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A professional is one
who does his best work
when he feels the least
like working.
Frank Lloyd Wright 1869 - 1959
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Traffic, 2006

41.7% over 2005 to 11,849, 732 page views
31.3% over 2005 to 69,537,932 hits
The website has a "7" out of 10 ranking with Google.

December: 881,198 page views, 13.4% over December 2005
1,106,902 page views, 23.3% over November 2005
1,268,130 page views, 37.3% over October 2005
1,151293 page views, 32.3% over September 2005
932.865 page views, 37% over August 2005
770,771 page views, 25.4% over July 2005
791,241 page views, 48.1% over June 2005
894,081 page views, 43.8% over May 2005
939,228 page views, 74.3% over April 2005
1,252,367 page views, 111% over March 2005
868,000 page views, 39.9% over February 2005
915,179 page views, 19.7% over January 2005


Since 1999: Columnist "Learning by Design" for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology peer-reviewed magazine Tech Trends,
consultant/developer of courses, learning objects, and online learning communities for the Minnesota State System of Colleges and Universities (MNSCU)
Fall Semester:
Student media/Flash exercises with Dr. Brad Hokanson, Interactive Media (DHA 4384) Department of Design, University of Minnesota
columnist for educational newsletter.
Worker Preparedness Training Services, La Mujer Obrera, El Paso, Texas.
A bilingual workforce training, adult education, and social enterprise program for workers with limited English proficiency displaced by the North American Free Trade Act.
"My Child's 1st Teacher," featured the Study Guides for the month on the public access cable TV program in Arlington, Virginia
August: Independence Community College TRIO program
A series of eight educational opportunity outreach federally-supported programs designed to motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds
July 3-5: Higher Education Academy 2006 Annual Conference, East Midlands Conference Centre (EMCC), University of Nottingham's Park Campus, England
June 27-28:
Keynote and two workshops at the University of Wolverhampton, England.
Keynote | Workshop I | Workshop II | SGS Project plan overview
Presentations available upon request.
June 22:
Community Services Addictions Certificate Program, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.
June 22:
After school hurricane relief program, Shreveport, Louisiana in conjunction with the Baptist Convention and InspireWorks, Inc.
June 15:
Collaboration with Dr. Ton Quang Cuong, Assistant Dean for Research and Student Affairs Dept. Teaching-Learning Methodology & Technologies, Faculty of Education, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
May 18:
Presentation for the Tutoring Workgroup Meeting, Minnesota Online, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Spring Semester:
Student media/Flash exercises with Dr. Brad Hokanson, Interactive Media (DHA 4384) Department of Design, University of Minnesota
January 25:
Collaboration with the “Quest for Learning” (QFL) project in Ireland, funded through the Minerva funding stream of the European Union (EU). QFL projects support learners with disabilities, developing a range of on-line resources related to learning and employability. Inconjunction with the Irish Training and Employment Authority (FÁS) e-College
January 20:
Excerpts from the Study Guides website printed in Perez, Raymund, Runways for English II, JFC Publishing House, Inc., Manilla, Philippines. In print March 2006

SGS maintenance and development projects, 2006:

  • Keep the website free of advertising
  • Recruit, coordinate, promote, develop translations
  • Incorporate a course/content management tool (CMS: Moodle?)
    in order to develop virtual peer learning communities to facilitate sharing learner experiences
    within a constructive environment
  • A print version of the Guides
  • Develop alternative text- and CD-based manual building upon SGS Website
  • Report/audit of website (traffic, functionality, etc.)
  • Develop project plan for validating SGS assets
  • Develop face-to-face pilot course on keys to academic success based upon SGS Website
  • Migration of pilot course on keys to academic success to an on-line environment
  • Program project plan for further development of learner profile instrument


December 26: New Guide/topic: Modeling constructive use of feedback,
a classroom exercise

December 3:
New Guide/topic: Using feedback
November: Google page rank: Index is rated 7 of 10
September 20:
One Spanish translation added by Beatriz Palomo de Lewin
September 5:
One Spanish translation added by Alma Z'Cruz
August 25:
One French translation added by Chris Touzelet
August 18:
Two Hungarian (new language) translations added by Kolozsvári Orsolya
August 15:
One French translation added by Chris Touzelet
July 31:
New Guide/topic: Reading and studying science textbooks
July 25:
New Guide/topic: Developing and analyzing writing assignment topics
July 20: One Spanish translation added by Beatriz Palomo de Lewin
July 19:
One interactive "Flash" exercise in Chinese (duplicate of linear equations)
July 18:
New Guide/topic: Developing self-discipline
June 10:
Ten interactive "Flash" exercises added to individual Guides.
May 30:
Five interactive "Flash" exercises added to individual Guides.
May 25:
Three Japanese translations added by Sean Loughman/ショーン ロックマン
May 18:
One Chinese translation added by 彭海杰/Haijie Peng
May 17:
New Guide/topic: Reading fiction
May 15:
One Chinese translation added by 彭海杰/Haijie Peng
April 22:
One Chinese translation added by 彭海杰/Haijie Peng
April 19:
Three Chinese translations added by 彭海杰/Haijie Peng
April 14:
Six Chinese translations added by 彭海杰/Haijie Peng
April 4:
One Japanese translation added by Sean Loughman/ショーン ロックマン
March 28:
Two Spanish translations added by Alejandra Candia
March 25: Four Russian translations are added by Elena Gavrikova/Е.Гаврикова.
March 15: One Spanish translation added by Alejandra Candia
February 6:
Two Hebrew translations added by Monica Valk
January 31:
Six Russian translations are added by Elena Gavrikova/Е.Гаврикова.
January 30: Three Hebrew translations added by Monica Valk
January 26:
One Indonesian translation added by Dr. Margaretha Liwoso
January 23:
Three Hebrew translations added by Monica Valk/
January 18:
Four Russian translations are added by Elena Gavrikova/Е.Гаврикова.
January 5:
Five Hebrew translations are added by Monica Valk/
January 4: Three Vietnamese translations are added by Đỗ Ngọc Bích

March 31 benefit

The Study Guides organized and hosted a benefit and raised over US$2,800 for the City of Hope, Puebla México. The charity provides shelter and schooling for homeless children. The benefit marked the occasion of Joe's professional transition to devoting more resources in supporting our international community of learners through the Study Guides, through presentations at workshops and conferences, and through writing.

2006 Email

This is an awesome site.....What a service to have all this in 30 languages...I had 18 different languages in my last school...the only thing I have a problem with, I didn't find you the way, I spent 29 years in business before going back to teaching. These guides will help my students... I know you get many e-mails so it's not necessary to for you to reply...I just wanted you to know that I am using your guides.

Thanks for creating and maintaining such a useful website. I would like to use some of the material with my Life SKills class this year. I am also on the Code of Conduct committee in our district and we are exploring restorative practices so I was curious about these links. I found pages for both organizations, but I think they may have taken down the specific ones you reference.

Thank you for a fabulous website. I am thrilled to be able to use the information in a learning strategies class that I am teaching.

My Child's 1st Teacher is a parental empowerment show featured on public access cable in Arlington, Virginia. Each month we focus on different topics. Study skills is the theme for this month. We are requesting permission to tell our viewers about your web site ( on our show. Stumbled on these study guides today. They are one of the absolute best things (of any kind) I've found on the web. Great work!!! One of their strengths is the length -- short, concise, and to the point. I wouldn't change that at all. For the guides I had an interest in though, it would be nice to have references for additional reading. Best would be PDF files of longer, related articles that expand on key points. In any event, these are wonderful, and I hope they keep expanding.

אני מבקשת לדעת האם אפשר לפרסם את האתר הזה בפורום של אסטרטגיות למידה בתפוז ובפורום של לקויות למידה.תודה

שלום רב,קראתי את דפי ההנחיות בנושא כתיבת חיבור בספרות.מניסיוני כמורה וכמדריכת מורים לספרות בעבר, נראית לי ההדגמה (באמצעות יצירות ספרות) חיונית. צ"ב דוגמא קצרה.

Thanks again, and great work!

The information in your websites are useful to the maximum. I'm a lecturer in psychology who used to conduct regular classes on academic skill enhancement. Thank you for providing such wonderful knowledge. I appreciate the effort of you and your team. please include more exercises.

Hello, I enjoy your site and have bookmarked it. I have returned to school after 5 years of working after high school, and I'm finding it so difficult. I hope to keep your information close at hand this year as I start to pursue a degree in sociology. I am writing to thank you, and to tell you that there is a typo on the self discipline page. It is spelled discipline in the header. Thank you for your effort in compiling this information.

I found your website through Google and would like to request for permission to feature the Math student skills found in your website in our children's magazine that is currently read by Children aged 10- 13 in Singapore. I would like to know what credits I have to include in the article? I am trying to study and have a family and make my study time worth while and have time for my family I have 13 hours and a test just about every week.

I’m absolutely thanked to you for giving study guides & strategies for free. I’ve been learn so far & its benefit for both my life and working life. But I’m wondering if there’s a class which I could participate in and have its certificate for acknowledgement.

My son was looking at your impressive website and I found this open when I went to the computer and that it very interesting to me as well as to him ... and I also ended up sending this to the Quaker Bolivia Link. I hope you will feel you made a difference here too.

Este mensaje ha sido analizado por Prodata en busca de virus y otros contenidos peligrosos, y se considera que está limpio.

its really a great informational website .it changed my lifestyle and a way of thinking so broad n better ,wow I really appreciate your deeds for creating such a great deal of wisdom and creativity

I am a Graduate Student... I will be conducting research on the effectiveness of teaching study skills within a lower division course. I was hoping to receive your permission to teach some of the strategies from your website.

I would like to put a link to your Study Guides and Strategies webpage from our faculty's Academic Support webpage. This will be for the use of students and staff in our University. I have two questions in this regard. (1) Could I do this or do I need special permission for this? (2) If this is acceptable, are there other limitations on usage except as stipulated on your website?

This is, without a doubt, the most useful web site I have used in 27 years of secondary education and 5 years of higher education!

Thanks for all you do.

I am a family nurse practitioner and professor of Nursing in in rural upstate New York. I want to thank you for the study skills site and the intention of promoting open use of it. I have been developing a webpage of online resources for our diverse student population—your site has been the best I’ve found!

just a quick note to say that I saw your site mentioned on dumb little man today (first time I visited that site, too) and wanted to add my thanks and congratulations for creating such a good resource. I'm not sure how I'll use it, but I am sure I'll pass it on to others. nice job.

Redaccion de un ensayo A quien pueda interesar, Necesito visualizar la redaccion de un ensayo, su formato, el orden de los parrafos si es possible. Como desarrollar el tema. Tengo una asignacion de la Universidad sobre el tema de Manglares y Mogotes en nuestro pais, nos piden identificar dos problemas y sus soluciones. Francamente no se por donde comenzar. He conseguido informacion y definiciones al respecto pero necesito quizas ver un ensayo ya hecho para poder visualizarlo y poder comenzar el mio. Si en algo me pueden ayudar se lo agradeceré inmensamente. Ya tengo copia de “Como escribir ensayos explicativos” obtenido de su seccion Estudio: Guias y Estrategias. Espero por su feedback. Gracias.

After perusing your website many times, I feel like I virtually know you already! I am a graduate student with the University of Missouri and I also teach Developmental Studies in Reading at a local community college in Texas. I was first introduced to your study guides/strategies website in my Human Learning course with the U of Missouri, and continue to frequent it. The reason I am emailing is because for another one of my courses, we are developing our own classroom websites and I would like to incorporate many of the features you have on yours. Your website is not fussy and it contains great information/activities for both students and teachers. One of the features I like most is that you have translated the website into several languages. How did you go about doing this? Is there a certain program you used? If you are able to share this information, I would greatly appreciate it, but completely understand if you are not able to do so. Thank you once again for supplying this wonderful resource--I have passed it on to many of my colleagues.

Please let me know the process for quoting the learn to learn text. Your site is so interesting, inspiring and supporting of efforts to share knowledge. I am a college dean an online professor. I hope to use the learn to learn text to publish on my site giving credit to the author.


I wanted to thank you for your site; I am a Learning Specialist in a private school and have found your website to be quite useful. I am curious to know what drove you to organize such a comprehensive source. I really love the help with citations, but I encountered a few problems with the MLA: -It is putting a comma (instead of a period) after the author name. -It is asking me for “website” twice. I put in 2 different titles (just as a trial) and it ignores the first entry.

I am very much impressed with your website and the excellent advice and guidance pages it has. I request your permission to re-produce some of the articles from your website so that it can benefit our visitors on our website. I am very confident that our tutors and parents will appreciate them a lot. We will of course make reference to your site.

I attend.. High School in Florida and I am requesting the permission to use information found on your website. I am conducting a school project in which I am creating a helpful French study guide for the students in my high school junior French class. The information I am asking to use is about paying attention, test preparation, reading skills, and studying. I am asking to use your information because I believe it gives the best knowledge on these subjects that is available and also because my French teacher put the link to your website online so we could use it. Also, the guide I am creating will not be used to gain a profit, it is strictly for a grade and to help my classmates so about 25 guides will be produced. I would appreciate immensely if you would approve of my request.

I have spent over two hours on your website and have barely begun. Thank you so much for your clarification, guidelines, information and encouraging the love of learning.

Just wanted to say what a wonderful resource you have created and made available to learners with your site. I plan to share this with my library instruction students. Thank you for putting this together.

I've been using your site to help build out my own site on the CLEP exams. If you’re not familiar with these exams they help students test out of first year classes. I was wondering if I would be able to get a link from your site to help me build some traffic. I'm still new but I plan on developing the site to help people study for the CLEP exams, and also avoid some of the scam study guides that are out there. In the review section my visitors have already identified one that is a complete waste of money.

I am the Head of Year 12 Western Australia and am really grateful for the fantastic information that I can share with the year 12 students at my school. Thanks for your wonderful generosity in making them freely available! May great things come your way - or continue, to I hope!!

I work for Options For Youth Charter School in California. We work with at-risk-students trying to earn a high school diploma. We are also a non-profit charter school. In addition, I am writing the ADV. US History Course for Options For Youth Charter School. I wanted to ask you if I will need to obtain a license to link to the Basic Research site under the study guides section? I really think your study guide section is one of the best I have ever seen.

I am a teacher at a middle school. I love your site that deals with study skills. I have created a website on May I please use your study skills links on my website?

I am a reporter for … student newspaper. I'm doing a story looking at casual cheating, meaning the use of things like book summaries and text translators instead of going through text books and using more traditional (and encouraged) learning methods. Seeing your Web site dedicated to study guides, I was hoping I could talk to you about my topic. I'm hoping to give you a call sometime tomorrow and if you could tell me the best time I would appreciate it.

Estoy estudiando nuevamente a mis 45 años, agradezco de su gestión para que me colaboren si esta a su alcance me faciliten herramientas o ayudas para estudiar de una forma mas efectiva. Debido a que siento que ocupo mucho tiempo en las lecturas, sin embargo quedo como si no comprendiera realmente la lectura. Soy profesional de la contaduría pública, y actualmente he iniciado el primer semestre de DERECHO. Este exige de mucha lectura pero me canso con rapidez, como les decía me esfuerzo por cumplir con lo académico y con mi trabajo.

The City of Stirling, a local government in Western Australia is in the process of launching a youth website which offers tips and information on such things as careers, money and studying. I have searched the internet for some study tips and believe yours are easy to follow and would appeal to our audience. I was after permission to use your Effective Habits for Effective Study tips (as below) on our study tips page - with it sourced to your website of course and a link to your website. Can you please let me know if this is permitted? The website address (will be launched in the next few days) is

I am a HS reading specialist, and I absolute love to refer students to your site! Thank you for putting this out there on the WWW! I hope you always have this!

I am an ESL/EFL student. I really want to say very special thank you for your efforts regarding listening ( It is very useful and practical.

I am a mom of a home schooling middle school boy and am delighted to find such a helpful and encouraging website for study skills. He thinks that since I was a teacher long, long ago (before the earth cooled), I don't understand all the complexities of current trends. This has only confirmed that I am not really stuck in the dark ages! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Mi nombre es ...y soy estudiante en la Escuela de Educación de la Universidad Mayor. Estoy tomando un curso llamado Intel® Educar para el Futuro que trata sobre cómo integrar la tecnología en mi clase. Quisiera usar la información del mapa conceptual que se encuentra en (URL), y que incluiré en mi modelo de sitio web para estudiantes, presentación multimedia y/o publicación.

Usaré estos ejemplos de proyectos para mostrar a mis alumnos lo que espero que ellos creen. Estas muestras probablemente se usen también fuera de mi clase para mostrar a mis colegas este trabajo. Mi plan de unidad y modelos de proyectos podrían ser seleccionados por Intel para su inclusión en el sitio web educativo de Intel y posiblemente en futuras capacitaciones y CDs, lo cual permitirá a otros docentes bajar y usar estos archivos. Aunque este programa está auspiciado por Intel, cabe aclarar que es completamente gratuito y que los docentes no pagamos para usar ninguno de estos recursos.

¿Usted tiene derechos de autor sobre estos textos/sonidos/imágenes/video clips? De ser así, ¿me autoriza a utilizarlos? Por supuesto, yo citaré su sitio web como fuente y cualquier otra información que usted desee que se incluya para dar crédito en forma apropiada al autor.

I am teachin a High School Readiness class and this was very useful. Thanks:)

Please read. It would be great if you had each of your lessons in PDF format so it would be easily printable and can be read on the go without eyestrain. It would also be great if you could have all your lessons in one PDF file so you could print out the whole thing in one shot. Please don't ignore this message. I would really appreciate it if you take my advice. Thank you in advance. Please reply. Thank you

Firstly, I want to introduce myself: I am a Vietnamese student and living in Vietnam. I've visited your website which gives guides to students in studying. They are really useful guides with me and all students, especially Vietnamese students, because of your guides we have chance to approach modern methods in studying. Once again I want to say that your website and your guides are great, further I would like to thank you so much for them.

I just found your web site. It is extremely interesting. In addition to locating this story using Google, I have also contacted American MENSA with regard to your page entitled, Thinking Like A Genius. I am hoping some of the geniuses will think of some more ideas for the page. I have also shared your web site with the study skills department at the University of Washington. In the past month, I have taken four classes in this department; one topic per week was covered. Like you, the presenters ask for suggestions as to how they can improve their classes. They may use some of your material in their classes which are offered several times each quarter.

I'm very impressed with your website! I'm doing an assignment for grad school and found your study strategies very helpful. I'm also currently teaching, so I'm definitely going to use your techniques in my classroom. Thank you for putting something like this out there. I'm going to forward your url to my instructor. She would be very impressed as well. The chapter in the book that I'm studying doesn't compare to what you've presented.

Thank you for your lovely (and comprehensive) guide "Mind mapping brought me to your site. I'm eager to pass your site information along to my students in September.

I think your site is great! I wonder if you had a few more different ways for taking notes from lectures. ? Firstly, let me thank for your kindness in giving the opportunity to us, the learners, to widen our insight about education.

I am a teacher at a senior higher Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I have been teaching there for two years. My responsibility is teaching English for class 1 and 3. I would like to ask your help about materials for teaching reading and structure and the teaching strategies so that I could have more vivid and funny class when I am teaching those skills since those subjects sometimes create boredom for my students who are not really bright. For your information, my Scholl is not a favorite one and thus has students with low intelligence and motivation, the last is the factor which troubles teachers in Indonesia. Perhaps you could enrich me with more communicative materials for teaching

Very well thought-out and inspiring pieces. I'm encouraged that you spend quite some time, just so we can learn. I'd say good work, even if you don't need it. the quotes you have chosen. You obviously take great pleasure in what you do! I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. I have many classmates from Taiwan and recommended your site to help them with their studies. If you see a flux in the counter next week - it's my fault. thank you for providing this free resource.

"je prépare une licence d'anglais et j'ai 42 ans. je trouve interessant les éléments mis sur votre site;

"Thank you so much for developing the site. I hade searched and searched for a site that would help me be a better learner. I'm a college freshman, and having completed 1st semester pretty well, but not was well as I had hoped to do, I want to go back to school for the 2nd term and be able to really get all my study habits and routines down. I think that your website will help. I looked through the reading and study strategies.

very good website but I need one for me and my husband. we are both disabled , me major depression-------hubby is Alzheimer's------------4th stage. but we both need something like /Schedule and planning in 24 hour period. thanks for any information you could give me I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your website.

Your Study Guides and Strategies site is, unequivocally, the most comprehensive mentoring/self help information I have ever seen in my twenty years as a professor of nursing. I have shared your website with the counselors at the college where I am currently acting in an administrative role in Joshua Tree, California. Thank you for sharing this compendium. It is obvious that you have developed the materials over many years. I will share with colleagues around the country. Many students will benefit.

I am in my first year of College. I went back after a few years and I was searching the web for something on focus and concentrate for preparing and cooking meals. I came up with this information hopeful it will help me in both areas. If I could just not worry about my son who has almost nothing to do with me anyway. Well, chow for now have a good day.

I am the Retention Coordinator for Fulton-Montgomery Community College in New York State. Our school recently developed a new web page. While researching information for the student retention section we came across your fabulous web site. We were wondering if we could link your study skills page to our site. Your site is so comprehensive that we feel it would a great asset to our students. So please let us know your thoughts. We can see you are very well traveled and if you find yourself in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains come visit.

I am a college student at Coulsdon College and I have been given an assignment on Active Listening. I was browsing through your website and I found it helpful and informative. I need some help to complete my final assignment …

Your site is incredible. It is helping me pull together pieces of the puzzle of my life when it is MOST needed.

Just came across this site. As a K-8 Special Education Teacher, I am always looking for structured supports for students. Looks like this could be a lot of help.

Congratulations on the excellent work you are doing with the website. It is resources like this that help improve things and people.

I came across your time management tool/day planner while doing a Google search for activity lists/time study. Great experiential, visual set up! My background is in therapeutic recreation (re-creating oneself) and I think that the day planner does a great job in spelling out those pieces of perspective is 1/3 for something productive, 1/3 for sleep/rest and 1/3 is your re-creation time. Of course in that re-creation time, you have chores, tasks, meals, etc. Therein lies the challenge. I am going to pass along your web address to the therapists that I work with at our non-profit inpatient psychiatric unit ... I think the people we serve will enjoy your tool. Thanks for putting it all together!

I found that the presentation on Time Management is very helpful and also The Learner's Weekly Planner. It showed me where my time goes and how I can manage it better.

I want to thank you for the effort to develop this helpful website. It is really interesting.

I'm very impressed by your website « Study guides and strategies ». Needles to say that it is very complete and thorough! I'm working on a similar project for University of Ottawa's Faculty of Social Sciences. We wish to ensure that all students have the proper intellectual tools needed to succeed.

In the military we have ""hurry up an wait"" meetings. I always bring reading or studying material and it would be great to print off a page or two of this material. I could not find a ""printer friendly"" button. This would be helpful.

Requesting permission to link to your Learner's Day Planner the link would appear in materials designed for UAW-represented DaimlerChrysler workers and their qualified dependents

I just wanted to let you know that I am creating a site for my students and link several sites that I feel might be useful. Yours is definitely a great addition! Thanks for all the work you have done! You have made my job MUCH easier!

I want to thank you for such a wonderful site! At the age of 50, I am being retained, loving every second of it but, need to improve my concentration skill. Already some of the skills are showing results. Thanks Again

I'm a student at the School for interpreters and translators at the University of Bologna (Italy). I'm writing my dissertation on stress and stress management during the interpreting classes. I found your website and would ask you, if you may tell me some book titles about this issues (in Italian, German or English), or about stress during classes in general, that could be helpful.

Your website is fantastic. I am currently a college counselor intern and am teaching an FYE (first year experience) course to university freshmen. Your sight was recommended to my by my practicum instructor. My students have found the material extremely helpful.

Your study guides "I have written in the past to thank you for your generosity in providing this service, but I want to write to again tell you that I haven't changed my mind. I have retired from the classroom, and I both tutor and sub. Your website helps enormously.

REALLY like your study guides. ..They are excellent and much needed. I will probably suggest those to some of my colleagues for students who need help. Study skills are a hugely important and often overlooked learning skill. Kudos to you for developing something that nice!!!!!!

I just happened to Google into your world of scholarly life-saving: I discovered Study Guides. I'm enlisted at the English and Spanish depts.. at the University of Cologne, Germany. I once abandoned my studies many years ago but re-enlisted two years ago. Now at 49, I find myself stuck again, with two assignments in Spanish linguistics and the general stage-fright before the final gauntlet of the exams, which happen all at once here. However, now that I have those tools at hand which you've been so kind as to make available in the net, I feel much more confident to win at last. Thanks a mil for all the valuable information!

I came across your site by pure serendipity today, and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and trouble you have taken. Please may I point my (mainly foreign) MBA and MSc students to your site when the new Academic Year starts in September?

I am a very recent Distant Learning student. After 13 years of being out of school, I have decided to go back and try to earn my degree. One of my first classes is Skills for Learning in an Information Age. My final project will be creating a Student Survival Guide. I found your site and I am really impressed. It offers very good information and guides. For one of my projects this week I needed to find a web site that will help me with my final project. I am also asked to provide the authors credentials. I was hoping you could send me this information. I have to ensure that the author has a valid background in the subject. Any help would be appreciated.

I stumbled across your website this afternoon while looking online for a way to read without having it all fall out the next day. Having just started grad school after been out of college for a quarter of a century, I am finding it really hard. On your site, I found what I was looking for, plus much more that is helpful. I’m sure that it took a lot of time and work for you to do this. I see that you have done it for free, and I wanted to drop you a little note to say.... THANK YOU!

I would like to express my great impressive feeling when I visit your website today. It is the first time and I know that I will be back. Fortunately in search of the study methodology and look for a source that can provide the guide for life-long education I found your website. More interesting, it has Vietnamese version. It means that I could share it with my friend who can not read in English.

We are pleased to inform you that a link to your on-line resource has been added to Lingu@net Europa: the virtual Language Resource Centre ( Lingu@net Europa is a multilingual, virtual resource centre to support the teaching and learning of foreign languages. It provides information about, and links to quality-assured on-line resources from Europe and around the world. You are most welcome to add a link to us from your web site, and if you do this we would be delighted to hear from you.

I teach study skills at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. I appreciate your website and have mined it for ideas in the past. Today marks the first time that I've looked at the personal information pages. Thanks for sharing!

Me gustaría poder leer en español todo lo referente a como poder prepararme para un examen final sobre patología medicas y que usan este método en forma primaria para poder pasar al examen oral y que no se como hacer para poder resolverlos ya que las preguntas son tan capciosas como las respuestas y eso hace que me confunda. Desde ya muchas gracias si pueden ayudarme

I am a student in the Multimedia Class in Ohio. Currently, I am working on creating a web site on good study habits for teens. I would appreciate being able to use your “Tips for Better Test Taking” web page from you web site that shows teens how to prepare better to do well on tests. This project is strictly for my class and will not be used for commercial purposes. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your cooperation!

Great to read your website when I searched a phd study chance in UK , Happen to see your fantastic study guide cool idiom coined in Chinese English as you said I saw your china visiting time is 1999 , which is too long time ago. Suggest you to have another visit. cloud be a big surprise. more multicultural Beijing now. heheh I just came back from Uk to Beijing after finishing my 1 year study there. Honestly compared with good environment UK I don't like much of Beijing now...hhehee that's why I m trying to find another chance to breathe fresh air outside china. well . I m writing g to tell your website is really great . Later when i have time or when I m retired I will build up my website like yours . thanks for giving me great aspiration again!! have a good day

This site is great - one suggestion would be: It would be great if this could be saved as a PDF or other electronic document so it can bee added to a students eFolio easier. Thanks!

We came across your website and have found that the articles written are very interesting. We run a website - - a free, community-based Australian online directory of tutors and coaches, allowing parents and students to locate and select their ideal tutor or coach for their educational pursuits. We found, in particular, the article Tutoring Guidelines which would be quite useful for tutors registered on our site. We would like to ask whether it is possible for us to reproduce the article in our forums – members area, with a link to your website for reference? Or if you have alternative possibility for us to have the article available on our website, it would be greatly appreciated.

I came across your site , today from a link on Clipmarks... After looking a round your site awhile, I decided to create a Clipmark for your main site, which I did. You can see it at Free Educational Resource--Study Guides & Strategies While I was clipmarking your site, I also had Clipmarks add that link to my blog. Thank you for such a wonderful free resource to anyone who has access to the Internet.

thanks very much for supplying the world with such a excellent information

I'm writing having just looked over your online tips for test-taking. As a graduate student and instructor, it's very helpful. I am also part of a team working to prepare students here, at the University of Southern Mississippi, and it is encouraging to know that such a complex topic can also be discussed succinctly and effectively.

First to all I would like to congratulate you about this wonderful work relationeded with the different techniques to use into the classroom, my name is Angelo Ortega, I'm 27 years old, I see your cv and your experience is a lot, I work in a Language School where we teach English, I want to ask you if I can use and print this information for my students, if I receive your authorization I would like to know if you can send a copy of this material in word or pdf.

Hi - had a very long and tedious parents meeting with all my son's teachers at the London Oratory School in Fulham SW6 - A very traditional and excellent RC school. Teacher always (with our son) go on about concentration....could do better... when he makes an effort ..only when he applies himself...etc However - Our son's RE teacher suggested we look at your site for study skills - It has proved most excellent. Not only shall I get my son to use your tips and strategies but help my younger son & daughter with some of the methods & concentration skills.

I direct a degree completion program for adults here at ... College. We have both on-campus and online programs. Since many of our adult students are returning to college after a hiatus, they often need a refresher course on some college skills. I am developing an orientation course for that very purpose. During the development of the orientation, I found your website, Study Guides and Strategies. This website is exactly what I need for the bulk of what I want to get accomplish in this orientation course. Therefore, I plan on having them go to you website quite a bit.

solicitação Olá, localizei na internet uma tradução de texto Inglês/Portugues Aprendizagem Cooperativa e Colaborativa, e foi de grande valia para os meus estudos, sou pesquisadora de Educação a Distância com enfoque na aprendizagem colaborativa. Por gentileza se vc tiver ou conhecer algum colega que tem a tradução dos textos abaixo, gostaria que se possível, fosse compartilhado comigo.

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Hi I'm badra from morocco and I don't know what I do next year I have just :niveau bac so pleas show me the true way for my study and future too , thanks. Thank you for the use of this sight. I am learning Or remembering things that I had forgotten.

I enjoyed reading the tips how to deal with the stressful situation. I have suggested to my colleagues, teachers from other school boards.

I would like to get some tips on studying for a test and getting prepared for a test. On the day of a test I get a little nervous and I end up not doing so well on the test or not passing.

Your Study Guides and Strategies is an excellent source of guidelines. The reason why I am writing to you is to get your permission to include in my ontology some of your resources. The web site address and the name of the author will appear on each source.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration,

Study Guides I am 63 years old and in a new job. For me it is a dream job but my skills for time management is not good. My stress level has been high in recent months. I know it is because of not working with a clear plan. I have many new responsibilities now and I love my job. so far your ideas have been quite helpful and I thank you. I've asked for help and now know I have to get there alone but getting some insights and ideas are helping me get there. thank you so much!!!! Sarah from Philadelphia, PA

I stumbled upon your site today and was quite impressed. I really liked the design.

One of the first links I added to my blog was your Comprehensive Study Guides and Strategies. I was most impressed with your site! My blog is designed with the social work student in mind. My university is somewhat lacking in resource material so I decided to start this blog for others who might be as frustrated as I was in the beginning. I am what they like to call a non-traditional student. :-) I was 49, I think (the memory isn't what it used to be), when I was laid off from my job and decided it was the Lord's way of telling me that I needed to go get that degree I didn't get 30 years ago. It has been a struggle but worth it. ..I would very much like to have a site like yours ...

I'm a biology teacher in a junior high and I found your website by surfing the internet. What a great source of information for my kids. I appreciate all your hard work in organizing the information that will help me help my kids succeed. Thank you thank you thank you

I have two incredible children, my son is 13 going into 8th grade and my daughter is 10, going into 5th grade. Both have been diagnosed with ADD. They both test at or above IQ for their age. But both are failing school. They have natural talent, but do nothing with it. I have tried Medication, counselors, tutors and quite honestly, I am so far into debt trying to find something that will motivate them or get them to focus and be responsible human beings, I could cry. The fact is I do cry, A LOT.

Any suggestions or methods to get them interested in doing well at school and participate in life?

I am a new high school counselor at a rural, Native American high school who is interested in developing a peer mediation program. I am interested in any information, pamphlets, people to contact, etc. that you might have. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

I'm one of the universities students, I have some problems in studying that can be classified into these following two: 1- When I study some subject some times, I can't understand it until I got the idea behind it, even it is not required in the course or even the whole major? 2- Some times I go and search about some subject outside the courses which lead me to some difficulties, some times to go outside the approach of the course, so who to solve these problems?

This site is awesome. I had been online for two hours trying to find solid study skills material with very little luck. I am a secondary English teacher and am trying to create a beginning of the year lesson on study skills. This site has everything that I want to address. Thanks.

Thank you for the thought provoking ideas. It can only ameliorate the reader's abilities to structure thought process.

I’m writing to let you know that we have provided a hyperlink to your site from the OU website ‘Skills for OU Study’. The site is open access, so all visitors are welcome. However, it is aimed primarily at the distance-learning OU student. We feel that students visiting our site for guidance on improving their study skills would benefit from the information you provide.

انامن المغرب و اشكركم جزيل الشكر على خدمتكم و على برنامجكم المفضل

مرحباً لدي مشكلة عدم التركيز والانتباه مع التركيز احس بصداع بعض الاحيان فلذلك لا أقدر ولا استطيع التركيز والانتباه لشرح المعلم لفتره طويله ارجو الافاده

يسعدني أن أرفع قلمي هذا وأكتب لكم سطورا من ذهب تعبيرا عما خالج قلبي من اطمئنان اثر قراءة نصائحكم الثرية التي حاولت ولم تخفق في إيجاد حلول لأغلبية المشاكل التي أصبح يعاني منها الشباب المعاصر .ولإكمال ثراء برنامجكم أطلب إضافة بعض النصائح حول التحكم في الذات و بناء شخصية متكاملة وأظن أن هذا هو ما الشباب في حاجة إليه والسلام عليكم

I am a Chinese learner. Thanks for your website and so many useful tips. That's great!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work on this site. It is as my students would say, awesome! Thank you for your work and for sharing about your life on the personal link!

I came across your website as I was surfing the net. I was wondering if I could use your material as a part of my curriculum teaching study strategies at Kent State University. If permission is granted I plan on integrating material with other material I use. Thank you.

We are in the process of designing a web page for our office - The Office of Disability Services at Syracuse University. In our research, we had the opportunity to visit your web page on study skills and found it to be information, appealing and full of fantastic information. I am writing to ask your permission to use your study guide page as a link on our new web page. One of our goals is to offer as much information to our university community and the community at large and feel that access to your site will enable us to reach our goals. Thank you for your consideration.

Just perused your website as well as the Study Guides. I’d love to use some of the information in my article. Then when I read your vita and other web pages ? I began to feel I know you.

i just write quickly to add (feedback) that by the way the page of ""pre-reading strategies"" is written, one can?t print it completly; i, personally copied to microsot word and ""improve"" it -""there"".

Have you thought about creating a wiki site for study guides?

"It would be nice if you had examples such as a script so to speak so people have an idea of what should actuary take place.

Hi, I was reviewing your study guide in preparation for a Netiquette Quiz issued by my online instructor. I just wanted to inform you certain topics are "missing"

I just had to send an email about your website. This is one of the best sites I have seen. Thank you so much.

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Just a note to express my appreciation for your site. Thank for your hard work and dedication in putting a resource like this together. This is especially helpful for me as a new instructor as I try to put together materials for my classes.

Is there an English version of your study guide available in pdf format, as I am having trouble viewing and accessing your pages.

Please consider publishing a book series like the following book. I love books that have easy to read bullets. You could start a whole series like the Idiots guides but based in this unique format.

We are seeking permission to use excerpts from Could you tell me the best way to site your page, Writing Position Papers. I would like to refer to it in my public health master's thesis proposal.

I am a man nearing his 69th birthday, retired from the active workforce but keeping busy with my lifetime love, writing. I found your excellent site while researching the proper development of study guides to be appended to chapters in a memoir ...

I stumbled across your rather comprehensive site a few minutes ago--and will spend more time on it later in the day. I am the design director of an assessment reporting company and find myself questioning our design philosophy and efficacy fairly often. Especially when we design for a student audience. In this age of information glut, students are inundated by information. While the world around them is extremely active and visually engaging, changes in the academic community are relatively slower (at least in the schools). In the process working on strategies to engage low-performing students, I have been trying to find any research on the subject that could inform me. Strangely enough, there is not much out there!

Your study guides (I've looked at several) really do add the information and strategies which are so often lacking from How To material. And you've made no apparent attempt to profit from your site, amazing.

Working though your page this afternoon, has really helped me establish why I must end procrastinating over finishing my studies. It helped me realize important things I had not previously thought about. I have found it very helpful, Thank you for publishing it online.

I am a student, and for one of my assignments I am required to write an essay for review and critique by my instructor. I have chosen Active Listening as my topic. I am asking for your permission to allow me to use some of your material either directly quoted or paraphrased. I will however, cite you as the author, giving you credit for your work. This is one of the things I will be graded on. Please let me know whether or not I have your permission to extract some of your material and either directly or indirectly quote it or paraphrase it. "Hi, it's my 1st time to access into this web site. really appreciate your working to promote tech of learning.

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Great resource! I added a link to my student page… I would add (near the top!):

...Bangalore, India .One of my friends has forwarded your site to me . Your site is awesome ,With which I can hone my skills every day .You have covered all the areas to improve. That's great .

I am a graduate student in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I serve as a graduate assistant in the Advising and Testing Center here. Part of that role is preparing materials for all undergraduate orientation programs. As I was updating this years materials I was asked to add some information about test taking skills and strategies. I came upon the study guides that you have created. I was hoping to attain your permission to use some of those materials, specifically the "" Ten tips for terrific test taking in orientation materials that are given out to all incoming students at IUP. All materials would be cited as your work. We have approximately 2300 students come for our summer orientation program.

I was just introduced to this site today by another student in one of my online courses, and I would have to say, that I wish that I would have noticed it sooner. Better late than never though. It has wonderful information for anyone, whether a student or a professional or a retiree. I would like to thank all involved for helping me out, so I can be more educated in today's society.

I've enjoyed skimming through your web site. I teach a class in skills-building at Eastern Connecticut State Univ. and I found the categories and the information that you provided very helpful. It is very clear, you provide helpful examples, and you offer links to really good web sites, too. I especially enjoyed the section on learning to concentrate; you mixed good behavioral reinforcement techniques together with Eastern mysticism. Nice!

I work for an educational cooperative in the state of Kansas and am working on developing a study skills course that will be accessed by students remotely (only through the internet). All student coursework will be done online and submitted electronically. We are using the Blackboard platform. As I have been looking at your website, I am finding many components that could be integrated into our system. What would I need to do to get permission to use your website and house it on our Blackboard platform?

I am the mother of 4 great kids. One thing we are noticing in their education is a serious lack of training when it comes to how to do school. While searching for some tools on the almighty web, I stumbled on your web sight.. My question is do you have any books or programs or any kind of written work other than that what I already have seen. I do really like your web sight but would love a work book or something to use here at home during the summer. Thanks for your help

I am writing to inquire about any teaching resources or free products that you advertise on your www that I may be able to add to a professional library/resources bank - preferably multiple copies for distribution to students on childcare courses. I would be happy to highlight and promote the great work of your organization, enhance your company's already prestigious reputation and receive any kind donations you may be able to make to the following postal addresses : First, let me just express my delight in your website, In a random Google search for study guides, I happily came across your page and find myself in admiration for what you have done. I, especially, like the layout and the quotes on the top of each guide, which gives each guide a personal touch! Without sounding like a complete ?dork?, I was just thinking yesterday that I needed to find my next mentor, and until that time I will keep busy reviewing your study guides to pick up some tips from the experts.

I wanted to thank you for your site. I am an ELT Professor in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and to say we are short of resources is a grand understatement! Your site has bailed me out so often when I needed a way to make a lesson to reinforce a lecture.

Our company is currently compiling a comprehension method/strategy brochure to assist students in an after school program in Shreveport, LA. The website, has an abundance of information that we would like to include in our brochure and I would like to discuss this with you.

I am a former social worker and the mother of a 16 year old boy who already has 5 grade 12 credits. I have long recognized the importance of tutoring for academic success.

I am the Editor for the West Coast Credit Line, which is a local newsletter circulated to members and students of a professional association. I would like to do a write-up of the excellent study tips you have provided on the internet. Due to the length of the subject manner that you have presented, I will be presenting the materials over a few issues. I will probably not cover every section since its very extensive. I will give you credit in each publication.

I would like to thank you for the characteristics of ""Thinking Like a Genius"", I learn these characteristics from your website and I will try my best to follow and implement these characteristics. Very useful and knowledgeable website.

I am an educator at Long Beach City College, which is located in Southern California. I have been teaching career counseling and college orientation classes in the past, and now this coming fall 2006 I am expanding my skills to teaching a 2-unit study skills class. I came across your comprehensive website today and I am amazed and excited about the information you included on your wonderful website.