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We get letters...

Thank you for all the help that you have given me on how to correctly write a persuasive essay. 12/31

From Singapore: I am mother of 4 teenagers, 3 boys and 1 girl. I joined the workforce the past year (after 18 year being a housewife) and decided to upgrade myself, took up distance learning with American academic alliance, diploma in psychology. I just want to say thank you for your honest to goodness websites. I learn a lot especially about adult student. thank you, thank you, thank you. keep up the good job. 12/28

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday, I held a session after school for students in between tutorials for exams and shared (your) website with them--students seemed to really enjoy the site and to gain information for themselves--thanks again! 12/9

I have been looking for a website with good information about study skills. Your web site is the best site that I have seen . The information is succinct and the topics covered are comprehensive. Congratulations ! 12/8

What a fine job you have done with your study skills program. I have used so much of it for the students I am responsible for. It is clearly written, without the dreaded "heavy verbiage" and therefore encourages students to employ many of the suggestions. I have worked with educationally challenged students most of my life and am always looking for more good material. I was happy to have stumbled onto your website. 12/2

I just wanted to thank you for all the free information. I am a 48 year student and I was looking for information to help me study. Thanks 11/28

Your site helped tremendously with my guidance lesson for 6th graders. I sure appreciatedfinding it at 4:30 am while frantically looking for material for that day's lesson. Thanks again, A school counselor 11/21

Our middle school guidance counselor just passed your website along to us and I have been browsing through it. It looks great, and I hope I can lead some of my students towards it to help them out. 11/20

I have been checking out your site, and I must complement you. You have done a great job in presenting much valuable information clearly and concisely - while still making it interesting. 11/20

I read one of the quotes that you wished to make a difference in the world. Just thought I would let you know that through your site (and the power of one little search engine) I referred the 'Managing Stress' section to a friend of my who is having a hard time with life. Recently she has a serious bout with high blood pressure, a lot of which is driven by a stressful life. In any case, I am hopeful that this might help her to move away from the causes of this affliction and move to a new level of peace. Thank you and know.... You did make a difference. 11/20

I was trying to find some items, on preparing and taking tests, to share with a class of "freshman success" students at my school... in New Mexico. Lucky for my students (and me) that I found the site youdeveloped--Study Guides & Strategies. The clear, concise, yet thorough information is just what I was looking for. Thanks for a great website that I will recommend to students in all my classes. 11/17

I am preparing to take the Certified Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam and found your page on the web. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share this advice...Thank you again for you efforts and advice 11/15

We have been utilizing your pages for test anxiety for nursing students.... We appreciate your pages very much. Thank you. 11/12

Your site is very helpful . . .especially the "A-B-C" list. 11/8

I am a college student taking a Public Speaking course, and I am using your site as one of the sources for a speech. Could you please tell me when your page on using the index card study system was last updated? I thank you very much. I have not looked at much of your site, but I am very impressed with the quality of what I have seen. You are doing a fine job; keep up the good work. 11/6

Hazırlanan sayfaları inceledim.Gerçekten çok güzel. lütfen bu sayfada geçen tüm bilgileri bizlerle TÜRKÇE olarak paylaşır mısınız? Bilginin paylaşıldıkça güzelleşip büyüyeceğine olan bu inancımı desteklemenizi diler, başarılar dileğiyle saygı ve sevgilerimle.... 11/4 (Turkish)

Thank you for creating a wonderful and helpful web page accessible to students outside of your university. It is fantastic! 11/3

I'm from Indonesia.. Just want to say thank you (a lot!) for such a wonderful managing time system, especially for sharing it freely on the internet. May God always give His light for you. 11/2

Thank you for your website on study skills. I refer many of my students to your website and I know many of them have it bookmarked on their own computers. 10/28

I just wanted to tell you how great I think your study tips website is. My 7th grade kids use it all the time. Please keep up the great work. You have by far the best resources and information I have ever come across. Sincerely, 10/28

Great site on study guides - many thanks for your Herculean efforts to assemble all the information. Kind regards 10/26

Thank you!!!! Great site. I am putting together a workshop on study skills, for parents and students. For the parents so they know where to redirect their child and for the student so they can study better. The school district is getting a speaker for the workshop. This morning I was just sitting here surfing around and found you. I love this site. Good work!!!!! ... I am going to ask the principal to post this site on the web, get the word out to the students and teachers. Thank you! 10/25

I just want to congratulate you with your study guides! keep them up sir. I'm really looking forward to your next additions. I failed advanced algebra the past semester and I know your guides would help. thank you again and good luck! GOD BLESS! 10/24

I am a 7th Grade Language Arts/Reading/Social Studies teacher ... The schools in my district are highly competitive and motivated--excellence is something we all strive for. 90% of our kids attend some type of post-secondary schooling, and about 70% receive at least their BA. We are always searching for websites and tools to give our students. Of course we are also motivated by the state mandated testing!!! Your Website is awesome and I thank you for making it available to others---especially teachers. 10/23

I discovered your wonderful website tonight via the book "Home Learning Year by Year." (The site) is a treasure. I am passing along the address to others as well. Thank you for this wonderful gift. 10/15

I was glad to find your materials and hope to use them as I teach a course to our freshman...--a course to help them bridge elementary and high school in Kenya I've spent the first month developing organizational strategy of notebook, folder, text and implements! Your work will help me move forward with them.... Thanks for the thinking, experience and tediousness of developing all of these materials. 10/12

I have recently been hired by a university. We have ~10,000 students and my job description stated I would be in charge of the tutoring program. Hire, train, and supervise the tutors is what I thought this position was all about. To my surprise, I am also to serve as the study skills and time management expert on campus.(They forgot to mention it during the interviews!)... I came across your website today and woohoo! it is the best resource I have found. Thank you for compiling all this wonderful information and allowing others to share the information with their students. I was at the end of my rope and now I have a knot to hang onto! 10/10

I am a college student in east TN. Lately I have been struggling with my frustration of feeling that I have not been taught to study. In trying to figure out how to study my science material I noticed a link that my professor included on his page. The link sent me to the information in your website. I spent some time reading through your website and feel that I have obtained some useful knowledge on how to study and wish to thank you. I am sure many other students benefit from the time you've taken to put that information out. Thanks so much for sharing!! 10/8

Thank you for the wonderful information about test taking. I found it by Google search engine with the words "multiple choice testing". I have to tutor a nursing class today. All nursing tests are multiple choice in preparation of the state boards. 10/8

I've come across your study guide site quite coincidentally. Haven't even had a chance to browse through it yet, but already I'm very impressed. 10/7

thank-you I was needing something like this. I really appreciate it. (persuasive essay) 10/7

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how useful your web site on study skills is to me and my classes... I teach 8th Grade ...We do a unit on study skills and spend a day on your site. The kids like it and they get a lot out of it. Thanks for providing it. 10/6

Thank you for making the study guides information available. I am the director of First Year Studies... in New York. I was searching the net for some stuff that would help our students. I came across your site. I appreciate all the work you put into the web-site. I know this is a labor of love. Thank you for all your work. 10/6

With the persuasion/ argumentative essay part on this web site.. you should have a example of a persuasion paragraph.. 10/1

Your site is very helpful. The only way to improve would be to place a simplified formula next to the type of word problem. 10/1

WOW!!!! I have been searching for something like this for a very long time-and to see that it is translated in so many languages is even more wonderful!!!! I have forwarded this to my children who are attending an international school ... Thank you so very much for your work and most of all for sharing! God bless you abundantly… 10/1

Thank you! This site is full of useful and valuable information. Thanks for making it available. 9/30

Dear sir:Thank you very much for this wonderful site 9/29

Great transitions page! It had some great alternatives to first, second, last, in conclusion, etc. Thanks 9/22

My wife's just gone back to school and your Solving word problems page has really helped out. Thank you. 9/22

Just a quick note to let you know that I've come across your study guide and subsequently your website by accident, and I am very impressed by both. Your personal website is both interesting to read, well-written and has a good layout -- one of the best I have come across. Keep on the good work. 9/11

I really thank you for creating such a great web site. 9/11

We are a team of middle school counselors in central N.C. working on a drop out prevention project. We've been looking for resources to help get our new program off the ground. The member of the group who found it described yours as a "Great" web site... but we had no idea how great 'til we pulled it up today. Wow! And thank you. Really. 9/11

Just a short note to say that I truly love your web site on study tips. It works well for me, returning to continuing ed. after many years (won't say how many!). And for myadult son, who's struggling to get throughintenseReal Estate Inspection classes. Thanks so much for taking the time to pull this together! Your wonderful! 9/11

I'm... from Argentina and I want to thank you for your advices to pass oral exams. I have to recognize that I'm really phobicto oral exams and that I have some trouble expressing my self orally. That does not happen to me in case of written exams. I think it's a matter of self confidence! 9/5

Joe, thank-you so much for your web sight and the different strategies you offered for test taking, studying, and test anxiety. I have a terrible time remembering what I read and really don't know how to apply myself. I am 33 and back in college and trying to get back with the programwith reading and test taking. Your sight is the most helpful one I have been to, Thank-you, it is definitely put into my category of favorites, so I can come back when I need to. Thank-you again, Dee 9/2

Reading texts: Marking & Underlining Great page! Thank you. 9/1

I just wanted to thank you for all the sound advice and especially the encouragement your Study Guides and Strategies siteis givingme. I had a head injury about six years ago and am in the stage of recovery where I am forcing neural connections by doing the impossible: trying to get a degree in Library and Information Science...I was at wit's end,thinking I would simply have to give up on this plan, when I found your site.Its generosity and plainfriendliness were so soothing... You actually address the subjective issues of motivation, procrastination, stress, time management, etc., in the context of your practical writing and study aids, which are among the most useful I've found. And you cite and link to some of the most useful stuff elsewhere (one quibble: many links now broken!--repaired 9/15/03, ed.). It's like being lost in the wilderness, exhausted and bewildered,and looking up and seeing a smile and an outstretched hand. There is a path; I will trudge on. Thanks. You have found right livelihood.

I would like to ask your permission to add the following weblinks to our library catalogue... I am writing from ... Dublin, Ireland. ..I believe your weblinks would be very useful to our students and would be a valuable resource for our library users. 8/30

Your page layout is very clear, easy to understand and very useful. 8/27

I just wanted to congratulate you and the University on your excellent website - it's very informative, helpful and clear. It is also easy to read and find information - plus there is so much information which is all very appropriate and applicable to students, whatever their age. Well done! ... for the past 18 months have been studying part-time... as a mature-age student. I happened to be searching the web this morning for information on 'active listening' when the SGS website came up. I only wished I had discovered your website at the beginning of my studies! Keep up the good work. 8/26

Thank you for the "Study Guides & Strategies" website. It is incredibly useful and not to mention helpful! Best regards and of course, keep up the great work! 8/20

What a nice site. Thank you for creating such a wonderful site for use by all. I put a link to your site on a website that I created for my son. He started college last year... Of course, I'm told that it turned out to be a site that all ages can use. 8/16

I am grateful that I have found your website on study strategies. I hope that it is OK to both use it on our school's site and on my Chemistry Honors/AP course. It is wonderful !!!!! 8/16

Just wanted to let you know that I find your website excellent. Working on a module for ... students and found it very useful to use your site. 8/14

I am most impressed by your website and the resources related to academic success. Having surfed a great number recently, I wanted to make sure that I send out my thanks to you and those who have helped design it. I also appreciate the permission to use some of the study tips you have identified. They will be useful to our RA-SM staff as they help students achieve academic and personal success this year! Many thanks...keep up the impressive work! 8/13

I just visited your website. Wow! I am so glad that I found it. Your information is very thorough and useful. Your page on taking notes in lectures is great. It allows a student to both highlight and summarize important notes and improve acquisition. I plan to revisit your site and utilize it with both my children and my students. 8/11

Thanks SO much for this excellent resource. The information that you provided is obviously well thought out and will be very useful to me in my classroom. I'm very impressed and very appreciative. You've covered so many topics related to test taking and provided succinct tips in an easy to use format. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!8/11

I am a school counselor in South Dakota. I am writing to ask permission to link to your website as a test prep web site. Thank you. 8/1

I have been looking for some sites I can recommend to students who need help with study skills. Yours was the first listed in a Google search! I find it very helpful and will create a link to it on our Academic Support Center web site. I really appreciate the message on the web site giving permission to link. Thank you for creating and sharing such a useful site! 7/31

I recently stumbled upon your web study guides as I was looking for some supplemental material for a course I teach to new students, usually non-traditional students... Many of my students are steelworkers (through a program that ) I coordinate. They have been out of school for anywhere from 5 to 30 years and are even more nervous and uncertain than traditional students I'm impressed with your site. I cover many of the same topics in the course but am always looking for more material. What really impresses me about your site is the completeness of the list, along with the links.7/31

As a mother of a child who is now nearing the end of his high school education and has no idea "how" to study, and not completing my high school education myself and feeling my way for him, I thank you very much for setting up this wonderful resource for everyone to access. 7/30

Anyway, thanks for the great site. I'll be giving the address to my students, hoping that some of them will try it out.

I like your study guide site and think you have done well in designing and implementing the site. 7/28

I appreciate your study guide on Active Listening! I am using it in my Professional Orientation class at Marshall University. 7/28

I'm impressed with your web page. I'd like to use the MURDER strategy for learning in a grant proposal I am writing.7/27

What a great resource! Just wanted to say thank you for making these great study tips and tools available. I am in such a panic that my son (ADHD) will not graduate this year without constant supervision and tutoring. He has to take Junior and Senior English, History (lecture class) as well as a math class. With such a heavy load and me being ADHD also, I am in constant search for help to keep us both on task and educational help for my son because I don't know how to do a lot of the work he is doing and can't afford a tutor. Enough with the sad stuff. Again, I just wanted to say thanks!7/27

I work for Oklahoma State University for their Educational Talent Search Program. We have been developing our curriculum, and I just wanted to tell you how impressive your web-site is. All of your study guides and strategies relate to our curriculum, and I was thrilled to have found your web-site. Thank you very much, 7/15

thank you for the web page, all of them. As a 52 year old student I need all the help I can get. 7/13

I think the content is excellent. The layout is a bit "dry". Students who need to be motivated need something to help them "read" the wonderful content. I would first make the font bigger. I would change the color of the layout. It's too dark and unappealing to the eye. I linked to your site because I think it's great!! 7/13


Your website is fantastic. I have been teaching study skills to middle and elementary students for years. Your information is thorough, but so easy to read and understand. Well done. 7/8

Thank you so much for the study tips! I am currently going into the7th grade, and I am also going into 9th grade Algebra I. I really needed all the help I could get, and your tips did help a lot. Sincerely, A Student in Need 7/5

Thank you, thank you! for publishing these guides and giving permission to copy and use them! I am an educational consultant, working with folks who work with parents with very young children (0-5) I was looking on line for some new and interesting ways to talk about goal setting with parents - your site will help me so much! The parents that my clients work with are usually at the 6th to 8th grade level in reading and/or math (Head Start parents) but I can easily adapt your materials to fit them. 6/30

Thanks again, have just found your site and am so thankful for it. I'm 43 years of age and am now a student again. :-) I look forward to reading all that you have here. Thanks very much. 6/25

I value this page and would like to ask permission to refer my own students (they are junior high age) to it, possibly even using parts of it in class. Thank you for your consideration. 6/17

I coordinate the Social Work (MSW) programme at ... (in India) While searching the net for material on how to study I got your web site. Well it was a great deal of help for me. Thanks a lot; God bless you 6/8

I would like to congratulate you and your collaborators for developing such a great guide and source of information regarding Study Skills at your Website: I’m a medical graduate from Panama, preparing for the USMLE, and I consider my studying skills fairly good. Even so I’m interested in improving on the matter ... 6/7

Thank you for the wonderful website you maintain. The world needs people like you. My sincerest gratitude for the web site. God Bless. 6/4

I'm overwhelmed by your wealth of information on study skills. I've volunteered to teach a HS special ed study skills class next year. I have no materials. I'm finding a lot of information on the net but I'm not sure where to begin. You've listed so many different areas/skills. Do you have any suggestions on how to begin and what is most important for the students? I'm very excited about teaching and I want to help the students help themselves. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have. 5/28

I will try these techniques and get back with you in a few weeks. Concentrating when studying, Active listening, Paying attention in the classroom & Anticipating text content. I am tried of C grades. 5/21

Your philosophy about life is so wonderful! The Tips on Test taking is going to so helpful. I am a nurse educator in the operating and some of our nursing graduates are getting ready to take their board exams. I just wanted you to know that having the test preparation materials may make a difference in their careers. 5/14

Just looking thru some of your stuff for future reference. Your site was easy to navigate and understand. Thanks, I didn't know these sites existed till I decided to get back in to the learning situation after 15 years. 5/8

I work with students on how to write papers, create thesis statements, study for math test, overcome test anxiety. Your site has given me so much helpful information and to add to it you give me a quote to live by! Thanks for a JOB WELL DONE! I hope you never leave the cyberworld. 5/6

I found this website 1 day ago, and I found that most of the materials in here are very helpful to me. But, there is only 1 thing that bothers me is i tried to download all chapters/tittles in this web, there are too many of them. It's quite a time consuming. I have been thinking is it possible for you to make a download link where I can download them all as a whole book, Or is it possible for you to sent me the files via the email. 5/1

While attending the University of Florida in 1949 on a football scholarship I complained to my English Professor that I was having a hard time. He offered this advice. "You have only one thing to learn " "Wow that will be easy I thought."" What is that I asked?" "Learn how to learn" he answered. Imagine my surprise to see a Web Page devoted to this proposition Keep up the good work and impress on all you can, that the important thing in school is to "Learn How to learn." 11/30/01

A life-saver!! Thanks!! Keep up the great work!! 12/01/01

What a thorough site! This is a gold mine- much thanks from an 8th grade English Teacher 12/7/01

As an English Learning Mentor NOT as a teacher, or study specialist, I have found that your site has been superb for me to get an overview of study techniques that I can modify for our age groups and pass on. Thank you 12/6/01

I am a Study Skills teacher in a low socio economic school. I have been trying to find a study skills program that I can order for my students to learn from as I teach. I am quite impressed by your site. Do you have any publications that I could order? 11/28/01

Thanks for your most useful website! I have been hired this year to set up a learning assistance program for students with identified learning disabilities or attention/learning differences/weaknesses. As this is a private college preparatory school I am finding many of the students have specific needs to improve study skills/organization/time management. Your website will really be helpful in guiding students to be more effective students, not only here but in their future college years. 11/12/01 Featured letter:

I couldn't resist the need to extend my appreciation and great Thanks to you for your dedication to education and the provision of this website. It has helped me tremendously and continues to help. As a native American Indian ... I have been treated poorly all my life by educators and the like. It took me all the way up until 5 years or so ago to start my higher education. Presently at 46 years young I am learning information I was always told I was too retarded or too dumb to accomplish. For most of my life many negative people have told me Indians are stupid. I learned to believe them without a study guide. You have helped me overcome my learning disorder by the helpful hints and suggested practices. I plan on finishing My masters... Your contribution to world peace is that you have helped me lean into my own winds of discomfort, and realize I have a voice to the world as well to create change. For change has come to me from the inside by my academic accomplishments.

I can influence Indian and non-Indian cultures with my spiritual beliefs and my ability to articulate the message inside me that has been given me. I almost quit research methods because I get very stressed and distracted. The website helped me calm myself with good suggestions and remedy. Strategy to study has never been taught me for I grew up in a violent alcoholic home and had no mentors or role models from my cultural background for school (or life in general for that matter).
I thank you again and I enjoyed reading about you. You are an honorable spirit of the true modern day warrior. Be Well and Thank you (Mado) 4/3

We get featured...

Education World: Supercenter for study guides in learning, studying, reading & writing skills, test preparation, test taking, essays, class participation and many really useful links 1/21/03

Access Washington "Just for Kids" recommended site by Washington State Department of Information Services 2003

star.gif (512 bytes) The Open Directory Project's Top rated as a " Thoughtfully constructed study guide..." Featured site.
Created by: Joe Landsberger, Time to take schoolwork seriously! There’s a method to the madness, and it’s all beautifully outlined here: preparing to learn, studying, classroom participation, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, math & science, and finally a little something called Webtruth.

I teach Reading Resource in ... Wisconsin ... I typed in "comprehension" and your website was one that appeared. ... 1/31

I just wanted to tell you that I was searching for information for a project I am doing at work, to help adults pass a (professional series) exam and I found your site to be the most helpful and complete one on the web. Thank you for putting together such a valuable site. 4/30

I just took an exam yesterday, real estate, and it was most confusing. I am reading your points on how to take a test. Had I read your points prior to going I would have passed... 4/29

I am currently attending ... High School.... I have been to your site and it has helped tremendously. I have read through and it has helped me with my skills in test taking and on my essay writing. Thank you very much for this site, I have recommended it to many of my friends and they have shown improvement after they have been to your site. I just wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you again for the helpful site. 4/29

Thank you very much For putting an Arabic pages 4/28

..for making your site free and available to be adapted for educational purposes. It was a tremendous help for me as I worked on a large project. I did adapt it for a 5th grade lesson on decision making, and I think it turned out very well. 4/26

What an excellent work- I use it often, tonight in writing a study skills IEP goal. Though I'd let you know. 4/26

Just wanted to send a HUGE thank-you for your fabulous site! I'm the International Student Counsellor (in Canada) and I'll certainly be referring to your s - particularly the translations. Marvelous! I showed it to the International Centre and we're going to put your link in our next student handbook. There are SO many good people in the world - if we choose to see them. Here's lookin'at you, kid! Cheers 4/22

I have accessed your study guides and find them to be some of the best I have found on the Net. May I have permission to share (print & distribute) some of the info with my College Skills class? I will give you/your web site credit on the handout and direct them to your Web site. 4/22

From Saudi Arabia: Thank you for a great web site that you people made. I read the study guides and it is very good. I am using those study tips , when I am learning. It really helps me. 4/19

Thank you for your web page "The Five Paragraph Essay"!! In terms of a suggestion on how to improve the page (which is already wonderful), how about an example essay? The would really solidify everything! 4/17 Rather than examples, we hope to make the exercise itself more interactive to develop your own!

From Bangladesh: Thanks for your 'Study Habit' tips. Helped me greatly!! Thanks again. 4/14

hey this page was awesome! I had to do a PowerPoint on solving word problems and your page really helped me out. thanks to you people...I got an A! 4/9

Hey, just want to thank you for the "Setting Goals and Making a Schedule" guide. I saw on the bottom that I can copy them. I have just (taken) the freshmen high schoolstudy skills class that might find helpfulthe listing of goals and defining time in terms of those goals. 4/6

lots of good ideas which I am gonna use 4/5

I'm thrilled to have found your web site (via Cybersurfing Opportunities- Bottom Line March 15 2003)! 4/4

This study web site is tremendous...Bravo for the very good work. This is real asset for students around the world.3/19

I am the tutor coordinator at a community college... We have been developing our web site, and I want to put some links to helpful online tutorial sites on our tutor page. Your site has a very impressive array of very useful sites, and so I am seeking permission to link to your "studyguides" page. 3/15

You have done a very helpful work by translating "the Study Guides and Strategies" in Arabic, however there are very important topics if you translate them they will be very advantageous for the students in the world...3/13

I've found your site today while surfing on the Web while trying to find some resources/methodology materials to help me prepare the work with my students. I just want to congratulate you for the work you've developed and for sharing your practices on the Web. I am a Portuguese teacher... 3/13

I am a psychologist at a California State University who has been part of a team who has put together a first year experience website for our freshman. We are aware of your website and the valuable information it contains and would like to utilize it on our website as a valuable resource for our students 3/13

I am writing to request copyright permissions to use the wonderful resources on your Web site .... I was referred to your site from a colleague and friend of mine... I hope to be able to repurpose your materials to assist new incoming learners to our degree programs. The specific materials I am interested in are in the areas of writing and research. 3/11

Really great page, helpful, interesting...yo, generally great!!! 3/9

I really liked your page for study guides and strategies. I am currently working on developing standardized, competency based curricula for the State of Alabama Postsecondary Education. I was researching and came across your site. I found it very useful for some materials I'm developing for "Workplace Skills." 3/5

I find it very informative and encouraging. 3/1

I recently came across the study guides and strategies page of the University of St. Thomas website... In exploring this section, I was struck by both the breadth of material covered and by the quality of information provided. Especially impressive is the range of foreign language translations you’ve made available, a feature which is, no doubt, well-appreciated by a huge segment of visitors to your site. 3/1

Thanks for the test-taking tips. I will give them to my AP kids and go over some other strategies as well. 2/28

Thank you, thank you, thank you and then again...thank you. I am very happy to have found your site...for my personal use (in my continuing lust for learning), for use with my clients, and for use with my children (inspiring their lust for learning). It is a great gift you have given to the world...and to give so freely. When my website is up and running, I will be using yours as a link. Thank you for being you and being on the planet at this time... 2/27

Here I sit at my computer on Sunday evening browsing the net for some new knowledge to impart to my Instructional Technology class and find myself reading your Vitae and other links on your web page. I am in awe of who you are, where you have been, your intellect, and most of all how you come across to me after reading all of this. I am trying to remember how I got to your web page and it was a link about mind mapping.... I think. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how you struck this Kansas farm girl, library media specialst and adjunct professor to preservice teachers 2/23

You have prepared a excellent site and extremely useful for a lot of people . I will be using this in training teachers in my College. 2/22

I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a fine Web-site. I tell all my students about it, and many thank me for telling them because it helps them understand what they need to succeed. 2/21

I have recently returned to education after a 14 year gap. I am finding it very stressful and have been searching for study aids. After stumbling across your site i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for producing it i have found some very useful topics that i feel will help me on my way. 2/20

I do not often do this, but I want to thank you for your study skills, et al website. When I saw that you gave permission for people to use for “learning” sake, I nearly fell out of my chair. I am an educator and I thank you! I am sure that my students are going to benefit from your information and materials. Thanks again! 2/19

It web page is very generous! Thank You !
God Bless! 2/15

Discovered your site this morning! Many thanks for this super resource. I'm passing it along to all of my clients (students of all ages). 2/15

Your study guide website is "awesome beyond words".... I am preparing a workshop series for teachers, on struggling readers....I fell upon your site.... I can not thank you enough for all the work and insight you put into this... we are going to put it as a link off our site, too! Thanks thanks thanks thanks.... Godspeed 2/7

Thanks for your very helpful site. I guess you probably have somewhere on file a list of American vs. British spellings of common words. 2/6 (referred to other web sites...)

I am a teacher of adults in ... Australia and I am taking this opportunity to congratulate you on your web site. the course I teach is an alternate pathway to tertiary study mostly undertaken by adults who have been away from formal study for quite some time. The material on your website is invaluable and our teachers use it/adapt it etc, often. I also found your personal web site interesting. Your house is so different from the tropical wooden homes ("Old Queenslanders") common in the older parts of our city. 2/3

Your study skills site is excellent and contains "lots" of excellent advice and info. I have a question - by any chance do you, or perhaps someone else, teach an online study skills course ?.... 2/1 None yet...

I teach a basic course to community college freshmen whose skills in reading and English are low. The course is called, "Strategies for College Success" ... I came upon your web site accidentally and am extremely impressed with it.
You cover all pertinent areas for "at risk" college freshmen and each section is written in a succinct manner that students would also find extremely
pragmatic. I am in the process of teaching the reading section now and have suggested the students use your web site, go to reading and select one of the areas that applies to them and study it. I have not done this before and am
anxious to see if this "pushes the motivation button". 1/31

Your site has been added to - the search engine just for kids 1/30

Congratulations Joe...this is a superb resource! 1/28

I am an elementary school counselor. I found your web site while researching information for my study groups for fifth graders and fourth graders. I immediately forwarded the site to my daughter who is a college freshman. This is an excellent site for the older students! Do
you know of any sites like yours that address study skills for younger students? Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. 1/22

I encourage adapting the material to younger ages, as well as for all situations of learners. I am currently working with two teachers to develop a Notetaking & Reading Comprehension workshop available for 7th to 12th grade students. We have looked at numerous study skills books, and information available on the web. The information provided by St. Thomas on the web for Study Guides and Strategies is excellent. Most of the information we plan to provide in the workshop is general information you can locate easily on the web. Our goal is to help students learn how to use and apply these skills to fit their learning styles. Of course copyright issues and obtaining written permission to use information is of primary importance.... I want to be sure not to violate copyright laws. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. I intended to visit with a copyright attorney once the lesson plans are developed, but since my mission is to help students to improve their study skills at a low cost, any research I can do on my own will help reduce costs.... I'm not sure if we need to get written permission to teach how to use the system effectively. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated. I have two children in grade school at a private Catholic school... After working with other parents and student's there seems to be a real need for a this type of workshop. Thank you again for your time. 1/20

Thank you for your excellent web site and for the permission in advance to use the materials. I will see to it that you are cited. I am going to be teaching test preparation and test-taking skills to RN’s who will be sitting for an exam to become certified in Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing. Most of the people taking the test have not taken tests for years. One very experienced nurse had to take the test three times before she passed it – her test-anxiety blew her out of the water. I hope to be able to use some of your materials before their review course and use other materials after their review course. (I am not teaching the review course.) Thank you for sharing. 1/17

I do not have any comments on how to improve your website; however, I do need some help with a comma question. I am not very familiar with the Internet and do not quite know how to get the answer. 1/11 Referred to other web sites...

Hope you are well. Just wanted to tell you how very helpful your study guide links are to my classes. Not only are they rich in information, but skillfully designed and navigable. 1/10

Your guide is excellent. I found it when searching for just such information to help my sons (one in 1st year engineering, the other in grade 10 - Canada). I would like to make a hardcopy printout of the guide, but haven't found how to make each page "print friendly" or how to print without going from page to page. Any suggestions? Thanks, 1/2 copy and paste into a word processed document; adapt as necessary and appropriate

I would like to thank you very much for the available knowledge about the study skills on web I need lot of improvement in writing and also ready. The web is so great and i will read it everyday. I vote you number one for me 1/3

I was researching web sites for expository writing lessons for my 7th grade Language Arts students and discovered yours. I try to do enquiry based lessons where they have to locate the answers to questions. As a fellow Tommy who graduated in 1971, I just wanted to say hello and acknowledge your useful information. Best wishes for a new year. 1/1