendous help. Keep it up! 4/16/01

this is a very useful site! 4/14/01

Thanks Joe for your website! I was told to teach a quarterly study skills course for 6th graders and, of course, was given not curriculum or materials. The basis, "oh, you can figure it out" business. Your site will help me out in the future for putting a curriculum together. I would greatly appreciate any info you have on a set curriculum for the middle school student in the study skills area. 4/9/01

Awesome site! I can't wait to share it with my other 5th grade team members! A good idea might be to insert one of those shortcuts that allows you to forward your site address to someone else. I am sure with your expertise you know exactly what I am talking about even if I don't know the technical name for that little button. How about lots more math stuff...algebra even! Did you write all of this information yourself? It is truly an impressive site. Keep it up and thanks for sharing. 4/3/01

10 Top Internet Sites for Families American Library Association "Highly recommended" 3/01/01

Just wanted to let you know that I am a teacher of a Study Skills class and was very happy to find your web site. Thank you so much for all of this wonderful information! 3/30/01

I am the Learning Skills Coordinator at Appalachian State University. We are in the process of developing an interactive website for our students to use with specific study skills concerns. I think your website could be a useful resource for these students and would like to add it to our website as a link 3/21/01

Vielleicht k?nen Sie diese URL empfehlen? 3/16/01

The newly re-developed NT (New Territories, Australia) Department of Education (NTDE) website is in it's final stage of production. We would like to take this opportunity to notify you as a courtesy that we have included a link to your website. 3/13/01

I have seen your study guide on the internet and it is wonderful . As a result i wish to have a copy myself. I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy in Holland 3/12/01.

I was just wanting to tell you that this page is going to help me a lot on how to understand this topic more. Thanks for putting the page up! 3/09/01

You've done a very good job. What a web site!. I just wanted to know which software to use for mind-mapping (or, which software do you use for mind-mapping). 3/17/01You have simply done a great job by publishing such useful info on study techniques on web. I really can't tell you how happy I am after going through the information provided by you. I work for an educational portal in India... 3/8/01

I really appreciate all the work you have done. Wow! It will be a great reference for my sophomore writing skills class. Thank you. In the writing persuasive essays section, page one, when I printed it out the last line was cut off because of the web site statement. FYI. 3/8/01

this (web) site is excellent, thank you for your efforts to help us students. 3/07/01

In an effort to provide the best possible academic advising service at McGill University, I have perused a number of North American university websites to find useful and well-organized study skill information. The site you have developed is fantastic! I find the material easy to access, and the sequential structure of many of the entries makes it particularly useful for students with poor organizational skills. Many thanks for making this information available on the Web. 2/21/01

Thank you for the study guides. This website is one of the most informative, least time wasting site I have visited and my students will thank you too.

I love this site! I am an educational therapist who works with students who have learning disabilities. These study skills will really help my high school students. I am also working with a student in the 4th grade. Can you direct me to similar websites that would help him with his study skills? I know I could modify this information but it would be great to have a website to use as a reference. Thanks for your help. 2/5/01

Thanks it is easy to understand this stuff!! 2/4/01

Improvement? No need of, that I can see. I believe that you have done an extremely well done web page! I feel much better about writing persuasive essays. Thought you should know that your web site is helping at least one person. 2/12/01

...but a sincere thank you nevertheless. I'll be sending your work/pages to my students and friends for the rest of my career. 2/9/01

loved your wedsite i was able to get all kinds of information. thanks, 2/13/01

Thank you for developing such a useful site. I'm sharing the information with the PTA members of my children's high schools. Keep up the great work - it is appreciated. 2/14/00

Yours is my favorite site for reliable information in many areas. Just to let you know, I was looking for some tips on how to narrow an internet search. It's not that I'm lazy, but time is precious. I hope you'll think about adding this to your already wonderful internet section. 1/12/01

Enjoyed your web page on the subject issue. Our training of leaders is most definitely tailored to instill "Critical Thinking" into our soldier's actions and thinking processes. After all, in this business of training warriors to lead and fight America's potential enemies, this subject is most important. Mistake in this arena get you killed or keep you alive on battlefields. Part of our definition explains the critical thinking is a paradigm where more emphasis is placed on the "How" to think rather than on "'What" to think... 1/22/01

Excellent site with wonderful information. Your students are lucky to have such a resource for studying information. I am teaching an online class of World History and would like to link to this page as a resource for my students. The class is sponsored by the Louisiana Virtual Classroom which is a pilot program in Louisiana that is providing 11 online classes to students across the state. 1/31/01 Linked!

These worksheets seem to be very helpful. I am going to use them with my spring semester math class because it is not my strongest subject.1/2/01

Top Ten Internet Sites for Families, Maryland Public Television

hey, this is a great site, most of the material is something that I do practice regularly (some not) but knowing it formally (listed in order)does help. keep up the good work, bye, 12/24/01

hi...i'm doing a research paper on study skills for one of my classes (high school) and i found this site to be great. no one else has this kind of useful information organized in a user friendly way. thanks a ton. have a great day 12/15/01

Your material is a wonderful adjunct to the text from which I am required to teach. I will probably abandon it in favor of your organization methods, etc. 8/15/01

I can't tell you how much the writing guides have helped me. I am a new adjunct instructor of English at a community college. I have a master's and years of teaching experience in my field. Then, in 1977, I burned out [pun intended] and decided to become a fireman (sic). I think it's all I ever really wanted to be, but I had to wait until women were accepted. Now, as I approach retirement from the fire service, I find myself teaching English again. It was a fluke, but I enjoy it. Yet I don't like the texts my program is using, so I went searching. Funny thing. I landed on the St. Thomas site, and I was immediately interested. Thanks for the guides. 12/19/01

I'm a retired law enforcement officer and training academy director who works for the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Bureau of Training and Standards. We're responsible for developing and administering curriculum for recruit training, and overseeing in-service training for the 15,000 plus law enforcement and jail officers in the state. I'm also part time faculty in the Police Science program at Milwaukee Area Technical College. I recently became aware of your study guides site. It is one of the best resources of this sort I've seen. I've recommended to my boss that we link to your site from our site, the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Net . Our site reaches a potential pool of 15,000 plus law enforcement officers and jail officers of all ranks, from chiefs and sheriffs to rookies, plus the directors of our 17 employer based and voc/tech based police academies, and approximately2,500 instructors throughout the state. We have a 60 college credit requirement for law enforcement officers which must be fulfilled within five years of employment, and many officers continue beyond that. I think your site would be of great benefit to them. You've done an outstanding job with this site. My compliments. 12/1/01

I found it very useful. Thank you for your effort. (from Nepal) 11/19/01

I am just sending a reply to give feedback on the exercise effectiveness. I found the program very useful and extremely helpful as at times I do tend to procrastinate a little. 11/18/01

Excellent web site. I'll be using the tips and suggestions with my son in Junior High. 11/19/01

Thanks. It is very good. I'm afraid there are very few critical thinkers. 10/29/01

(Study Guides and Strategies) web site was selected as USATODAY's Hot Site 10/25/01

(Study Guides and Strategies) web site was selected Good Housekeeping's "Site of the Day" 10/26/01.

I got your name from the Learning Center web site. Thanks so much for putting together It is really helpful. 10/24/01

I just stumbled onto your website. Wow!!!! I am responsible for the curriculum for a study skills class, and I feel like I just hit the mother lode. Once again, thank you. 11/11/01

Your page is wonderful. I can not add anything to what has already been said. I plan on using it to help my College Prep Class and maybe even my Sophomore English Class. 10/25/01

I am a post graduate student at Newcastle University, United Kingdom, and accessed your site via our own study skills site. May I congratulate you on an excellent, professional and comprehensive tool. 10/19/01

Muy valiosa la informaci? que suministran. Nos atrevemos a sugerirles que revisen la ortograf?.

This is an excellent resource! It could very well become the "backbone" of the Study Skills curriculum I use with my Special Education students. Thank you, and keep up the good work! A+ + + + 10/02/01

I have one son in college and a daughter in 5th grade.This website is the GREATEST !!! Kudos to you! I'm recommending it to BOTH of them for all of the study needs they encounter. Did I mention I'm attending the university also? Our whole family will visit your site often. Thanks for all the work that went into designing and maintaining. We appreciate it. 9/29/01

We have a Virtual Library (work in progress) that sits on our web site. We have linked to your site on our Exams page in our Virtual Library....We would like to thank you for providing an excellent web page and resource for students. Your site is being used as a resource by our students. 9/17/01

Just wanted to thank you for the trouble you have taken to put spelling tips on the net. I have an 11 year old son that I am developing a language Arts manual to use, based on the SAT learning objectives. Since most of the basic info is progressive it is my hope that developing an "add-on" manual / notebook will help him as he progresses. 9/8/01

Your study guides website is absolutely awesome! I am a learning disabilities specialist, and I will be beginning a remedial reading class this week. I was clueless as to how I could most effectively use my time with these struggling children... Your website provided me with great information... great information that I know will help the children I will serve.... Thanks! 9/2/01

I have been visiting your study skills web page for four years now. I want to thank you for the wonderful help you have given me to help my students. I am a tutorial specialist... Your resources are invaluable to me and my students. Thank you again. 8/29/01

Thank you for your absolutely wonderful website! Such a wealth of information, it is incredible!!! 8/20/01

I have found your page very helpful. I am a 36 year old married mother of three, and have recently gone back to college to major in Liberal Studies to eventually become and elementary school teacher. I have a Biology class right now, and part of our assignment was to access this web site. I found it helpful, although not too practical. 8/23/01

International Association of Web Masters and Designers "2001-2002 Golden Web Award" 8/28/01

USAToday Best Best for Educators, featured site (1 of 3) August 7 - 13, 2001

Your writing suggestions are excellent. May I add one more? I always tell my students to read their papers aloud to a real or imaginary audience (not mumbled reading as most students tend to do) because when they read their work aloud they are often able to detect comma splices, fused sentences and other errors. Those who have tried this technique say it works. 8/10/01

I think your site is fantastic! What a resource! I've just started back to school and I am so glad I found your site- I know I will be referring to it often. Thank you 7/11/01

Hi, I am a study and learning skills teacher in Australia and am very grateful for your site, I have used some of your material and refer my students to it. Thank you again 7/9/01

...I've visited your website a number of times in the past year. I just like to go and see various sections. Online materials interest me greatly... 7/8/01

Just wanted to tell you that I really like your web page. 7/3/01

I am looking for tools to help my students get organized, manage their time, and become effective, successful students. Your materials look like they could be very helpful. I will be handing out copies of some of your pages
and referring my students directly to your web site. 6/26/01

Thank you for the time and effort you put forth on this web site. I am going to be starting on my Master's in Nursing this fall, and have been questioning my study skills (as well as my sanity), and feel very fortunate to visit this site. I have been reviewing these concepts in preparation for my new adventure, and plan to utilize them. I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. 6/23/01

I like your site... Lots of very useful info for teachers in the K-12 and colleges. 6/20/01

absolutely fabulous, teacher, study skills 6/4/01

(You have been selected as a) winner of the 2001 Edit Avenue Writing Tips Award. Only the best writing tips sites of the net are voted to receive this award.6/7/01

Congratulations, our editorial committee has selected Study Guides and Strategies as a "Feature Site". You will be placed on the front page of the Wall Street Executive Library as a Feature Site for the next week. 5/23/01

I am a graduate student at DePaul University. I have been reviewing and using the concepts conveyed in your site on study guides and strategies. I was wondering if there was one document that contained all of the guides and strategies? If yes, may a please have a copy of it? I would like to print it out and put it in a binder to use during my studies. thanks for your time 5/14/01 in process!

I have been using this site for two years and it is the best and most useful site of any I have used or seen on the web. Thank you so much for sharing all this information and making it easy to find. Thanks!! 5/14/01

I just wanted to let you know that your webpage is an excellent resource. I am very excited to find it. I know it will be useful to students in my 8th grade class. I am using it as a link to a website I have created on To Kill A Mockingbird. Thanks! 5/13/01

Thank you for the super chart and explanation of SQ3R that is found on the net. 5/13/01

I am a teacher at ... High School in ... PA, and I am making a WebQuest Project for students.. to improve their academic success by learning about their personal learning style and setting academic goals. I would like to link to your page for educational purposes only. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that I have your permission. If in the future you decide you do not want me to link to your page and you contact me, I will immediately remove the link. Thank you for creating this educational web site. I applaud your efforts to improve the quality of educational resources available over the Internet. 4/23/01

from Palmerston North, New Zealand. As I surfed I came across your wonderful site & as lecturer am delighted with the info contained. I am unit co-ordinator for new units, Teaching & Learning within the Nursing Faculty, so am always interested to see what I can see. My brief is to assist our 100 level nursing students to identify their own learning styles & then acknowledge that others learn differently from them & so will their 200 level I will be introducing them to using these skills in patient education...well done on your site. Thank-you. 5/5/01

from Bangalore, India: Good morning sir, The information is very useful... thanks and regards 5/3/01

from Geneva Switzerland: Been to visit your study guides pages. They were great! I'm a teacher at Webster University in Geneva Switzerland, and many of our students have terrible skills. I'm going to use your materials, credited, of course, and I'll be recommending the links both to my students and my colleagues! You've written down 14 years of my teaching experience! Thanks a lot for all your work. 5/1/01

Sir, is there a way I can get your studyguides as a word processing document. I have a fiancée in another country learning English. She has a new computer, but can not get connected to the Internet due to the large expense in her country. If you could send it as a file attachment or how ever? I could save it on a 3.5 floppy and send it to her in the mail. Is their any way you can help me please???? I have Windows ME and Microsoft Word 2000 as my word processor. My fiancée has Windows 98 and the word processor that comes with that edition. 4/27/01 An alternative "filed" version is my next summer project...

Thanks for your most helpful website. I passed the URL to all of our counselors and ESL folks. I appreciate your hard work in putting these great links together. 4/27/01

Persuasive writing: I think you need some short sample essays to better help the student understand. Otherwise, great page! 4/19/01

This is a really great site! Thanks for creating and maintaining a terrific, comprehensive resource for teachers, tutors, and students of all ages and levels. 4/12/01

it is very useful and will be helpful to Chinese students 4/11/01

I use your site as a reference for the Marines who have difficulty in maintaining the required scores to pass our courses. From the feed back I get (staff and students) it appears to be helping those individuals. Thanks for your good work!!!!! 4/10/01

I've just discovered the studyguides website--FABULOUS! I teach Freshman composition at a community college, and I'll be recommending it to all my students, especially those who are non-native speakers of English. 4/10/01

Most impressive site. I have alerted all the teachers in my building to your site. 4/09/01

...found out about your site in the 2000 calendar "the whole internet: by ed krol and was telling a grandchild about it last pm. thanks for the work you do. 4/09/01

I am a teacher & am also in the process of preparing for some tests & Master's level classes. I found the tips very useful & only wish they'd been available to me when I was in college. I plan to put them to good use, as well as introduce some of the more pertinent information to my own students. Thanks for a great service! 4/2/01

Just a note- all of your pages are great...but they should have an author. People find information hard to believe if it does not have a name attached to it...or if that person does not have a graduate degree. 4/1/01

I was just introduced to your web through the Learning Assistance Discussion Group. I am a former reading/study skills/learning center administrator type and am now working at the National Institute for Literacy in Washington. My job is mainly learning disabilities and reading in adults.... Anyway, thanks for all the hard work, and for sharing. I will be waiting for a response from you about putting the site on the National Institute for Literacy's LINCS webpage under the LD Special Collection pages. 3/30/01

Thanks for putting this on the web. I am an aussies studying in Cambridge UK. I am a dyslexic & find it difficult to mind map. I have a program to help with this although it is not for dyxlexics. can you come up with a similar concept for people like me? I find reading instructions hard, understanding sequencing & linking concepts and bibliography ideas & notes. . although lateral thinking is OK 3/14/01

I've been reading some of your tips on how to do in study skills for all age's. From elementary-college, I am really pleased of these websites that you put on the internet. ... So that then you can spread the news to teacher's at different schools in a certain county of the state of Maryland. 3/09/01

Your website,, has been selected as a featured site in Lightspan's StudyWeb? as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers. 3/29/01I had three objectives to reach. One was to write a curriculum for a course for entry level adults and needed to include test taking, etc., strategies. The second was to gather information on assisting students with ADHD/ADD in the learning process, and to find a resource for me as I begin my Ph.D. in education. I reached all three objectives when I found your site. KUDOS on an excellent resource!! 3/5/01

This is to express my appreciation for the thought and work you put into developing the Study Guides web site. It contains key information on a number of important topics which I plan to cover as I develop a workshop on "Study Skills for Success in College and Graduate School" for student orientation purposes at the University of Akron in Ohio. The additional link on ways to deal with ADHD issues that seem to inhibit concentration is also very useful - from time to time I think many of us are vulnerable to ADHD - type symptoms. Many thanks to you  for supporting this valuable web site for learning. 3/01/01

Thanks for the information. My students are currently working on senior project research papers and needed a friendly and encouraging overview. I really like your inclusion of "take a day off" and "celebrate" at the end. Informative, organized, helpful, and compassionate. 2/25/01

I would like to link your site to ours ... One of our tutors found it and liked it. It's great. 2/23/01

Much appreciated. 2/22/01

I think (Study Guides) is a wonderful resource. I linked to it from Study Tips in Homework Help. I want to set up a study tips section in edulinks, but that function is broken right now - isn't technology wonderful. I hear from quite a few parents wanting how to study suggestions for their kids and I'm referring them to your site. Your efforts are appreciated. 2/20/01

Hello! I've just looked at your site "Principles of Being a Successful Student." It's wonderful! 2/21/01

Your page are fantastic I certainly suggest that any student should have it book marked. 2/9/01


I work at a Technical College in rural South Carolina with students with disabilities. Your web site is very helpful to so many students. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you and let you know you are having a very positive impact on many Many MANY students. 2/6/01