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A professional is one
who does his best work
when he feels the least
like working.
Frank Lloyd Wright 1869 - 1959
American architect

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2007 Website metrics

12,796,495 page views/impressions; 8% increase over 2006.
(82,3 million hits; 5,1 million visits; 63,6 million files)

December: 989,240 page views, 12.3% increase over Dec 2006
November: 1,210,333 page views, 9.3% increase over Nov 2006
October: 1,295,085 page views, 2.1% increase over Oct 2006
September: 1,232,960 page views, 7% increase over Sept 2006
August: 954,790 page views, 2.3% increase over August 2006
July: 822,892 page views, 6.8% increase over July 2006
June: 939,687 page views, 18.7% increase over June 2006
May: 1,042,459 page views, 16.6% increase over May 2006
April: 956,723 page views, 1.2% increase over April 2006
March: 1,083,307 page views, 7.7% decrease over March 2006
February: 1,043,610 page views, 20.2% increase over February 2006
January: 1,225,409 page views, 21.9% over January 2006

2007 Projects

December 8: One Portuguese translation, Organizing large study projects, contributed by Valdemir Fernandes
December 5: Added "paypal" donation feature
November 26: Completed reformatting/simplifying of all 1200 pages!
November 19: One French translation, Concentration, contributed by Valérie Roy
October 26: One Persian/Farsi translation, Concentration, contributed by Ahmad Azizi
October 24: Two Portuguese translations, Problem solving and Adaptive problem solving, contributed by Valdemir Fernandes
October 10: One Portuguese translation, Auto-Disciplina, contributed by Valdemir Fernandes
October 9: One Portuguese translation update, Aprendendo a aprender, contributed by Valdemir Fernandes
October 8: One Chinese translation update, Test Preparation contributed by 浅海章鱼/Keny Joe
October 1: Contribute all guides and their translations of the Study Guides and Strategies website in a continuation of my public service mission to OLPC school server digital libraries. One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Program
September 26: One Chinese translation, Succeeding in online learning contributed by 浅海章鱼/Keny Joe
September 17: One Chinese translation, feedback contributed by 浅海章鱼/Keny Joe
August 21: One Persian translation, v contributed by Neeku Shamekhi
August 14: addition of "KWL reading method"
June 26-29: Attended/presented at the Learning 2007: The Fourteenth International Conference on Learning at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa: "Developing and Using Digital Resources in Support of Learners" Digital resources include webpages; Flash, video, and audio learning objects.
May 21: addition of the Persian translations in the Open Directory Project
May 17: addition of "transitional phrases" examples and game
May 14: Revised and added new Flash exercise: Basics of web design & accessibility
April 30:  Revised and added new Flash exercise: Managing by exception
April 23-25: 9th Annual Information Technology Conference 2007 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system "Developing and Using Digital Resources in Support of Learners"
April 12: Imported Flash exercises and developed the index
April 11: One Persian translation, Avoiding procrastination, contributed by Neeku Shamekhi
March 24: Start of a new feature: my "guide blog" on selective topics. #1: Genius
March 2: New topic: Bibliography of digital/free textbooks, documents, etc. External links.
February 23: One Spanish translation, Studying in Groups, contributed by The Academic Advantage
February 13: Three French translations, Case Studies, Public Speaking, and Using Feedback contributed by The Academic Advantage
February 10:  one Portuguese translation, Online learning, as well as a cluster map, contributed by Joe Landsberger;
February 9: One Persian translation, Stress, contributed by Neeku Shamekhi
One French translation, Visual Learner, contributed by The Academic Advantage
February 8: Two French translations, Critical Thinking and Self Discipline, contributed by The Academic Advantage; one German translation, Online learning, a cluster map, contributed by Joe Landsberger; one French translation, Online learning, a cluster map, contributed by Joe Landsberger
January 28: One Turkish translation, SQ3R, contributed by Atschikura
January 25: New Guide/topic: Online learning: Succeeding with distance education;
New Guide/topic: Online learning, a cluster map, contributed by Joe Landsberger
one Spanish translation, Online learning, a cluster map, contributed by Joe Landsberger
January 20: added a Flash exercise on concept mapping as well as the Tony Buzan "youTube" video. Sent over 5,000 updates on 2006 traffic (below).

2007 Email

Thanks a lot for all efforts you spent to create and improve this great site.

Thank you for your contributions to education through the internet – We were so excited by the Study Guides site and we have asked our students and their Academic Advisors to go to the site, fill out the Daily Planner and the Typical Week exercises for a discussion meeting on Monday, December 3 about time management.

What strategies would you recommend to help a student interact with group discussions as someone who finds social interaction difficult, and how would they best find a 'role' within a group when the most confident socially monopolize the discussion.

شكرا جزيلا على هذا الموقع المفيد جدا
ولكن لدي بعض الأستفسارات والمشكلات التي أواجهها .....
أولا :أنا طالبه في المرحلة الثانويه ...وفي الحقبقة اني أبذل قصارى جهدي في المذاكرة ولكن عتدما أذهب للمدرسة أجد نفسي ضائعة بالفصل بمعنى أن هناك كثير من الطالبات الذكيات والنبيهات بينما أجد نفسي مستواي متأخر ..أي عندما أحاو ل في المشاركة على أسئلة الذكاء والثقافة أخفق .بينما غيري من الفتيات تعرف الإجابة ...هذا في الحقيقة من أكثر الأمور التي

Thank you for putting together such a fantastic source of information in such a detailed and explicit manner; I really feel my kids will benefit from checking out your site and I truly thank you for creating it for them.

First, thank you for putting this website together. I am a family doctor in a college town and deal with learning problems including ADHD very often. I have started sending patients to your website.

I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! The time managing tips have been really helpful. Thank you for all the advice you offered.

I just wanted to say thank you after all these years of using your site and referring students to your site as well! Great work! Thanks again

I have looked at your materials and I am so impressed with the thoroughness and quality of the study guides you have developed It is very clear that you have put a great deal of effort and loving care into the development of these materials. I am always pleased to have a resource that I can refer clients to who are in need of remediation in areas you cover in your study guides. I have been the director of a student counseling service at a major University in years past, so I am quite familiar with the difficulties students can have. You are to be commended on the quality of your excellent study guides!

A word of thanks for providing such a complete guide to study skills. Our high and middle school teachers are required to teach all of these lessons from different perspectives as they incorporate them in the regular class curriculum. You are appreciated!

I am a trainer and a designer of training courses of a little counseling Center in Guangzhou City, South China. “One tear in gratitude expressed one thousand feelings of appreciation

If only designers would follow at least a large percentage of your guidelines what a wonderful cyber world it would be.

I am offering study skills and test-taking tips for my students via an article in our student newsletter. I’d like permission to use some of the articles from your website. They are well-written and contain vital information for all college students. I, of course, will cite the source of the information. Thank you for your consideration.

I just ran across this Study Guide and it is going to be a lifesaver for me. I am desperately trying to be more understood and have smooth understandings while speaking.

Congratulations on the best performance I have seen on a knowledge centric site. A new era in knowledge management is being initiated in a journey towards future of knowledge and Peace for all humanity. It is laudable and I as a knowledge manager & promoter of Life long learning in Healthcare would like to join & help implement this system across the world and review it for use by healthcare professionals.

I just discovered this “Study Guide & Strategies” website and it’s fabulous! Thanks for providing such a great resource in so many content and study skill related areas! My students will definitely benefit from this!!

When I found the study guides on your site, I felt like I found gold because your site is comprehensive, easy to navigate, and the quality of the content –excellent! I have searched other sites but none covered the breadth of materials that you do with the quality you provide.

Man, you guys did a great job with your web site! It provides a ton of great tools and resources for your viewers.

I run the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) for Saint Paul Public Schools. We host a series of workshops designed to expose staff to the resources in our collection and support them in their personal and professional development in working with all students. The information on your website represents a tremendous resource.

The American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association, would like to have permission to duplicate an article for distribution to participants of an Institute on reading.

My sincere appreciation for your efforts in promoting and stimulating self improvement subjects. I happen to stumble on this site and I really enjoyed this. I have all the praise for the attitude of yours, that others should get benefit of your knowledge and they should also grow. I am 68 years old and I am in the field of innovation and I feel that one should develop their creative ability in their chosen field and repay to the society to the best of ability.

I want to thank you for the study guide site and the accompanying links you provide. I have just begun college at the age of 56 and am delighted by all the many resources available to me. Yours is particularly instructive and demonstrates a deep care for those of us who will be using it.

Your site is fabulous for kids and adults. Thanks for consolidating all of this information.

Que tal buen día, antes que nada quiero felicitarlos por su página me parece de mucha ayuda para aquellos que como un servidor estamos estudiando y nos caen de maravilla este tipo de soportes, de momento solo quiero notificar que la página del programador semanal en el punto 3 dice: Anote y implementa tus prioridades cuando debe decir Anota e implementa tus prioridades. Gracias por la atención de antemano y aprovecho para mandarles un saludo.

I am the Director of Curriculum for the American School of Tegucigalpa. We are presently compiling a blog site in which we are placing links to educational resource websites for our teachers' use in their classrooms. We feel that the material that you have published regarding Study Guide and Strategies would be of particular interest to our teachers.

Am 58 and taking my first online graduate classes. You are my newest hero. Thank you for Study Guides and Strategies… lifeline. Indebted,

I’ a senior teacher of Psychology and senior year level coordinator, Victoria, Australia. My school is currently looking at redeveloping our student planner and I would like to use some of your material to feature in the planner. We are hoping to develop a planner that assist students with educational strategies and techniques as well as serve the purpose of a homework, class work planner. The idea is to place a strategy, technique or support information on each weekly page.

I'm from Singapore and is a school counsellor… I find your study guides and strategies useful and would lkie to use some of your materials for my students. May I have your kind permission to use them so as to help my students in their studies. I understand that the material is solely used for educational purposes. I would be most grateful if you could grant me permission to use them.

Thank you, thank you for your fabulous website, "Study Guides and Strategies." I teach English as a Second Language in East Lansing, MI, USA. My ELL's are 7th-12th graders from approximately 20 different countries and representing approximately 12 different languages. My intern and I were in the process of preparing our opening unit on Study Skills when we discovered your gold mine. I have sent the link with a full description to every teacher and administrator on my staff. The translations (on PDF, no less!) will provide just the bridge my ELL's need to grasp the material I present to them in English

I would like to thank you very much on your contribution to the educational world through the The Study Guides and Strategies website. I am a medical school teacher who was asked by my students to talk about textbook reading. I found your website very useful to me as well
as to my students who are encouraged to be a life long learner.

I came across your virtual resource center about a 18 months ago while researching facts for my book… At the moment I am working on a students support system which will include amongst others tools and applications to adequately prepare students for the challenges of learning and also helping them keep focused. I am a Nigerian youth committed to seeing change and development. I have identified the power of peer influence as a veritable tool for correcting social ills – that was the motivation for my first book.

This website is soooooo helpful. There’s nothing I can think of to make it better other than adding more content.

I couldn't leave your site without saying thank you so much for your presence in the web and the contribution you are making to so many lives. Your CV is most impressive and I can see why the quality of your work is so excellent. The content of your site will warrant many trips back and hours of contemplation that I look forward to as a management consultant.
I’m an active duty soldier, but I’ve been struggling with time management since I joined 7 years ago... I’ve realized in the past 3 years that time management has a whole new meaning when you’re a parent and working vs. a brand new to the world IET soldier.

Thank you ever so much for this website and the creative and straightforward tools that breakdown what is and what isn’t a major catastrophe. I think the government might be able to use this website to further its effectiveness in managing our wonderful country. If not, then I’m passing the word to my fellow soldiers, single parents, and co-workers. Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy the time that you do have.

Hello teacher how are you? I am a student live in Cambodia, I want you teach me about how to learn English language, good sound writing visioning better then now. I hope you can help me. I waiting for you tell me know soon.

Thank you for your web-centric study guide! I have passed the url along to several others who I know will get much from its electronic pages.

I'm writing a features article on study tips for college students and would like to interview you for this article (for the Washington Times).

Thank you very much for this (solving linear equations). It was very helpful.

Enjoyed your site and the great study guide, Curriculum Writer, Air Force

I would to say that I have visited your website on numerous occasions for information about study skills. One, this is the most comprehensive with welfare of information. I love the way you have designed your website to be easy to access. Thank you for being a life saver to me and I am sure MANY, MANY, MANY others.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate this site when working with high school students!!!!

יישר כח ענק זה אתר מעולה ונשמח אם הכל בו יתורגם לעברית.לקחתי משם חומר על ריכוז בזמן למידה, טיפים לביצוע טוב יותר של מבחן אך המשך חומר באנגלית וחבל.
תודה מראש ובאמת, כל הכבוד
תבורכו. בברכה ימית יואב

I really like the subject matter presented because it is not often these study guides and strategies are brought to my attention. In the 7 years I have been in my position which is a production coordinator in the IT Department have I gotten this kind of educational service.

We wanted to let you know that a few days ago we reviewed your website. At we review established and successful websites as well as new and upcoming internet startups. Our goal is to provide an informative service to our readers.

I would like to ask for permission to use your webpage that so clearly outlines SQ3R on our school system's virtual learner site for social studies. I teach civics to eighth graders in the Virginia Beach City Schools system. I have used SQ3R for about 16 years with my own classes. Recently I was asked to share SQ3R with my fellow eighth grade Civics teachers, citywide. When I looked over my own materials, while accurate, they aren't very pretty. I would like to share your single page on SQ3R on our city's website.

I just wanted to thank you for the great study guide website. I came upon it while looking for resources for students (and myself). I'm currently facilitating an online intro grad level course in Special Education with 40 students enrolled. Quite a few of the students have not taken a course in 10 or more years and your website appears to be the most comprehensive compilation of how-to info I've seen.

Please add a line about students having responsibility for getting and bringing any handouts (which are lessons) from the professor! I must compete for valuable copier time -- with other professors -- to make copies of handouts for my students -- who often do NOT bring them to class -- or were absent on the day that handouts were distributed -- which is at the end of every class. When it comes time to go over new lessons or review past lessons -- I run out of handouts. Then they rudely FUSS about not having any -- often expecting me to immediately stop my class to make copies for them. I do not have a copier in class nor nearby. Thank you!!!

Thank you for your excellent guide. Your guide is an invaluable resource for students. I am impressed by the thorough approach you have taken to all areas.

The site is very useful and interesting but I hope if you can focus on organizing the sleeping hours