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when he feels the least
like working.
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Traffic/metrics: 2004

The big news!

In January 2004, SGS moved to the new address/domain you see at the head of this column. As an independent educational public service, the new domain offers several advantages:

  • Direct access to the Web site for developers across institutional/national boundaries
  • Better statistical tracking
  • Continued support for FrontPage and its extensions
  • Access to Java servlets and Java Server Pages for features under development
  • Support for Flash for features under development
  • Enhanced support for foreign language translations
  • Possibilities of developing organizational partnerships and financial support.


  • Year 2004's traffic: 6.13 million page views, an increase of 22.9%
    (2003 traffic: 4.9 million)
  • Busiest days in 2004:
    December 12: 132,384 page views
    September 21: 124,166 page views

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Individual guides (non index) 3032000 1771300 1248416 731245 731245 22114
English Index page 548000 473135 389473 229296 229296 11536
Translations/index pages 512000 145715 136533 37759 37759 2724
SGS Total traffic 4092000 2244435 1861831 998300 998300 36374
Increase over previous year: 82.4% 17.0% 46.3% 64.4% 89.8%

Popular Guides, 2004:

March 2004

June 2004
1 Scheduling Effective Study habits
2 Managing stress Mapping information
3 Learning to learn Learning to learn
4 Murder study system Murder study system
5 Mapping information Scheduling
6 Memorizing Time management
7 Thinking like a genius Thinking like a genius
8 Ten tips for test taking Concentrating
9 Motivating yourself Scheduling
10 Concentrating Ten tips for test taking
11 Self assessment strategies Managing stress
12 Writing strategies Motivating yourself
13 Critical thinking Problem solving
14 Avoiding procrastination Critical thinking
15 Studying with ADHD Studying with ADHD
16 Problem solving SQ3R reading method
17 Multiple choice tests Self assessment strategies
18 Learning as an adult Learning as an adult
19 Test preparation Multiple choice tests
20 Mapping (Spanish version) Taking notes from a text book
21 Taking notes from a text book Active listening
22 Writing basics Avoiding procrastination
23 Critical reading
24 Taking notes in lectures
25 Vocabulary building

What new features are under development!

  • Programming is near complete on an on-line, web-based learner self-assessment instrument
  • A optional set of interactive exercises is under consideration for each Guide.
    We intend to preserve the direct, text-based format for the Guides, but present more engaging and dynamic exercises for most of them. These will either be developed in Java or Flash.
  • Keynote: “Learner-centered learning,” Classrooms of the Future Regional Symposium, May 2004 Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota: Another great learning experience for higher education faculty and support professionals (even administrators) in the five state area of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowar. Now in its eleventh year.
  • Presentation
    April 2004 ITeach 2004 Annual Conference: Best Practices in Teaching with Technology Minnesota State Colleges and Universities


This is a great site... I am promoting the site to our (high school) teachers ... Thanks for preparing such a great site. 12/9

I wrote you a few years back that we were using your online study guides for students out here in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then I have ...joined REED institute which focuses more on just assessing and supporting a WIDE range of learners. We now do into surrounding countries as well. ...I just wanted you to know that I regularly include your website as a resource on my recommendations section of the assessment.....I don't bother to list individual items about study strategies, and you have done it perfectly! Thanks so much for making my job so easy... 12/9

I am a curriculum developer ... We are in the process of developing a Study Skills course and happened to come across your web page. We were so impressed by the site that we were wondering if we would be able to link to you in the course itself. Please let us know what your thoughts are on this and what your policy is as far as archiving is concerned. Thank you for your time and consideration. 12/6 ed: yes!

From Croatia: I’m interesting how computer games affect people. Will I become more clever if I play for example a strategy game (like Warcraft) – (game like this need speed and organization and much theory to learn )? Will games like this improve my brain “power”? 12/6

How you keep your brain in good condition? Maybe I asked a stupid question but I’m desperate because I don’t know what to do… When I learnt something very well or read some book in that moment I believe that I’ll never forget that because it is seems so easy, so logical … and than – after only few months I forgot most of the matter. 12/6

I was wondering if you have any learning strategies for learning disabilities? I'm more of a visual learner and wanting to know how could I organize a strategy for my type of learning? 12/6 ed: See our new Guide on Visual Learning!

Thanks for the food for thought. I'm sure you are aware that the semester ends next week for most schools so I'm under the gun again. This being my first semester of 5 to complete this degree, I'm just getting my bearings about me. Online courses are hard because raising your hand in class is not always easy or timely. Besides carving time out for me as you suggested I guess I just really need to break down all the reading and research into bite sized chunks. (Oh and hire childcare help) Thanks and keep up the good work. Enjoy Life, 12/3

I have found this website very useful when I am writing essays. Thank you for all you have come up with. My one suggestion is changing the format the words are in. Maybe you should make a chart. They are easy to use and catch peoples attention.
Thanks! 12/2

Thanks for the guides. You've made college a bit, a lot, somewhat, (really depends on the day) EASIER!!!! GOD BLESS 12/2

Je fréquente le cours SSIS en Italie, c'est à dire l'école qui prepare à devenir professeur de français.Je suis stagiaire dans une école superieure et je travaille avec les élèves à la prise de notes. Je fairai une thèse sur ce que j'expérimente. J'ai trouvé de bonnes idées sur votre www, c'est pour ça que je veux vous remercier. 11/30

I have found your site helpful in planning workload and an overall objective. I have an undergraduate degree... and am now working on an associate degree in an allied health field. All of my coursework is online.... 11/29

WOW! iT WAS GREAT !!!!!! 11/28

I read your mind mapping page with extreme interest. I would like to reproduce it in my non-profit magazine. The magazine is a children’s education magazine. ... Is this possible? The magazine prints approx 100,000 and goes to Australia and New Zealand 11/27

From England: I just wanted to say what a brilliant site. I am a mature student with children at university and felt totally overwhelmed by everything this morning as I can't seem to put enough hours into study and when I do I constantly think that I should be doing something else in the home. I am in my third year but have reached this point largely by working late (and sometimes throughout) the night. I can't do this anymore as I am so tired. Well, I have just used your planner and have found that it should be possible to concentrate on keeping the home running smoothly and studying and still getting time to relax and concentrate on my family. Here goes... I am motivated and ready to roll again. Thank you so much. I can't think of any improvements. 11/25

From Argentina: t's be nice if everything was in one PDF document, so avoid all the navigation to get to the information....content wise, it's brilliant... 11/16

شكر الله سعيكم و بارك لكم هذا العمل الرائع و عسى أن تكونون في الطريق إلى النجاح الرائع إنشاء الله 12/3

This is one of the warmest and giving sites I have come across on the internet. Thank you so much for loving learning and kids more than results and test scores. 11/16

I think that your website is good it really helps me get prepared but I have a comment about this one about the true/false study guide. You should show examples of the test and how it might look this will give every one a better understanding on what you are trying to show use thank you. 11/15

I just wanted to write you and thank you for your website on math help. I looked through the search engines for over two hours to find help with one word problem consisting of area and perimeter, but could not find any examples that even remotely came close to my problem until I found your site. As an older than average student (OTA) algebra has been rather difficult ( I haven't done algebra in over 25+ yrs) and finding help is sometimes impossible. Thank you for your easy to follow instruction. 11/15

What a tremendous learning resource you have there! I noticed a section on Webtruth. 11/15

I am a learning disability specialist and I am very impressed with your website. Thank you for such a fine job. I will pass it on. 11/13

I just discovered your web site and am thrilled to find such a useful and comprehensive resource. Your work is much appreciated. 11/11

Hmm... Have u ever thought of publishing a book? The website is really good and I loved every part of it. It was more than helpful really. : 11/11

What a FANTASTIC site!!!! 11/11

I found your websites to be very meaningful, informative and most of all practical. I find it unique from other study guides due to its layout, simple instruction and non-receptiveness. It identifies quite common and often unnoticed problems i.e. Motivational skills. Likewise i most of all like the fact that it uses examples.
Thank you 11/10

At some point in time, I'd like to use your article "Thinking Like A Genius" in one of my weekly tips, giving you full credit of course. 11/7

I love your (Genius) page. 11/5

Amazing resource! Thank you for this site! 11/4

I am a reading/writing resource teacher in Centreville, Virginia and I am writing to tell you that I think your site is excellent. I am recommending that teachers use it for help with reading strategies, portfolio reflection questions, etc. 11/4

thanks for making your website its great and it comes so much in handy. thanks again 10/31

from Iran...your site about study skill is very useful for me .so i want you that you mail for me more information about M.U.R.D.E.R system. 10/24

I have kept your 'study guide' web page site included with our test taking information. The page is so complete and can tell you have really researched almost all possible avenues to help students succeed. I am currently reviewing some of the web pages and links to make sure they still work as they were intended.

I hope you do not mind if I still have your web site listed as a great place to gain study skills and test taking tips. If not, please let me know and I will take it off our Testing Center department hand-out. 10/20

To Whom It May Concern, I found the exercises worth doing. I liked how you broke down (from what I figured) how to set a goal with reference to other factors. I have been to tutoring sessions where they have pamphlets to help you study. Even, I have been to different websites and books but I never seen anything like this. I am writing to say thank you and keep up the good work. About myself, I am a college student which my professor recommended this website. This is a Intro to Psychology class. 10/20

I searched for "making decisions" and your study guide came number 1 on Google. I'm very impressed. I just finished editing the latest issue of Le Bon Journal - "Life decisions that change your life", a compilation of stories from various people -- after I had conducted a decision making workshop in England last month. Your web site has lots of very useful information, particularly now that I'm a mature student and getting a bit anxious about exams that are coming up. Keep up the good work ! 10/19

I am sorry to bother you, I just want to say hi, and wish you all the best. is awesome website! Keep up the good work! 10/18

I am a special education teacher at a high school and I wanted to thank you for your informative website. I have begun requiring my students to use one of your strategies for studying each week. Most of my students are in regular education classes and they benefit from different strategies, for writing, reading etc. I have seen a lot of "light bulbs" go on over their heads. You have a created a great resource, definitely the best I have seen on the web. Great work. 10/16

...I am an associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of ..., Indonesia. I came across your website with the help of my students. As an assignment for my Concept of Technology class, given to first year students (freshman, in US term), I ask students to collect materials on specific topics and put them in the form of Power Point presentation. One student prepared his presentation on the topic of 'life long learning 'extensively based on the materials from your personal website. He did this without asking your permission of course, in which I owe you an apology. However, the point that I would like to raise is regarding the excellent things you put in your website with regard to 'learning' and how one should prepare to be a good scholar. I really appreciate your sharing of the accumulated experience in life. Thank you for allowing others to learn from your web site. I pray to God that you will get another kind of 'payment 'on that particular day when you have to end your journey in life. Please continue the opportunity for others to visit and learn from your web site, thanking you once again. 10/14

Our college is part of the City Colleges of Chicago system , ...We would like to provide our students with some study guide learning strategies options on the web, and the options you provide at your website look like good tools for our college students to refer to. 10/13

I am a student intern at ... I am working with staff on a list of resources for our students to use for studying and test taking tips. With your permission, we would like to use your website "Study Guides and Strategies" as one of our resource links for our students. We would appreciate it if you would let us know your response at your earliest convenience. We hope to complete this list of links by the end of October. 10/6

Your study guide pages are some of the best I have ever seen. O’ so often I visit a web page and use it but think nothing of it, but your web pages and guides were EXCELLENT. I would recommend it to any one who is trying to learn no matter what the subject matter is. From here on out I go to Joe’s first. So from me to you thank you Joe. 10/6

Quick note as my break is ending to thank you for your wonderful study skills site. It is informative, concise and seems very practical. I had been out of school for several years and found a few challenges to my old habits when I returned as an adult learner. Your site offers several alternatives and I am going to give a few of them a try as I work towards a nursing degree. 10/5

أتمنى أن يوجد شروحات مختصرة لعدة مستويات دراسية .
وأن يتم توجيهات مختصرة للمشرفين على التعليم في البيت والمدرسة في كيفية التعلم 9/26

Ich finde Ihre Lerntipps sehr nützlich, ich habe mir die besten ausgedruckt und werde versuchen mich damit einmal genauerer 9/25

First of all, I would just like to say that I have definitely enjoyed your website. I am a middle school teacher... Currently, I work with 7th graders in reading...I really do see a real advantage in presenting some of this helpful information to my students and/or utilizing it for a study club group. Unfortunately, young people as a whole really do not 'understand' the processes involved in being good students and realizing how to use those processes. Again thank you. 9/14

I teach at XX Public School, in Michigan. I found your website last year and took my students to the web site. I want to thank you for access to it and let you know that I think it is a wonderful site, I will use it again... and hope to assist students in better study skills, thus time management! 9/12

I've returned to graduate school at 53 and I'm worried about my study skills. I just wanted to let you know that I think your website is excellent. i found it most helpful! 9/6

Thanks for your study website. I am putting it on my student's study sites sheet. 8/30

Your site is great. I will use the MURDER study approach with my middle school students! 8/26

Hong Kong Baptist University has established a Development Net for students in August 2002. Hong Kong Baptist University is a fully government-funded, non-profit making institution with a mission to provide high quality education in a Christian environment for the young people of Hong Kong. We are committed to promote whole-person development. The Development Net is a website where resources concerning developmental issues relevant to our university students will be listed to encourage and facilitate learning and personal wellness. We notice that your website has resources that are useful to our students and we would like to create some non-framed hyperlinks with your articles. Your permission for us to do so will be much appreciated.8/20

I am seeking permission to copy portions of your study skills website to include in a... presentation I am giving to teachers to assist them with improving their students study skills in grades 4-8. Of course I will give you and your website credit. Your website is wonderful. It is full of valuable information and it is organized in a useful manner. Thanks so much for all the work you do to maintain this website. I truly appreciate it and I plan on sharing your site with others. 8/19

I was absolutely delighted to stumble upon your study guide website. I am going back to school evenings in the fall (after 25 years away!) and was searching for references for adult learners. I have to re-learn the correct way to study, do homework, and egads! write exams. This will be an invaluable resource for me over the next three years. 8/19

Great study guide site! I am a high school spec. ed. teacher and I am going to share it with my students... 8/9

My preservice teachers "will and have" enjoyed the link to your awesome collection of study guides...

You are a pretty remarkable person. We just received our fifteen year old daughter's last semester grades for 9th grade which have plummeted even further in most every subject. Your website is the perfect place for a brand new start and strong foundation. 8/7

Your study guides are wonderfully thorough, and I look through them often trying to find information that will help me help students. Thank you for providing such a wonderful and gracious site. 8/3

I was researching for a training program that I am designing and I came across your website, particularly on your article on Adaptive Decision Making techniques. I tried to research on it some more on the internet but it seems that it's the only material available that is easily understandable and may be applied in practical situations. 8/2

I'm a frequent visitor to your study guide web site. It is incredibly an inspiring site. 7/30

Love your website! I have all of my students look at it and do an exercise with it at the start of each semester. 7/29

The University of Guam Student Counseling & Testing Services would like to ask your permission to link your Study Guides & Strategies website to the Student Counseling website as a resource for incoming and continuing students 7/27

You have a phenomenal website!!! I was blown away... I was looking for some material to develop a class for students who are struggling in the classroom. When I came across you site a couple of days ago, I knew I had found something that kids can use as a tool for their future success... Thank you so much for the time and energy that you put into this site. 7/25

Your site information on writing basics is great! This coming school year my 9th grade classes will be doing research using the methods you have on your website. It's been quite some time since I taught this. I have reviewed the procedures in English books but none simplify as well as your information. Thanks again.7/25

I have read your guide on Terms or directives for essays, reports, & answering questions on your Web site and I think it is excellent, especially for new college students who may not have had a lot of experience with writing essays, and particularly if asked to do so in a testing situation....I really like how you have given students more than just a definition for these terms. It is just a great resource. 7/14

We are featuring your site, "Developing Math Skills" in our July 14th issue of Table Topics. Table Topics is a free, daily, online magazine that presents fun, educational topics for parents and children to discuss during their family dinner. One of our topics for the 14th is a discussion about building confidence in Math. 7/10

Outstanding website! Thanks for the efforts. 6/30

I would like to pass along praise for your website, It is refreshing to see someone who actually understands the time restraints that working adults are under. With struggling going to school (online), running my own child care business and raising a family, it truly is refreshing to encounter effective studying tips. My next semester at Strayer University begins on June 28, 2004 and I look forward to applying your techniques to my upcoming segmented semester. 6/26

I stumbled on to your website when I was doing a search ... in Google. I really enjoyed your website is all I wanted to let you know 6/22

You have compiled a very lovely website with numerous aids that really work for people. I appreciate that! One thing I noticed on this particular page (studying with ADHD) is that it seems as though it is directed primarily toward children. I am an adult with ADD. I have suffered with this my whole life but it wasn't diagnosed until recently. Mainly because I don't present some of the more common symptoms of hyperactivity. The difficulty with managing concentration and focus are something that I continue to battle. It is often difficult for me to sit through a class for fifty minutes. It would be nice if there were some tips specifically for adults that could assist them in their quest for focus and concentration. It would also be helpful if there was more instructors and institutions that acknowledged adults who suffer from these disorders. It has been labeled as a children's learning disability but children don't outgrow it. They become adults with the disorder and more often then not the fail to complete their educational goals because they succumb to the difficulty of overcoming the symptoms. As a child and young adult I was often mislabeled as lazy or told that I didn't meet the required expectation in terms of adequately demonstrating my ability to complete tasks. I am in college currently and continue to struggle with attendance and my completion of tasks. I find it useful to take small steps one at a time in specific intervals in order to yield success. It is a continuous battle and I appreciate the fact that you are aware of it as a boundary to successful education.6/19

I am a field supervisor with the Alternative Certification Program in the College of Education at the University of Texas Pan American in Edinburg, Texas. We work with degreed people who want to earn a teaching certification. Surprisingly, many of them have issues with time management and prioritization of tasks. We have been discussing a planning strategies to address these issues, so I have been browsing on the Web...Where I found your Website! We would like to discuss with you the possibility of using the material by including it in our WebCT coursework. This is a closed environment, open only to students and instructors for a particular course, and only for the term that course is offered. It could be updated between every term to reflect any changes you might have made. 6/17

I am a Lit/Lang/Comp teacher ... your website has tremendous implications and ideas that I will be using in my class next year. It is not educational babble but thoughtful, insightful, and functional help for teachers, parents, and students. Thank you for your energetic dedication. 6/7

What's happening mate? Hang on a tic, gotta feed the kangas. Sorry bout that mate. We're two uni students from down under, Anna and Emma. We have to compose a critical analysis of the web site which you have designed, study guides and strategies. We absolutely love your web site and have gained so much positive knowledge from such a masterpiece. Do you get many people writing critical analysis of your work? 6/3

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your website and plan to use a lot of the information in a freshmen seminar class I teach at (my) University. 6/1

thank you for your well-organized, content-rich website. I found it by doing a yahoo search for a friend of mine whose daughter is studying for her British university entrance exams and only has 3 weeks left but is very disorganized and worried. I myself am a middle aged PhD student who is disillusioned and bored - burned out really. after I found your site for my friend, I clicked on some of your study guides/tips and found them helpful and practical. thank you for making these publicly available. I have bookmarked your page for future reference. 5/23

I was overwhelmed with gratitude to see your web page, and the generous offering of information. 5/14

Bless you! I can NEVER have too many sources and this looks excellent! 5/12

for one excellent website:
us, 55 yr. old students, returning back to school are forever grateful !! 5/10

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your helpful site. I really appreciate people like yourself who are helpful to students like me. I am attempting to improve my study skills and develop a set of useful skills and found your site to be an asset in the creation of said skill set.5/10

Just a short note to let you know that I admire your Study Guides and Strategies site. I am the Media Editor for Prentice Hall textbooks in the Geosciences, and I am working with my website authors to add your link as a reference tool on all the sites that I manage. This will include the websites that support the majority of the Geography textbooks used in Higher Ed. Many thanks for an excellent resource. 5/7

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work. 5/6

Am preparing to help parents and their9th grade special education student to advocate for their child at an IEP (Individualized educational planning meeting) this week. 5/4

Your website is helpful. Your strategies for study and test taking are good thought starters for helping the family propose short-term objectives that are measurable. The ones being proposed by the school are so global as to be nebulous! 5/4

I found your study skills guide on a high school website and want to know if I can pass this information out to other high schools. It has an amazing amount of useful information that I have not found as extensively on any other website. Is it free? Can I pass this information to other high schools without any fees? Any information you can give me will be tremendously helpful. 4/30

I am a ... graduate student and I also work at a local community college- providing accommodation to students with disabilities. I love your web site and would like to request use of your pages in a workshop for "Getting Ready for Exams" Test taking strategies to help you through ! I would like to print a few of the pages to give a flavor of what they will find if they visit. Also I love the quotes ! I would give full credit and include your request to check the site for up dates. Thank you 4/23

I am conducting assigned research for an advanced degree in education. Your website provided me with exactly what I needed. What is more, you provided it without fee and without having to illegally download or copy it. 4/22

From Vojvodina: Postovani, veoma mi se dopada Vas sajt. Zao mi je sto ne znam engleski Pozdrav 4/19

Featured letter:

This is the first time I've ever written to say thank you to a website developer. I recently returned to school, as a distance ed. adult learner, and I have been struggling. I came across your site after doing a Google search, and I have found what I need. THANK YOU! Knowing that I have a good resource for skills, strategies, advice etc. has helped me put my work into perspective (perhaps I can do this after all!) In short, thanks your work has had a big impact on me. 1/19

I simply wanted to say you have a wonderful website and I'm glad to have found it. It came to me through one of my instructors ... I am enrolled in a Masters program there. 4/

From the Czech Republic: Bylo by fajn, kdyby toho bylo v češtině víc. Nejlíp vše... :o) Ale jinak jsou ty rady pravdivé, účinné a snažím se jimy řídit! 4/16

I just discovered the "studygs" website and wanted to say that is is great- I can't think of any improvements to be made! 4/16

As a student who struggles in writing papers for English I went to your site to see how it would help. The site I went to what Writing expository essays and it gave good advice but it would be great to see an example. A short expository essay that went over the things that you said would have helped me a ton! 4/11

I teach study skills at a community college on the (east) coast... One of my students' assignments was to find an informative Website relevant to overcoming test anxiety. A student came across your ... site and gave it rave reviews. I took a look and had to agree! It is now link in my online class, and I'm sure I will be sending students there in the future. I just wanted to let you know that the site is a valuable resource, and I thank you for efforts and for sharing. 4/6

Thank you for coming up with reading strategies that make sense for older students. 4/6

I am very impressed with this web site. The information available here is helpful in the business environment as well as for the student. It can help me plan and monitor projects and improve my decision-making process. I came across this site on (my) college's adult education web page when looking for home schooling ideas for my 16-year-old son. Public schools don't do a good job of teaching students how to think and study before immersing them in education. I am trying to figure out how to adapt the ideas available here for my six-year-old grandson. He is off to a bad start in kindergarten and may have to be home schooled due to bi-polar disorder. 4/2

Thanks so much for all the work that you have put in to your study skills sites. They will make my life a lot easier!! They are just excellent. 3/29

I was reviewing your study skills website to share with nursing students I teach and was most impressed with the work you have done. 3/28

From Kuwait: Many thanks to the wonderful study guide that I've come across online. Wonderful too and source. Immeasurable effect. Great effort. Generous contribution to human mind and spirit. Should we all learn how to learn, this world would have definitely become a more quite place. 3/25

I believe finding your website and the information provided will save my children's school lives and personal lives as well as provide them with necessary information and habits that will make change their futures in a very positive way.

Thank you so much. 3/22 Joe just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the great info on studying techniques!! Most of all thank you for keeping it free. It’s very rare now a days that I can find any type of useful school related materials that I don’t have to pay for. I will use your information extensively with my students. (special education department) I used to have an excellent college workbook but I loaned it to someone and never got it back. So now I am recreating the wheel trying to get valuable study tips and info for my students. Thanks again! 3/22

I wanted to help you know that your web pages are full of great information. 3/19

I think this is excellent 3/18

I just found your Web site and am enjoying it. 3/14

Last method could read "Continue to challenge yourself" to eliminate the split infinitive. The habits are great and could be adapted to any level 3/13

I just wanted to say that this is a great and very informative site. No improvements need to be made. 3/12

This info is great. very clear and concise. thanks a lot. 3/11

First of all, I must applaud you for this site! Its awesome 3/8

I teach in Miami and love your page.3/5

Excellent website! I run (a website) for NY students and next week when our new website launches we will def include a link for our 4000+ members 3/5

I am sorry to bother you, but I would like to use some of your info from this site. I have found many helpful tips about time on this site which you are a part of. 3/4

From Singapore: In our 4th issue..., we would like to share with our students some of the study tips , that you had contributed in "Study Guides and Strategies" . We felt your articles will be very useful and beneficial to our students. 3/4

I am currently preparing to study for my boards and I pulled up your website to use your tools and ideas to get motivated to study and overcome my test anxiety. I am completely impressed with this particular website, your ideas and information will hopefully help me succeed and pass my boards. Thank you for creating such a great website. 3/3

I love your site! I teach psychology courses at a community college, and I have recommended this site to my students to help them develop their study skills. 3/3

The MURDER study system information is a good .Providing an example would be much more effective. 2/29

I access your site frequently and have now added it to links in all of my on line classes. Thank you for the hard work 2/26

This is to inform you that the website has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory Reference/Education/How_To_Study 2/24

Para Prepararse para aprender y Mapas Mentales y Conceptuales, Gracias 2/24

I've found these guides to be wonderfully helpful. Many thanks for making this so easily accessible!! 2/24

I am very impressed with the Study Guides and Strategies website. I wish I could have found something like this when I had students from India, Pakistan, China, and Mexico all in one English class and we had not ESL program. I am sharing the site with my readers ... and with teachers on my private newsletter list. I have teachers around the world with whom I communicate and the site will be of interest to them. You have done a great job and service. 2/22

I am a social worker ... We have a large task force looking at the changing role of psychologists and social workers with the re-authorization of IDEA and also NCLB. Your web page for study skills looks great.... 2/19

We, at ... College, are in the process of putting together a Study Skills guide and would like to know if we can have permission to use the information ... such as Emergency test preparation. We would also like to know if we can put your link on our page, when we get our web site up. 2/19 Ed.: always glad to share and have links!

Thanks for such a wonderful study guide website. My LPN, Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician students are going to enjoy using these helpful tips 2/17

I reached your interesting and useful web site through a link from the website of the college where I am studying... 2/17

I was online looking for some studying tips for my stepson and stumbled across your ridiculously thorough site. Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting it together. I've never seen so much study help in one place.2/15

Yours is the only place I have seen any discussion of "stressful foods." THANK YOU! 2/14

I want to thank you for your excellent website and for being so gracious to allow the material to be copied and used... I am a member of the core team developing a Curriculum Design and Methodology course ... have borrowed freely from your materials since my task is in the area of learning strategies. ... Blessings.

I am a student... and as such I was given this site to read. My only suggestion is to go over the material listed and check for spelling mistakes, I found several on the "four exercises in pre-writing" page. Unfortunately for me as I am reading, and I happen to stumble across a spelling error I lose concentration, and must re-read the material in order for it to make sense. It also lends credibility to your hard work. Thank you in advance for giving me this opportunity to offer a suggestion. 2/11 Ed.: done!

2 of my grandchildren are starting college this year. Your website is awesome!! I know that it will help them a lot during their studies, THANK YOU!!! 2/9

I am an academic advisor... Our institution is currently developing the plans to open a Student Success Center on our campus, as retention and students in academic difficulty have become issues of concern for us. While doing research on the internet, I came across your website for study guides and strategies. My compliments to you on a job well done! Your information is thorough and easy to understand. 2/7

I am a teacher in western Australia... Love your work! 2/5

I think this is a great help to me! I go to a different college and I'm not really sure if i have a problem with concentration.. my family doesn't really have time to run to the doctor when I can't focus but this guide helps me to stay on track.. Thanks so much! 2/5

This is a good resource! Thank you! 2/3

I was looking for information to help my 15 year old son to learn to study and am so happy to have found your website full of this information. I recently realized that part of my son's problem is that he just doesn't know how to study properly. He does poorly in school and I am always looking for ways to help him to succeed. I would like to see schools teach a course in study and organizational skills because I am sure many kids have problems in these areas. 1/31

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. Currently we have about a month to go to get resources and classes ready for the 2004 academic year. Since our classes contain many international students from a variety of backgrounds coming across your study skills site was a real find. I hate to imagine how long this took to put together. I'm putting in a link to the site from our WebCT materials. 1/28

I am writing to respectfully request permission this fabulous student resource to (our web) page. 1/26

I just absolutely love your website and this personal page! I am in the process of designing an online component for our new digital charter school. I stumbled on to your gem of a site through a link from the school of champions. Wow! Keep up the awesome work and you will definitely be a link for my future middle school students! 1/23

Very good page and I will be sure to use these (memorization) techniques! 1/17

From China: Your web site impresses me. I found it through a search on testing in education for a graduate class. 1/15

While surfing the SIUE website, I happened upon (your) very helpful articles. Thanks a million! I'm a freelance writer and always on the lookout for ways to jump-start my creativity. Also, as the parent of four children with ADHD, I found the article on coping with ADHD as a student to be a goldmine of information. Thank you again for producing this information, and for sharing it freely with all who need it. 1/15

I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a terrific online study resource... In my workbook (I am publishing), I am listing various study skills and info about taking the state certification test. I am listing your home page as a resource for study information. In fact, it is the only online resource I am listing for this information. I'm sure that assembling all the info on your web page was an enormous feat. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work and generosity in sharing it. 1/11

ich bin Studentin an einer deutschen Universität. Soeben habe ich mir aufgrund meiner Idee, einen Ordner mit Lernstrategien für die Fachschaft meiner Fakultät zusammenzustellen, einige Seiten aus dem Internet zum Thema "effektives Lernen" genauer angeschaut und bin dabei bei der von Ihnen zusammengestellten Seite hängengeblieben. 1/9

Thank you for creating this extremely helpful website. I'm an English instructor in South Korea, and I'm very grateful to have found your on-line English study guides. I'm sure my students, including myself, will benefit greatly from the guides. 1/6

I am a high school teacher at a small "alternative" high school in ... Utah. I am creating a college prep class for the school. Realistically, very few of our kids go on to college, but the ones that do are very unprepared. I just wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort expended on your Study Guides and Strategies webpage. It has been a very valuable resource. 1/3

Thank you, thank you for a great site!!!! We are working on an after school remedial reading program and clicked on YOU. Very many ways, particularly for a life well lived. Keep going. We're using your brains, thoughts, experience and wisdom. 1/2