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who does his best work
when he feels the least
like working.
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  • Traffic, January 2005:
    764,363 page views; 3,505,160 files; 4,498,722 hits
    Repeat visitors: 22%
  • Projected traffic 2005: 8.5 million page views
    Twenty gigabytes of monthly traffic, or 240 gigabytes annually

More metrics:

  • Open Directory Project: Top (starred) rated “ How to study
  • USATODAY's Hot Site 10/25/01 & 2/2004 “Best Bet for Educators”
  • Featured site: Human Performance Center, US Navy
  • AltaVista: 15,720 web sites linked to the Guides
    (1,920 current URL; 13,800 vestigial)
  • GOOGLE search positioning:
    • Top link (#1!) of 19,600,000 web sites searching key words “study guides”
    • 3rd link of 686,000 web sites searching “persuasive essay”
    • 5th link of 36,500,000 web sites searching “time management”
    • 7th link of 44,600 Spanish web sites searching "mapas mentales"
    • 9th link of 5,700,000 web sites searching “test anxiety”
    • 27th link of 14,400,000 web sites searching “genius”
    • 22nd link of 3,700,000 web sites searching “concept mapping”
    • 318th link of 16,800,000web sites searching “distance education”

Ten new guides in English

Newly re-organized into eleven sections. Guides now total 114. Three were newly illustrated.

2005 Website developments:

  • Guides researched and added
    1. Learning as student-athlete or student-performer
    2. Developing spreadsheets: Creating/developing budgets
    3. Writing under deadlines
    4. Organizing research with computers & avoiding plagiarism
    5. Evaluating algebraic expressions, Order of operations/ P.E.M.D.A.S.:
      a Flash exercise by Ingrid Noble at the University of Minnesota
    6. Basics of writing assignments was revised into four sections:
      preparation, drafting, revising, and proofreading
    7. Pre-reading
  • Volunteer translators added 223 pages to translations including Arabic (Iraq), Chinese (PRC), Greek (Greece), Indonesian (Germany), Hebrew (Israel), Persian (Iran), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Argentina) and Vietnamese (Viet Nam)
  • More interactive Flash exercises to reinforce content
    Fall 2005 Dr. Brad Hokanson and his DHA Interactive Design Course at the University of Minnesota built many exercises in Flash that continue our annual project of adding interactivity and engagement with the material of the Guides. Look for additions in the months of 2006 to come!
  • Added Google Analytics to the set of statistical tools
    including learning to process SQL queries in databases. The last deciphered a half million records of daily Study Guides traffic.
  • First style sheet scripting
  • Presentations and mentoring at the Winter Institute for Learning Support Center professionals at the University of Texas at Austin in January 2005, and to the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina March 2005 to study design with a class from the University of Minnesota.

Summary of 2005 website statistics, or metrics

  • Traffic:
    § 8.96 million pages viewed; 53.8 million hits: increase of 51% over the year 2004 (6.1 million page views)
    § 21.75% of visits are returning learners 1.
    § 38.9% are direct requests for the website, 27.32% through a Google search,
    4.33% through Stumbleupon, 4.35% through Yahoo, 2.58% through MSN, 23% through “other.”
    4.35% of visitors are through, VietNam where we are featured under the category of Tuoi Tre (Cam Nang Hoc Tap)! 1.
  • English accounts for 68.2% of traffic on the website with 171 pages.
  • Google Search by keywords 3.
    § "Study" brings the Guides up third of 1,020,000,000 (billion!)
    § "Study + guides" second of 70,800,000 sites
    § "time management": third of 705,000,000 sites
    § "test anxiety": fifth of 12,500,000 sites
    § "ADHD": 111 out of 13,600,000; "ADHD + studying": first of 571,000 sites
    § "Mapas mentales" (Spanish) is often the second most popular search term for the website(including English!) and first of 430,000 sites
  • Links to the Study Guides website:
    19,000 websites link to the Guides in its database
    All search engines have differing databases of websites they draw from § 2,117 links are from institutions of higher education in the United States (.edu domain) § 18.27% of traffic is from .com domains
  • Browsers:
    Internet Explorer - 85%, Firefox - 12%, Safari - 1.5%, Opera - 1.2% 1.
  • Screen resolution:
    1024x768 - 55%, 800x600 - 27%, 1280x1024 - 7%, 1280x800 - 3%, 1152x864 - 3%, 1400x1050 - 1% 1. ·
  • Connection speed:
    cable/DSL - 64%, dialup - 15%, unknown - 14%, corporate - 7% 1.
  • Average viewing time:
    between 1.5 and 2 minutes (index pages only) 1.
  • Traffic by country/domain:
    Network .net, 26.30%; unresolved/unknown , 29.86%; commercial (.com) , 17.58%;
    Educational .edu, 2.72%; Canada .ca, 1.74%; Mexico .mx, 2.04%; United States .us, 1.76%;
    Viet Nam .vn, 1.68%; Morocco .ma, 1.29%; United Kingdom .uk, 1.39%;
    Non-Profit Organization .org, 0.92%; Australia .au, 0.78%; Peru .pe, 0.79%; Germany .de, 0.51%;
    Italy .it , 0.54%; Israel .il, 0.40%; Malaysia .my, 0.32%; Indonesia .id, 0.29%; Turkey .tu, 0.33%;
    Brazil .br, 0.29%; US Military .mil, 0.40%; Netherlands .nl, 0.34%; France .fr, 0.32%;
    Singapore .sg, 0.42%; India .in, 0.31%; Saudi Arabia .sa, 0.72%; Russian Federation .ru, 0.22%;
    Argentina .ar, 0.24%; Poland .pl , 0.19%; Belgium .be, 0.21% 2.
  • Traffic by 30 language folders (one day, December 1, 2005--see website for details),
    often reflects number of translations and/or when translated/introduced:
    English, 68.2%; Spanish, 10.6%; Vietnamese, 3.8%; Arabic, 3.2%; Chinese, 2.8%; Indonesian, 1.7%; Hebrew, 1.5%; French, 1.4%; German, 1.0%; Portuguese, 0.8%; Russian, 0.8%; Korean, 0.7%; Italian, 0.6%; Turkish, 0.5%; Swedish, 0.3%; Amharic, 0.3%; Czech, 0.3%; Croatian, 0.3%; Persian, 0.2%; Japanese, 0.2%; Ewe, 0.2%; Luganda, 0.2%; Roumanian, 0.2%; Danish, 0.2%; Kiswahili, 0.1%; Melayu Manado, 0.1%; Hindi, 0.1%; Tamil, 0.1%; Kabiye 0.1%; Greek. 2.


  1. Google Analytics
    (only reflects traffic to index pages, all languages)
  2. Webalizer (December 2005)
  3. GOOGLE Search (December 28, 2005)
  4. AltaVista (December 28, 2005)

Translations increased to 26 languages and 504 pages
including the following added this year:

  • One page of Russian by Marina Khonina
  • Two pages of Japanese by Jungi Nakagawa
  • Four pages of Malayu Menado by Margaretha Liwoso of Indonesia
  • Four pages of Portuguese by Gelson
  • Five pages of Chinese by Yuan Long 苑龙
  • Eight pages of Swedish by Jimmy Ferm
  • Ten pages of French by Joe Landsberger and Virginie (Gini) Sanchez
  • Fifteen pages of Spanish by Max Ardohain
  • All 36 German pages edited/revised by Stefanie Hauk

Keynotes and Presentations

Interactive media project of 2004 and beyond...

Two Flash interactive exercises for time management and resolving equations were developed in a collaboration with Dr. Brad Hokanson's students in his course in Interactive Media (DHA 4384) Department of Design Housing Apparel at the University of Minnesota. The student projects by Ingrid Noble and Angela Tank, and Bridgette Lynch were "refined" by a team that included Steve Kladstrup, Rochester, New York (independent Flash author) and Matt Taylor, Dunwoody Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The time management weekly exercise was built in Java by Francis Ssennoga.

We get letters; we welcome yours...

From México: i´m a high school student from, Mexico and i just wanted to enormously thanked (?) you for creating this page, it´s just the best one that i´ve found in all the web and for free¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ not even the study methodology books that i bought (some with people that claim their system is the best one can find and with world records in memory and fast reading like ramon campayo) i have committed myself to deep study for the rest of my life and i will get started in January 2006 12/31

From Belgium: Fantastic site. Congratulations! 12/17

...amazing job on the website. It has helped me out a lot dealing with my A-level exams. I find the motivation section more useful thank anything else. 12/16

Your website is awesome. I was given the task to look for resources for incoming Physician Assistant students... before they start their academic year this summer. 12/13

From Gujarat, India: We have visited your site. We found it Excellent!. We are very sure that through this, students can make their studies well. 12/11

Just want to send a quick note to thank you for your wonderful site. I face the prospect of going back to school to prepare for a new career. This is a bit daunting for me since its been about 15 years since my 1st college experience and I wasn't that great of a student back then. Your site is providing me with some valuable tools that are helping me gain confidence in my ability to do well. Thanks for offering this information! 12/12

Thank you for putting this site together! It is a fantastic resource! My suggestion would be to add a separate note taking section describing Cornell notes, Outlining, Mapping, SQ3R and any others you are aware of. Thanks again for compiling this information!! A teacher in Wisconsin 12/12

Great and helpful information. Do you have a book available? Or any portable format? 12/11

I am a high school guidance counselor. Your site is by far the best study skills I seen, period. Thank you for developing this site. Keep up the good work. 12/1

merci pour les information 11/23

Soy estudiante de Dercho en una universidad muy prestigiosa. Debo decirles que, me encuentro enormemente complacido con Ustedes y el trabajo dedicado a crear la página Web a través de la cual les conocí. Espero que el esfuerzo que ustedes hacen se veaa recompensado de alguna forma, porque muy bien sé que el proyecto les exige entrega y dedicación de sus esfuerzos Pues, bien, éste mail es, de alguna forma, un reconocimeinto a ese esfuerzo.El mejor que puedo darles por lo pronto, porque tan sólo soy un estudiante. Quizá en el futuro haya otra forma más útil para ustedes, para ayudarles. En todo caso, espero que este mail, les reconforte en algo. Muchas gracias por existir. 11/21

I found your study guides back in 2003 and went looking today for them because we wanted to use your information on "Cramming". I couldn't find the information on the St. Thomas website. Is it down for the day or has the website been redone?? Your study guides and strategies information was a helpful resource. If possible let me know what happened.... thanks, Tina Flores 11/9

We just wanted to thank you for maintaining such a great web page. We have bookmarked it and plan to use it in our studies. My girlfriend told me that she wished she had discovered it last year before she finished her degree. 10/29

I just wanted to say how much enjoyed your website! I got there via your study guide (to which I found my way from McGraw-Hill's Human Physiology website; quite a journey . . . ). Somehow, anything involving language is easy for me, but scientific processes are a huge challenge; I can never seem to remember them. Maybe it's just my 44-year-old brain taking exception to the added workload?! The study guide gave me some good ideas, though! 10/24

From India: I am 19years young. I am doing my graduation Sir. With God's grace I luckily found your website. It is helping me to great effect. I am thankful to you Sir. Not only me my friends also started benefitting from you Sir. 10/19

From India: I would like to praise your work in the field of creating efficiency in Human Learning. I think this is most natural aspects which the school or colleges fail to teach the kids in their early days of schooling, due to which few of them lose interest in studies.

I was referred to Joe’s website by a professional acquaintance. The points made on each of the study skills points are very good, but I was wondering if there were any exercises to go along with them to facilitate some active learning. I’m an academic coordinator for Upward Bound and we like to do 10-15 minute activities (usually written and/or in groups) at each of our tutoring sessions. Please let me know. 10/12

Personally, I think this is one of the best resources available for instructors and students. Well done. 10/11

...using your study guides website for student use at a community college. 10/11

I just find your website! And I wanted to tell you I love it. It Help me improve my class and time sharing. Not only that I am take the class about study habit. And your web site is the best. Thanks 10/11

it would be nice if we can print whole section son one click or download them as text files ready to be printed. people don't usually read a lot or don't comprehend a lot what they read on the internet. thanks for doing the site though. it helps a lot. 10/9

With today’s curriculum it is becoming tough on the children to both play (hockey) and keep their studies up. Not many coaches in the hockey world take this serious enough. As a minor coach and working in the school environment I take pride in children’s education. We are presently preparing to provide a weekend class to help our players on studies strategies especially time management and tips to studying as a child athlete. I have been looking over your website and like what I see. I am asking permission to use some of the materials on your website in the class that I am preparing. It will be for personal use with our team only and not for profit. The only profit will be my players becoming better students. With all credit going to yourself and your website. Therefore I will direct them to your website for future help, reference and tips. I can provide some form of feedback from our parent group if needed. I've seen that you do have power point presentation upon request, any other materials that you have and think may be helpful in my quest with this age group would be much appreciated! I would like to personally thank you for your website on study strategies, it is something that should be part of the curriculum. They don't do enough of this in school everything is geared around just teaching the subjects. It truly is an art to be able to study properly. Thanks for your time and I look forward hearing back from you. 10/7

I have a degree in education and tried teaching in the classroom. I found tutoring much more rewarding and focus my teaching strategies on the learners' learning styles. I don't think I have the time to tutor solely on my own and would be interested in getting a group of educational professionals to work with me. I need to spend more time reviewing your site, but what I have seen so far, I feel, would be beneficial to implement in training others... 10/2

I want to thank you for sharing yourself and what you have learned so generously. I am near tears; I am touched seldom in this way. I am an adult student, I'm a mom of four children, alone in this world for the most part, for a myriad of reasons. I'm a full time student, trying to reach goals that I've long held close. But I struggle, it seems with everything, and this is especially true with learning. It seems like I'm making it harder than it should be. I'm bright enough, I like to learn and seem to fall in love easily with most subject matters, become deeply submerged in study in almost any subject matter. The information that you have on your website has flipped an "on" switch in my head. I am hopeful for my learning future having found the information on the pages you maintain. And so I say thank you. It is more than words, I feel this deeply and feel like it's important to tell you. 10/1

From Brazil: I love this site. 9/29

THANK YOU! this is site is awesome. I am able to use so much of it for my middle school students! 9/29

I found your site most helpful and will be sharing it with students I tutor or assess. thank you! 9/24

From Mexico: Consultando información a cerca de “mapas mentales” me encontré con su página web y me interesaron mucho los temas, sin embargo en contre en la página: “Teniendo éxito en Cursos de Educación a Distancia” muchas faltas de ortografía que a continuación me permití corregir para que ustedes puedan, a su vez actualizar la misma 9/23

The editor of the AP Style Forum e-newsletter sent me a link to your site. Nicely done web site! ... 9/13

I don't know exactly who I'm greeting although I obviously know who the "author" of the site is. I just wanted to say I think it quite wonderful. I write textbooks ( and I'm always looking for sites that talk about reading and thinking in ways that are accessible without being simple minded. There actually aren't that many. But this is definitely one.9/12

I had to write to say Thank You! 9/12

I do a lot of web searching and was amazed to find your site and that all of your valuable guides were there for free. What a wonderful gift to all those trying to figure out the world of becoming 'educated'. 9/10

The next page "Learner's Weekly Planner" was a real eye-opener for me. Itwas a very useful tool, easy to fill in and very illuminating. My success with WGU will be 1/2 ability and 1/2time management skills. This was a great exercise!9/9

I am very impressed by your website! Awesome job. 9/8

I am currently teaching a freshman seminar course, which centers around study skills. After doing some extensive research to formulate curriculum for this class, I have found that your web site has the most pertinent information in regards to what I am teaching. 9/3

We have a bibliography of test prep materials on our library media center's web page and would like to add a link to your web site if that is permissible. It's impressive! 9/1

I was at your site yesterday and I was astonished by the array of resources you had there. Having been in education for 20 yrs. I was still impressed... 8/29

Great resource. 8/25

I would just like to thank you for taking your precious time to create a website dedicated to help students who have difficulty at school. By the way the site is constructed with thorough information on different aspects of learning and studying. I've looked for books on 'how to study' and 'improving memory' however there is lack of money. I also want to thank you for giving permission to copy or print all or any part of the Study Guides on the website for future references. I am overwhelmed at how many detailed information is given in this site that it can be a book! Therefore, your time and effort to develop and maintain the site is much appreciated and recognized. 8/25

You will LOVE (your) site I recommend on today’s blog entry! I could spend hours there 8/25

Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you've put into your web site. I teach business law and paralegal students and often use this resource. My learners who use the web site are more confident and organized because of these resources! 8/24

I find this amazing that I can do a search on the internet for transition words and get your site. This is truly remarkable. Thank you for providing this useful information. I am helping my daughter write a paragraph. She's in the 7th grade. Would you believe I had a terrible time with writing. 8/22

I teach high school general biology and advanced placement biology. I am planning to take a few days during the first week of school to review some of the study guides with my students. Your guides are excellent! The biggest problem that most of my students have is not knowing how to study. I plan on incorporating the process (and your worksheets) into lessons throughout the year. 8/19

From Singapore: It was truly a pleasure to chance upon your website on studying tips. "Thinking like a genius" enlightens me greatly, because I realize I haven't been doing so! 8/14

I found your study guide site this morning---WOW. Thank you for the scope and thoroughness of your work! I relate so closely with my students visual-spatial learning style and work personally with many of them. I also train our tutors to understand their very special needs as learners. Student-athletes are a misunderstood population when it comes to learning---most higher-ed educators just do not take enough time to get past the playing field, in terms of understanding how to reach them in classroom. That is where my staff and I come in. Thank you for encouraging the work of Linda Kreger-Silvernman and Gerald Grow. Anyway, thank you for your awesome, extensive work! I have developed some approaches that take study strategies to another level, in that they are unique to student-athletes... 8/13

From India: I am presently working on a student planner which I plan to market in a few weeks. While I was surfing the net I came across your website which I think is awesome. I have already mentioned your website in the monthly section of my planner 8/12

In spring of 2005, I will be teaching a study skills class specifically for the disabled. I would very much like to utilize portions of your website as adjunct to the text. 8/12

I came across your site today was quite impressed.... In any case, I wanted to let you know I appreciate the resource you have made available. Thank you for your efforts, and thank you for your time. 8/9

From India: I (found your) Website very useful for my studies. All i can think is why couldn't find it out sooner ! 8/4

I am a parent of a 16 year old that has developed very little in the way of effective study habits. Your website opened my eyes that this is what he needs... 8/4

I am the Academic Coordinator for a tutoring Center at a state college and came across your information on Study Guides & Strategies via the internet... The information would be of great use for our tutors at the tutoring center. Thank you for your assistance 8/4

I came across your website today whilst looking for some tips for successful study by distance education. I work at a technical college where we teach certificate and diploma level vocational education. I am the study and learning skills teacher... I really like the study skills website a lot – especially the bit about it being free. 8/1

I love your website and use it as an assignment for all of my biology students at ... College every semester. My students really like it and find it very helpful. ... Thanks for a wonderful site that just keeps getting better and better! 7/26

I am very impressed by your site and intend to recommend many sections to students 7/25

Loved your website! Found it while I was searching for a tutor for my daughter on study skills/test taking.

Thank you for the information on this website! I am taking a master's level reading course and the variety of study guide ideas provided here have sparked my imagination! 7/19

Thank you -- I am hoping to read as much as I can to prepare myself for an interview. 7/18

I just discovered you in the middle of an Application Activity Blitz using Study Guides. I had to find a website and POOF, there you were! You re-define creativity, dear. You have a wonderful web site... 7/17

Your site is incredible. It is helping me pull together pieces of the puzzle of my life when it is MOST needed. Am requesting permission to copy for my own use. If shared will gladly share your name, giving credit where it is due. 7/15

I absolutely love this site!!! I have given so many of my ADHD adult friends this site! It is awesome! Self discovery can be amazing with the proper attitude. Thank you and your web creators for doing such a great job on this web site! I love this site! AWESOME!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! 7/14

I am an ADHD adult returning to school after 17 years. I found that the Learner's weekly planner and the daily schedule to be extremely enlightening for me. I found out that I have 4 hours unaccounted for and I could be using that time for something productive or for sleep! Sleep is actually what I really need right now. 7/14

From New Zealand: The web page is very nice. It is great to see you put a lot of your own personality into your house. Cheers for leaving it on the web for all to see. 6/30

From New Guinea: Your information is very positive for all who have used and will use your Web site. 6/17

I am thankful to have found ur website. I just want to ask if I can some info from you regarding the Basic of Tutoring. Presently, I have under my care 15 college students. I should like to involve them to some sort of community service wherein they will render tutorial class to under privilege children here in our neighborhood. Since these students have not undergone any teaching experience, I would rather want them receive some information on tutoring so that they become more effective. Thank you and more power to you! 6/17

je vous remerci beaucoup sur cet site, se sont des conseils éfficasse que je cherche depuis longtemp 6/17

I am doing research for a paper and I came across your site. I am so happy that we had this assignment, because I found this awesome resource! There is all the information I need andso muchmore. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you keeping up this web site for us people that need it! 6/16

Hello,...I am in 6th grade and your site is wonderful! It has study guides and stategies for kids to understand.I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

When ever I need help on something, or study tips, I go to your site because it holds better information, and better tips than any other site. I told my teacher to go to your site and look at the study tips (she is a study skills teacher) She loved your site. I will next mention you to all my friends. Thank you for your tips and guides! 6/6

No Feedback to offer, just compliments!!!! WONDERFUL website! Can't tell you how wonderful to find such a wealth of information in ONE place. I printed MUCH. I am almost 66, still going to college to become certified as a teacher (have been a second grade teacher for two years now) but my college courses are KILLING me. You supplied MUCH needed info in Case Study and ADHD. Thank you so much and I love your little quotes on every page 6/6

I found your study website very informative. I wish I had thought to check the internet for (my daughter) years ago. There doesn't seem to be much help (here) for her... 6/6

From Myanmar: Thank you for your informative web site for students. 5/27

From Romania: I send you congratulations! 5/26

I got lucky when Stumbleupon sent me to your page of study guides. I'm going to blog about them on Socrates Tech and the Royal Academy. Thanks for providing an excellent resource. 5/26

I wish to express my thanks to you for your amazing site The Study Guides and Strategies. I also wish to let you know that I have placed a blog entry in my blog to praise your site and share it with everyone else. Thank you again and all the best. 5/25

Thanks for these study guides... Much more helpful than the call I made to the guidance office! 5/16

This looks very good and appears to be free? Yes? 5/12/05 Yes!

Thank you for the excellent web page. I'm a Director of Curriculum and Supervision at an all girl's high school... I have been looking for ways to reduce stress for my students and found your site when looking for simple information of time management. I found even more. I would like to link your site to the school's web page. I think it has excellent information and will be extremely useful for my students Thank you for taking the time to develop such a wonderful site. 5/6/05

From Finland: I just wanted to thank you for the Study Guides and Strategies website, it is absolutely fantastic and has helped me a lot, both at my work and in my personal life. I wish you all the best. 4/27

From Canada: Just looked around your site and found a number of areas I would like to use... May I have your permission to use some of your material for (A) a talk, (B) a small study group and (C) to present to the President. 4/26

Thank you for all your time and effort. I appreciate it very much with writing my first essay in a long time for one of my units for the Bachelor of Education. 4/23

From Egypt: I want to help students believe in science and to love science in order to help students to solve their educational problems !... that is why I like your site this site help students to study right 4/16

See the Stumbleupon reviews!

Featured letter:

I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone involved in providing this material. I recently found your site and have since spent numerous hours reading. Also, I’d like to say that not only have a read a lot of the material I have actually *applied* it. So many methods and techniques are beautifully simple to execute and I cannot count the number of times I’ve said to myself, “If I had only found this sooner.” I have had great success in a very short amount of time with the following:
SQ3[4]R method * Reading skills [entire section] * Time management * Project planning * Motivation

I’m very excited about the whole thing. There is so much on the site to be learned. Thank you very much for the information you have shared. It makes a world of difference! I’ll be sharing this with everyone. 1/13

We get featured...

I've included your site in my November Busy Educator's Newsletter which can be found at: The newsletter went out to over 28,000 teachers this week. I am also pleased to award your site the Busy Educator's Award. Marjan Glavac
editor The Busy Educator's Newsletter 11/2/005

Best of the Web:
University of North Carolina School of Education (...the most innovative and successful practices)

Law School Academic Support Blog:
How to Study!
This all-inclusive site, developed by Joseph Landsberger (review his very interesting CV), cuts across academic, cultural, linguistic and age boundaries. Right away, I was blown away by his Time Management "Learners' Day Planner." This interactive tool is at once simple and amazing. Try it. His down-to-earth advice on "Concentrating" is well-worth distributing to students. ("Concentration," Professor Landsberger writes, quoting Stefan Zweig (1881 - 1942), "is the eternal secret of every mortal achievement." Tell that to the students you find "concentrating" in the cafeteria or on the classroom corridor sofas.) 8/25/05

Rio Grande Valley: TV Station KGBT Action 4 News Site of the Day! 5/11

Busy Educators Award,
November 2005

New Zealand: What a wonderful resource for teachers and students! This web site presents some excellent advice on study habits and strategies for successful learning. There are information sections here dealing with preparation, learning, studying, classroom anticipation, learning with others, project management, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing . . . . As well as being available in a huge range of languages. Ideal for year levels 3-12 RRRRR 5/05

United Kingdom: It is comprehensive, well laid out and has excellent advice for students. Well done. We only select the very best educational sites to appear in the Topmarks listings and in recognition of the high standard you have achieved we would like to present you with our Topmarks Excellent Site Award. 4/24/05

Cincinnati Post, 9/3/04: If I had to choose a single site to recommend, this would be the one. It was created by (Joe Landsberger) and you can mark it down as an absolute gem. Main categories include: preparing to learn, studying, classroom participation, learning with others, project management, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing basics, math and science. Each section is presented in an easy-to-follow bulleted format. There are no wordy explanations or heavy-handed lectures. It's simply a fantastic guide for anyone who wants to improve academic performance and make life easier at the same time.

Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong: Named best over all web site for Study Guides

RefDesk Site of the Day: 2/21/05

Site of the Day, dBusiness News Atlanta 2/23/05

Teachers' Lounge: This site rates a Keanu Reeves' "Whoa!" It's that good. 2/6/05

I teach Reading Resource in ... Wisconsin ... I typed in "comprehension" and your website was one that appeared. ... 1/31

I am a fourth semester graduate student in the Communication Studies... Also, I am a Teaching Assistant four the department's basic course (Introduction to Human Communication). I just wanted to CONGRATULATE you for a MAGNIFICENT website. I was doing some research on Public Speaking and Active Listening and I came across your website. It is one of the most helpful websites I have ever encountered in the educational field. It covers topics absolutely interesting, helpful, and applicable to daily life. I felt the urge to contact you to THANK YOU for such a SUPERB job on the information you provide. I will definitely give your website information to all my students and everyone else I know... 4/13

... I am a Doctorial student I find your system to be very helpful. Thank you for every thing 4/7

This truly is an AWESOME site. I am going to graduate from a technical college and was wondering how I was going to stay on top of things. With the help of this valuable site, it will be much easier. Thanks for all your hard work. 4/4

From the Netherlands: I thought it might make you happy if someone said: I like your site and find it very useful... 4/4

I am the Web Master for .. High School... We have found this site very beneficial for our students... 4/4

From Italy:I must thank you for the great site I visited today for the first time. I think I'll become a frequent user of this most useful site.

I really like your website!! I have a question for you: Your teachers' guide was recommended to me. From there I went to your site, where I found a goldmine for students, including a student version of the teachers' guide.. My question is, how do I find more pages written for teachers? 3/17 Ed: The Guides were written for learners, but I encourage teachers to copy and adapt for their students.

From Israel: I just want to thank you for all the work and effort that has gone into producing the Study Guides Strategies site. I am about to embark on Masters' studies in my late forties, and the guide has provided me with invaluable information and insight. As an Internet professional for some ten years, I know just how much work and effort must have gone into this project, and the page views demonstrate just how useful it must be day by day to people from many different walks of life across the globe. I also intend to share the site with fellow students on the course. 3/13

What a great website. This is truly a public service. Weapplaud you for providing such a service to the general public, someone like myself. Who could not afford this service and the information that you have provided. 3/10

I just wanted to tell you how fabulous your site is. I wish I had had this available to me when I was in college. I am passing it on to as many people as possible. I work in a Masters program and many students are returning after being away from school for a while and this is a very helpful site for them. Thanks and keep up the good work... PS: I am a visual learner and artist.3/2

Thank you for the remarkable website you maintain, especially for the section on study guides and strategies. As a school psychologist I have referred to it many times and have passed the web address on to colleagues. Just today I had a concerned teacher worried about a 16 year old student who is struggling to keep her head above the rough seas of high school academics. I told her about your site, and she was very grateful. Please keep up this fabulous work. 3/2

From Nova Scotia: Wow what an amazing website/learning tool for students...This is a wonderful asset for them to use. 2/28

Thank-you so much for your web site ( My 14yo son has an IQ of 130 but struggles with two types of learning disabilities so school is very frustrating to him. He came home so frustrated with Algebra and I couldn't explain it so he could relate to it and I found your site and he caught on to the PEMDAS concept and is so much more confident. I saw the mind mapping information also which is very interesting. My son is not able to take notes in the classroom and can't organize his thoughts on paper. You are a special person to share your talents with us. Thank you. 2/26

thanks man for the study stuff. you're a good guy 2/22

Wow. Not very eloquent, but all that comes to my stunned mind and tongue, after dropping by your "Study Guide" site and then
visiting your home page. Haven't gone into any of the categories outlined in the Guide, but will be interested in seeing what I could/should have done when it was my turn to go through the college-level education system. Your observation that travel is an interactive experience is wonderfully expressed and insightfully observed..... and will be oft quoted (by me) -- with attribution. 2/22

You have developed a great study guide site, that I am already addicted to. I have had some study issues, as a return student, and have found some motivating factors in your guides. Just a quick thanks. 2/22

What an incredible website! I'm counting my blessings that you have been willing to create and maintain your site as an educational public service. I found your site while searching for a 'daily schedule' on Google and I immediately knew that I had struck gold. I've recently been making a concerted effort to overcome some deep-rooted habits and consequently felt the discouragement of picking myself up again and again. Learning to embrace a consistent daily schedule as well as view goal-setting with a more positive connotation would probably be humorous to someone watching me from a distance. The more I explored your site the more excited I became to pick myself up and try again. I love the quotes in the upper right hand corner and I can't wait to forward your site address to many of my friends and loved ones. I wish I would have known about your site while I was in college! But I'm sure the information! from your website will prove to be a tremendous help when I go back for my PhD. Sincere thanks and appreciation, 2/21

Love your website, great info.'s 2/20

I will keep using what you have and will work on developing it into some other things. Keep up the great work. 2/14

I just learned about your Study Guides and Strategies site today, and I'm writing to express my appreciation. It must have taken hours to put this together! Thank you for sharing these resources freely. Teachers and students everywhere will benefit from this resource, so I would like to present your site with an award...I also plan to mention your site in my newsletter, ConnectEng, which will be distributed sometime in the next couple of weeks. Congratulations! 2/5

I am a Secondary School English teacher in .. Canada. Thank you so much for your great study guides. I will refer students to your site. 2/3

I am an academic adviser to 1,100 English majors at ... University; yes, that’s 1,100, all by myself. I love my job, but it does get crazily busy at times. (As you may realize, English departments aren’t usually loaded financially; otherwise they’d love to hire another adviser.) I just want to send you my sincere thanks for your study skills site that is freely available to people like me, and to all my students. I have referred so many students struggling through academic probation to your site! I have found your site personally helpful, too, about the learning process. It’s just wonderfully reassuring to realize that someone out there, You, offer such a valuable resource out of the goodness of your heart. I believe you will receive it all back, and then some. 2/3

I have been given your web address by an Intel colleague based in Saudi. We have recently localized some content from our Irish site into Arabic. We would like to add some useful educational references. Are you ok with us referencing your site?1/31

Thank you for the great study guide and strategies website; I refer my students to this website. It is EXCELLENT! Thank you.1/29

I came to your site looking for insights on younger children and how to use technology to facilitate the journey of visual and other non-verbal learning styles for my service - but being an avid traveler, an RPCV, and education enthusiast - I seem to have just let another half day go by. Congrats - a real tool and monument.1/29

Joe, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent website. I am team teaching a college student success class to ESL students who want to go into the medical field. Your site has helped me help my students.1/26

I accidentally came across your website. Good stuff - keep up the good work. (1) There is a Chinese version available on your website (as well as other language version). However, it is simplified Chinese version... If traditional Chinese version is available it would be more convenient. (2) As for me, I am doing a computer certification exam, which is my fifth exam. Since the results for the previous four exams are excellent, I thought the fifth exam was no big deal - which is NOT the case. This exam is based on case studies, each spans over two pages long. I have to make sense out of the details and answer questions. I attempted to do past exam paper - and the result was a disaster! For the first case studies, I got eight out of nine questions WRONG! The result was so shocking that I had to stop and reflect what went wrong. After visiting your website, I think I have a lot of perspective of what goes wrong. Part of the problem lies in my bad study habits developed since high school. The lack of ability to focus is another culprit. Procrastination is another. Reading skills is another. The change of my way of living is another (the last company I worked for was bankrupted and I became unemployed) ...... and so on. Thank you for the website! Keep up with the good work! 1/27

salut je suis une mauritanienne et j'ai 14ans. j'ai visité votre cite et j'ai apri beaucoup de chose que je ne savais pas je vous remerçie a ce cite 1/22

I found your web site looking for ways to better tutor my upper elementary students. Thank you for all your work in putting this site together. It had many features that I can use to help my students and myself! a seeker 1/21

The guides in this site is very good & helpful. But, if you could also put the site in PDF format 1/19 ed: coming one day! 1/20

Recently, I've been developing a website for our Christian campus club. Since a lot of students will be surfing this site, I was wondering if I can get your permission to add a link to your study guide website. It has been helping me a lot and I'd like to see if my friends also can take advantage of your website. 1/17

I have just sent your web site off to other teacher friends who will enjoy it I'm sure... I took the time to read through you site in depth. I love the way that you included so much about yourself. 1/10

I am a middle school teacher in SE Texas and just came across your study guides and strategies pages. thanks I found a lot that will help me teach. 1/3

I am an instructor at the college level. I found your website from my mentor and am very impressed with it that I will add your url to my website for student success. Thank you! I have recently shifted from teaching part time at the university to the community college. I am finding that many young CC students are simply not prepared for the challenges of college, and I will include my expectations for their success in my syllabus... 1/3

Just wanted to say that this is a great site and very helpful for many people, I wouldn't be surprised if an "aha" from this site brought someone closer to their goal, or to a new goal. Great work! 1/10

Thank you so much for the study page. I am an older student that has just returned to school in the last year and a half and I find that making things "stick" used to be a lot easier. I'm also just generally interested in the way that I learn and really understanding what I'm studying rather than doing all of my studying for grades as I was before. I've picked up some really helpful hints on your site and plan to recommend it to a bunch of my friends! I also appreciate that you included a section about your life and beliefs... Once again I want to thank you for the excellent site on learning. There is so much useful information! 1/7