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A professional is one
who does his best work
when he feels the least
like working.
Frank Lloyd Wright 1869 - 1959
American architect

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  • November 21: New guide Taking online tests
  • September 6: One Persian translation Adaptive decision making contributed by Neeku
  • August 27 New guide and Flash exercise Analogies
  • August 25 New Flash exercise Test tips contributed by Rebecca Schwartz, Mckenna Seefeldt, Joe Landsberger
  • August 19 New guide and Flash exercise Picturing vocabulary contributed by Elizabeth Bub, Steve Kladstrup, Joe Landsberger
  • August 1 Serbian translation added: How to think like a genius contributed by Stanko Milojevic
  • July 30 New guide on Action learning
  • July 28 New guide and Flash exercise added on Organizing tasks
    Serbian version added as well.
  • July 25 Serbian translations added: Stress management, Self discipline contributed by Stanko Milojevic
  • July 21 Serbian translations added: Time management, Daily schedule, To do list contributed by Stanko Milojevic
  • July 10 Serbian translations Index and Learning to learn contributed by Stanko Milojevic (Станко Милојевић)
  • June 6 One Persian translation Index Study System contributed by Saman
  • June 3 One Persian translation ASPIRE Study System contributed by Saman
  • May Google Adsearch added to pages where permitted
  • May 2 three spelling exercises added
  • April advertising Google Ads to pages where permitted
  • March 3 New guide and Flash exercise on Flashcards
  • February 19 Flash exercise on Classroom Presentations
  • February 11 New guide and exercise on Budgeting
  • February 11 Flash exercise on Prefixes (revised)
  • February 10 Flash exercise on Short Answer Tests
  • February 9 Flash exercise on Motivation
  • February 2 Indonesian translation Adult Education
  • January 24 Flash exercise on Mapping
  • January 19 Flash exercise on Prefixes, Word Problems I & II

2008 Website metrics

15,435,695 page views/impressions, 20% increase over 2007
(130.6 million hits; 6.3 million visits; 60.1 million files)

December 2008: 1,138,285 page views, 15% increase over December 2007
November 2008: 1,370,728 page views, 13.3% increase over November 2007
October 2008: 1,506,211 page views (most ever!), 16.3% increase over October 2007
September 2008: 1,499,283 page views (most ever!), 21.6% increase over September 2007
August 2008: 1,077,189 page views, 12.8% increase over August 2007
July 2008: 969,365 page views, 17.8% increase over July 2007
June 2008: 1,063,035 page views, 13.1% increase over June 2007
May 2008: 1,182,622 page views, 13.4% increase over May 2007
April 2008: 1,334,072 page views, 39.4% increase over April 2007
March 2008: 1,359,071 page views, 25.4% increase over March 2007
February 2008: 1,314,002 page views, 25.9% increase over February 2007
January, 2008: 1,321,842 page views, 7.9% increase over January 2007

Email for 2008:

I just learned from your website how many websites link to your site. Wow.

تحياتى نشكر لكم هذه الجهود الرائعه على هذا الموقع انا الدكتور محمود زعيتر منسق ومشرف جامعه العالم الامريكيه فى الشرق الاوسط وجامعات امريكيه اخرى جميعها اون لاين نود ان نبحث اى نوع من العلاقه بيننا وبينكم اذا كنتم مهتمين بذلك 10/8

I came across your website while searching for people involved in studying and learning at the collegiate level. Based on your background and experiences, I'd love to have your input for this book. 11/6

Specifically, we would like to download and add your article to our client Web service that we provide to employees throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. We would also like to print single copies of this information for distribution to the employees that we serve on an "as needed" basis. Of course, we will provide the source information of this content to our readers and follow any specific guidelines that you may have if we are granted permission to use it. 11/28

Found your website on Stumbleupon. Nice work. 1/2

I have been using your site for a study skills class I teach to 8th graders. Your site has been an invaluable resource to me and my students. 1/3

I am tasked to identify articles from the WEB that may be used following an edit of content to support the troops in ..Texas. Examples of an edit would be to reference terms for the military environment. We request a release for unlimited coping of your materials and the right to edit for military use. Your common sense approach and layout will be an aid to our training of solider, sailors and air men in our Department of Defense program. 1/3

I like your site...i may send some of my math students to it for review. 1/5

Please add me to your e-mail distribution list. Keep up the good work! We get good feedback on your resources. I have placed our link below so you can check us out. Roger Bacon is a co-ed, Catholic, and Franciscan high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. 1/7

I see that the Study Guides website gives really useful information on adult study guides. We have created a public interest website focused on improving your life, which I thought may be of interest to your visitors. 1/9

I am a high school teacher at Sherwood Christian Academy, in Albany, Ga. I am developing a teacher training module for integrating the study skills into our curriculum, and would like to use your website as a source of study. What license requirements do I need to attain? 1/9

im a hingh skool student and I want to ask if u can send me a pdf in english on the info u give on your site web, plzzz 1/8

I was wondering if we used some of your materials (K-12). 1/15

I checked out your site at and I like your approach to teaching vocabulary. 1/19

We are in the process of creating an advisement folder in the science department at John Jay College, CUNY. We would like to use the Writing Lab Reports & Scientific Papers guidelines. We would like to distribute hard copies as well as eventually like your web site to ours. How do we go about obtaining a license and or permission to use this information? 2/4

I hope it is okay that I linked to one of your pages because I thought it would be a great resource for teachers. 2/8

I just ran across your concept-mapping explainer page while cooking
up a new use for concept maps with my freshman comp classes at Georgia State. You look like a cool guy! 2/10

I continue to be tremendously impressed by the depth of your study skills website. I am promoting use of this site at a differentiated instruction in-service in our district of East Lansing, Michigan on Feb 19th. 2/15

i have a big English Language center in Afghanistan in Kandahar province i have a lot of English Language Students and i see your Website it is really interesting and helpful for me for me and i took a lot benefit from your Website and i give your Website to all of our Course Students, and we all our course are learned a lot from your Web and it is very beneficial, beside this i we need your help a lot and a lot. 2/18

Please include my email address for future news and updates. 2/20

I just wanted to let you know how top-notch I think your site is. The information is thorough, accessible, and completely up-to-date. 2/28

I'm constantly searching for speakers and individuals who can bring valuable insight to such a unique environment. It would be an amazing opportunity if you could speak to our campus community about learning and tapping into ones full potential. If you're interested please e-mail me with any information, thoughts or questions you might have. 2/28

Just a quick e-mail to say that you made a difference in my life today. I am going on four years in my role as coordinator of a learning support program at a community college. My path has been far from intentional and it is mostly serendipity that has brought me here. As I face moderate burn out and frustration with the politics and bureaucracy of higher education and also struggle with clarifying my career intentions from this point onward, I have to say that I came away from your website uplifted and inspired by the work you have done. I don’t mean the content per se, which I have posted to our website for our students’ benefit, but the behind-the-scenes material: information about your professional and personal work, your personal philosophy, your commitment to learning and community, your success in balancing and cross-pollinating your commitments to work and community, etc. I especially like the quote you posted by Nina Utne: "Basically, in my very flawed and human way, I want to be a force for love in the world. I want to let go of and grow beyond everything that constrains me from that intention" All of it came at a time when I am incubating and reflecting on next steps. So thank you for “putting yourself out there” and inspiring others along the way. 3/5

I'm from Saudi Arabia studying in USA right now. I like your study guide website thanks for it. 3/6

I just found your magnificent site (Study Guides and Strategies), and added a link to it from a wiki page that I'm developing: 3/10

I appreciate all of the work that you have put into your website. I would like to use some of the Flash programs that you use on the website in some of my lessons. Some of the classrooms that I teach in do not have access to the internet. 3/13

I am a professor at Miami Dade College, teaching freshman and returning students how to manage their time and become successful college students. I utilize your webpage as part of the online curriculum for my class. 3/13

I just wanted to thank you for offering such a beautiful collection of resources to the needy, in such a selfless manner. May peace blossom on earth and may you be a witness to that. 3/14

We found your site about "Study guides and strategies" and in our opinion it is very informative and quite helpful for students and for people who are interested in learning skills and languages. 3/24

I enjoyed visiting your webpage. To see great intelligence along with a respect for life is refreshing. I am interested in creating a webpage and am glad to have seen yours. Thank you! 3/22

I find that your Web site has almost everything we need for what we want for our students around various topics. 3/28

Love to receive email information on Reading Skills 3/23

I was researching SQ3R to give to a friend of mine. Your site popped up as #1 on Google.

I was stunned at the precision and utility of your site. I love the information you provide in one place. Amazed. ... I observe that you have a great life and really relish it. Love the Czech dolls and how to make them. Your philosophy about travel: you articulate well, how I have felt about it but haven't been able to put it into words. Anyway, you made my day. 3/28

thanks for your website, it's very interested and informative. I'll now have to actually use some of the techniques I've read about - especially to combat procrastination. 3/30

I was searching for Study Skills to compliment what I've compiled and shared with my students over the years. I was thrilled to locate your website and was most impressed with the intuitive tips and skills you've compiled - a tremendous resource for students, parents and educators! 4/2

I'm a guidance counselor at ... I have been recommending your site to my students for some time, and now I would like to give back in some way. .. I would like to contribute in order to help you maintain this resource that I find to be the best thing since sliced bread. Also, I have fifteen years of experience in high school education, so if you need any help developing any guides, etc. (although I can't imagine what you haven't covered - the site is so comprehensive), please let me know. I will have time during the summer months to work on it. 4/3

I'm not really sure why I'm writing you....I'm lost. Your website, your quotes....your page seems so human... 4/3

Is there any way possible to get an entire copy of the study guide on the website. I was going to print it out but it would take decades to open each guide and each number listed in order to be able to use it as I study. 4/4

I have to say that I'm a bit excited after stumbling upon your website recently. The amount of value it contains is astronomical, I truly admire your work sir. At first, I wanted to ask for permission to link this wonderful site of yours but then I read your disclaimer that says that one does not need to do so and I thought I'd simply send my greetings instead. :D 4/14

I use your site with my students in a study skills class and thought you might want to know ...I really like your web site.4/16

Our class is called Study and Test-taking Techniques. ... found your website and shared the visual learner information with us. I had asked them to find a quote that relates, benefits of knowing more about how you learn, characteristics, and then an example of using the strategy. She found all of this in your Study Guides and Strategies Website. Many thanks for offering this and SO MUCH MORE to my students. 4/22

just wanted to say i found your website really useful! thanks a bunch, will surely use some stuff for my students. 4/25

I recently discovered your fabulous Study Guides and Strategies website and I am SO impressed. Congrats on this comprehensive venture and kudos for offering up this material for people like me. THANKS!! 5/5

you are invited to visit this excellent and rich site. and there is also a section in Hebrew ! 11/28

I am a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. We are conducting a research project with high school students to develop their study-skill/self determination skills. Would it be possible to use your online "daily planner/goal setting" tools? We would love to implement this as part of the lesson. If so could we receive a copy of the program since we do not always have web-access? 12/5