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A professional is one
who does his best work
when he feels the least
like working.
Frank Lloyd Wright 1869 - 1959
American architect

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Translations accounted for 12.6% of SGS traffic, in 33 languages:

Spanish 83,767 pages or 4.22%, Vietnamese 55,627 pages or 2.8%, Indonesian 36,729 pages or 1.85%, Arabic 22,764 pages or 1.15%, French 12,664 pages or .64%, Persian 10,091 pages or .51%; Portuguese 8,085 .41%


January 1: Added 404 Custom error page
January 2: Revised Time Management Guide
January 3: Revised Enews history by years
January 10: Revised metrics pages
January 12: Added/edited third Flash exercise on Math word problems by Carol Lemke, Jeff Stuart and Dr. Brad Hokanson
January 14: Added Exámenes de Opción Múltiple, a Spanish translation by Lilia Gámez
January 14: Added/edited Flash exercise on Identifying audience by Jason Ossman and Dr. Brad Hokanson
January 22: Edited/added Flash exercise on Managing stress by Michael Diener and Dr. Brad Hokanson
January 24: Edited/added Flash exercise on Completing a class assignment by Kelsey Dunigan and Dr. Brad Hokanson.
January 26: Edited/added Flash exercise on Learning to learn-exercise by Jacqueline Braun, Michael Diener, Melanie Zobeck and Dr. Brad Hokanson
March 6: Added Избегни одуговлачење, a Serbian translation by Stanko Milojevic
March 20: Added Flash exercise on Developing your personal brand
April 5: Meeting and reception with educators of the Republic of Slovakia, including Peter Burian,
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary; Jan MIkolaj, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education; Dagmar Hupkova, Director General of the International Cooperation Division. Ministry of Education; Anton Čižmár, CSc., Rector of Technical University of Kosice (TURK).
April 6-16: Educational Sokol project in Paris, France
April 17: Meeting with United States Representative Betty McCollum
May 11: Added a new guide: Interpretive reading
May 29: Added Google translation capability to all English pages
June 16: Added a new guide: Thinking creatively
June 20: Edited/added Flash exercise: Case study: collaborative conflict resolution
June 27: Edited/added Flash exercise on Classroom discussions
July 1: Translated, added German Flash exercise To do list
July 1: Translated, added German Flash exercise Prioritizing tasks
July 2: Translated, added French Flash exercise To do list
July 3: Translated, added French Flash exercise Prioritizing tasks
July 10: Added Assamese to translations, index and Learning to learn
July 13: Translated, added French Flash exercise Managing by exception
July 16: Added Bengali to translations, index and Learning to learn
July 24: Added a new resource: Cross-language links
August 12: Added a new resource: Radical thinking
September 18: Added to the resource To do list
September 21: Added two sections of انگیزش خود /Motivating yourself, a Persian translation by Neeku Shamekhi
September 21: Added گسترش و توسعه تادیب نفس/Developing self-discipline, a Persian translation by Neeku Shamekhi
September 21: Added تفکر به روش نوابغ/Thinking like a genius, a Persian translation by Neeku Shamekhi
September 25: Added Phát huy ý thức tự giác/Developing self discipline, a Vietnamese translation by Le Quynh
September 29: Completed انگیزش خود /Motivating yourself, a Persian translation by Neeku Shamekhi
October 9: Added a new language, Malay, and guide Apakah itu ‘Problem-Based Learning’, a Malay translation by Fuad Jaafar
October 12: Added Buat Daftar untuk melakukan sesuatu (to do lists) & Mengatur tugas-tugas Anda (Prioritizing tasks), Indonesian translations
October 12: Added Crear una lista de cosas que hacer (to do lists) & Priorizar sus tareas (Prioritizing tasks), Spanish translations
October 12: Added Flash exercise in Time management to Indonesian translations
October 28: Added Creare una lista di cose (to do lists), Italian translation
November 1: Added لیست وظایف روزمره (to do lists), Persian translation
November 2: Added اولویت بندی کارها (prioritizing tasks), Persian translation
November 4: Added a new guide: Language Learning Strategies
November 22: Added a new guide: Active learning
December 23: Added Flash exercise in Thinking like a genius/creative problem solving
December 23: Added Flash exercise in Thinking like a genius/famous thinkers
December 24: Added Burmese index to translations
December 30: Added Pensamento radical to Portuguese translations

2009 Web site metrics (Webalizer v 2.01)

December: 1,326,099 page views; 703,697 visitors; 10,876,994 hits
November: 1,619,218 page views; 873,022 visitors; 13,637,496 hits
October: 1,800,596 page views; 872,568 visitors; 19,569, 287 hits
September: 1,735,114 page views; 778,257 visitors; 22,313,009 hits
August: 1,161,365 page views; 517,086 visitors; 16,068,313 hits
July: 1,042,391 page views; 465,380 visitors; 13,626,332 hits
June: 1,076,750 page views; 498,821 visitors; 14,605,143 hits
May: 1,252,602 page views; 587,491 visitors; 15,354,530 hits
April: 1,306,488 page views; 649,798 visitors; 17,455,861 hits
March: 1,470,687 page views; 716,423 visitors; 19,994,635 hits
February: 1,357,894 page views; 612,447 visitors; 16,621,579 hits
January: 1,319,359 page views; 577,260 visitors; 16,279,120 hits

2009 email

12/31 I am very excited by your site and i am a beginner to explore web pages and i want to thank you so much as it was extra helpful for me.

12/23 I'm interested in study tips. I plan to take a four hour exam for my clinical license in Social Work. Please send me any literature you think will be helpful. Thank you.

12/23 Your fine work is much appreciated.

12/20 Do you offer any of your guides on ebay as auto-delivered e-books? If not, I think you should. I love this quote: "An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions" I found on your page. I am always telling my teams to, "Start by defining DONE, so you know for sure when you're FINISHED."

11/19 This website is helpful. I have a learning disability. I wish I found this when I went to college back in the mid-90's.

11/18 This is such a great resource! I am so happy to have stumbled upon this this morning. Thank you for continuing to maintain, add to, and support this website for the benefit of others.

11/17 I just wanted to drop you a note of encouragement. This is my 11th year teaching and still get endless use out of your website and recommend it to other teachers often. Thank you for creating a website that is clear and detailed while remaining user-friendly.

11/9 With this letter, I seek permission on behalf of my online university to include a link in a first-term Academic Strategies course where students can visit your website to view your material.

10/27 I wanted to let you know that I have been using your Study Guides and Strategies web site (as a High School Counselor)

10/22 Hello, I am in the process of setting up a co-op. Your web site has some wonderful information that I would like to share with the members...

10/19 I can only imagine that time and effort involved in producing something so comprehensive. I very much appreciate you allowing us to incorporate the links to allow easy access for students.

10/13 Our Office of Retention and Academic Support... would like to link our webpage to your Study Guides as a valuable resource.

10/7 Thanks for a wonderful website from South Africa. Please subscribe me to your newsletter.

10/1 I am a curriculum developer in Arizona but we develop courses for schools in other states as well. I came across your Study Guides and Strategies website and fell in love with it! The study guides you have would greatly help me and my colleagues develop our courses.

10/1 Love your website. I'm finding it valuable and helpful.

10/1 I really appreciate your site as it is a good one for my Canadian participants. Thanks again for your awesome site

9/29 I am revising (MIT) Learning to Learn site, and plan to link to several of your pages. Thank you very much for the incredible amounts of work you've contributed to academic success over the years.

9/25 After I saw " study guides and strategies" here in Vietnam, I have already learned to schedule well...

9/13 I teach high school English in Japan and I have long been interested in incorporating a metacognitive element into writing processes, and ask my students to write reflective "metacommentaries" between drafts. I've also incorporated goal setting to individualize teaching and learning and to make students more active meaning makers of their own growth. Periodically, my students write reflective commentaries on their own acquisition of literacy skills. I actually assess these (very liberally and without too much weight). I've developed a rubric for this.... I found your website full of useful ideas,

9/12 I am a teacher at a suburban High School outside Philadelphia PA. This year I am teaching Academic Literacy (formerly reading) and Instructional Support (our version of a special education resource room.) There are four teachers who teach some combination of these courses and we collaborate weekly to discuss lessons, strategies and resources we can share with our students. I have been researching online resources to share with our students and their parents after presenting within the context of the classroom forum. The information on your website is truly wonderful.

9/10 I was looking at your web site and found how can you manage your stress

9/7 Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website. I am just about done printing out practically every study guide on your site. You have put together an incredible resource, and I really appreciate that you have made it free to the public. ...I'm just so happy that I stumbled over your website and all of the indispensable advice you've posted on there.

8/23 I'm a student from Egypt, now studying medicine using the PBL system.. I wan to ask permission to .. publish it on our medicine student community website..

8/22 I am a professional organizer who, after working in my local school district for over ten years, is preparing workshops and class visits to teach time management to students... Your site has an enormous amount of information that I am very interested in sharing with others. Is there any way I can use the information on your website as tools for teaching?

8/21 I was wondering if you could please add me to your newsletter list and include me when you send them out? Thank you very much for your time, efforts and hard work.
8/16 Thanks so much for your response! (I'm excited that Kaplan University) will be able to use this as a resource.

8/12 I live at the outskirts of Tel-Aviv . I'm 27 years old, and i have found your blessed website a few years ago, whileI was studying industrial and management engineering...

8/11 I never expected a same-day fix, or the immediate attention you’ve given it, but I’d like to offer my sincere appreciation for both!

8/8 I just found your website. What an amazing beautiful thing you have created. I'm just blown away.

7/8 I am the Course Coordinator for a non-profit (501c3) midwiferycourse in Texas... and most of our students are older women who have not been in school for many years. Many struggle with learning the material they must learn in order to graduate and be able to pass the state exam. I have been looking for study aids for them and ran across your website. I am so excited by what I found! You have so much useful information available that can really benefit these ladies.

7/6 I just read through your Study Guide on Learning – all the articles on motivation and strategy, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was for me! I am engaged on a big project of self-education, and it has been rough at times, because I do not go to a class or have a tutor. Your articles were just what I needed to read. More, more!

7/6 I have just come across your 'study guides' website and had to write to thank you. To be so kind and giving as to make all those incredibly wonderful resources publicly available, is something to be admired and respected and I wanted to let you know that I do.

7/1 My name is Darlene Gicuhi and quite a while ago I contacted you regarding permission to use info from your webiste in my new textbook, Mentoring Matters, Who I Am Makes a Difference. You kindly gave me
permission, but also asked for a complimentary copy of the finished book. The book is complete and is currently being used in the Counseling 2 Mentoring class at Long Beach city College, Long Beach, California.

7/1 I just wanted to tell you that your website is fantastic and will be of great help for me in my work with the SEED Project in Mexico and South America. The courses are all in Spanish, and I welcome that part in your site. I have been a teacher for many years and can see in your recommendations many of the important points we stressed with our youngsters.

6/28 First, let me say that for the last couple of months I have experienced more enjoyment through your site than I can express. Now I want to expand my involvement with your materials (in Texas) . .. I fully intend to provide references and linksto you and your site on all materials.

6/23 I would just like to let you know that I have found several of the resources quite useful, and I would
like to thank you for the time and effort invested so far; thanks!

6/8 I am a reference librarian in California. I work with the student success and basic skills committee. I have enjoyed looking at your website and the topics and links. I find the material helpful and useful. Thank you for putting this together.

6/8 I am so excited to find your site... Of course, study strategies are something we want to include in our content.

5/28 Thank you for all of your hard work. It has helped me in too many ways to list here.

5/27 Warmest best wishes from Brazil. I am using your Study Guide as a help in my work as educational counselor. God give you vigor in your excellent work. And thanks for helping out us old school teachers.

5/25 I am really impressed by your site. It gives so much value to students and their parents and asks for so little in return. Congratulations on taking this road.

5/21 I have a great interest in accelerated learning and am very impressed by your site, it's a great resource!

5/14 I have been trying to pull together information to create an online Academic Skills Center. I have been searching the internet the last few weeks for inspiration and examples of helpful sites. I have to stay when I stumbled on yours I was blown away the resources you have pulled together in one web page.

5/13 I am excited to have discovered your website today. It may be a great resource for our Stay In School program.

5/13 I would just like to let you know that I have found several of the resources listed quite useful, and I would like to thank you for the time and effort invested so far; thanks!

5/4 I am a university lecturer in Cambodia. I am quite interested in your website...

4/21I have your site listed in A Research Guide for Students under Virtual Library of Useful URLs

4/21 one of my algebra students stumbled across your site and posted a link to your material on linear functions. It's nice to see an interactive site that allows students to work problems.

4/21 Your web site continues to be one my favorites and one that I introduce my undergraduate students too every semester. Great site. Thank you for your continued efforts.

4/21 I would like to congratulate your successful record. It is very useful website and learning resource. In fact I have to ask our students to use your website as official learning reference during their studying. Once again, thank you so much and wish you to get more enthusiasm, contribution to our glory work!

3/24 I am a high school librarian in New York. Currently I am working with a district committee examining our study skills course. During my research I found your page and would like to include it as an appendix in our report to the Board of Education.

3/18 Wil net weet of die study guides in afrikaans ook kom

3/17 Please help me i want to know more about how should Ii study because I have a problem with my studying in Namimbia

3/15 This site is awesome!!!!

3/14 I live and work in Vietnam, today I discovered (It is interesting so I am sending this to the administrator.)

3/10 What a terrific site you have! A colleague sent me the link as I teach a college success and survival course for new students, and I will absolutely include your site in their web resources unit as well as refer them for information on study skills and time management, especially. Thank you for the obvious effort you have put into these resources, and your continued efforts to add to and improve them.

3/7 I am medical student in Indonesia, and I have read all your study guide, i have print it out and I think it will give me hand to success in studying medical until I graduate

3/4 I am a Vietnamese student, faculty of IT I have visited your website. I'm very happy because you gave me also every learner helpful lessons. Those are really good for me especially now. I tried to practice some advices of your guide and it is miraculous. I get something which I've looking for before.

2/26 Please send me information regarding (linking). We are developing web support for student success campus-wide.

2/25 Joe, I am writing tell you that I have shared your "Study Guides" site with hundreds of nursing students and faculty colleagues over these past twelve years and continue to reread the valuable lessons that you have posted on your website. I am amazed at your creativity and diligence in construction of one of the most valuable student learning sites I have ever seen. I am now a dean at a university, and have just shared your website with ... schools, students, faculty and academic deans. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

2/21 Thanks for this phenomenal site. I highlight it at every workshop.

2/19 I stumbled upon your site today, and WOW -- let me say, I wish I had it when I was in high school. The amount of time and work to publish those study guides, in so many different languages, is admirable.

2/14 Thanks for setting up this study guides website. I teach at a university in China and will be recommending it to be students this week!

2/7 How did I find this site...really just stumbled on it. Unfortunately, when I really needed something of this nature the Internet was not around, as I am sixty years old. However, I really find all of this information fascinating and informative. Did I say when I really needed it, it wasn't around? I'd better take that back, before I completed the email I saw the part on procrastination. Yes, I am a procrastinator and there is some good information there. My children are grown and gone, however, I do have a five year old grandson that will certainly needing this in the near future. Thank you, thank you.

2/2 I just discovered your website and I have been scouring every inch of it. I am a teacher and a student and I do a lot of mentoring and skills teaching - this website is going to be an extremely valuable tool for me. I just want to thank you. The information is well-laid out and easy to read, the tips and forms are very helpful and I am just so excited to have found this tool. I posted it on my Facebook page for my friends and colleagues, many of whom are education coaches and advocates.

2/2 What a FABULOUS site! Thank you, thank you!

2/1 I've been a procrastinator and bad at self discipline. I've read through your site and taken a lot of resolutions. I just couldn't help but leave a thank you note for you.

2/1 WHAT A brilliant site - thank you! Just embarking on a study skills course for French Students " Studying in an Anglophonic environment" - Your site outstrips any thing else that I have seen !!

1/27 Nicaragua What a wonderful page! May I please have permission to link it to the homepage of our Center for Academia Success?

1/26 Thank you for your kindness and “Luceat Lux Vestra”...(let your light shine).

1/24 I live in NSW, Australia. I have been putting together a power point presentation on (Stress Management Strategies and Test Anxiety) for year 11 & 12 students and I am seeking permission to include some material from your web page

1/22 I am a student and I only want to know when was your last update on the study guides and strategies website. This is for one of my homework and I'm very impressed about the counsels you wrote. Sorry if my English isn't good, because normally I speak French! Thank you!

1/22 I was browsing your website and you present such a welcoming vibe that I hope you don't mind I just used your first name! The reason I'm writing is that I would like to feature some of your Study Guides on our blog, which is a journal for tutors. There are quite a few of your guides that I think would make excellent entries.

1/22 I came across your website and I found the information really useful and helpful.

1/21 I would like to copy and use your strategies for new ... students here at my college. Most of our students come from a low economic background

1/5 I am a Literacy coach.. and came across your wonderful multiple-choice-test help site at while s searching for some interesting ways for teaching how to tackle those questions. I am revising a document for an intensive test-preparation unit and would like to include two of your suggestions - the true/false test and the echo options - in our unit. May I, with proper credit given, of course? Our teachers would appreciate it -

1/1 had to share it with the audience of my column .. I'm very impressed with your advice, the depth of the site, and the price tag! Students will benefit greatly from it and I hope the link will bring thousands of them to your site

1/1 from Nigeria, i must confess that i really appreciate this materials you've got on your web
1/1 would welcome receiving from you any useful material to help my students