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A professional is one
who does his best work
when he feels the least
like working.
Frank Lloyd Wright 1869 - 1959
American architect

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December 31: added 6 Hindi translations! Happy New Year!
December 27: added a new topic M-learning
December 15: added 15 Afrikaans translations
December 3: Completed first experience as trainer for a "Tumbling for Tots" (2-4 years) program.
November 29: Initiated the "Images of the author" series
November 9: Registered Study Guides and Strategies as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) with the State of Minnesota, USA.
November 5: Added Creating a to do list in Chinese (创建您做名单) and Russian (Как создать список дел)
October 6: Lee Keller, Educational Technology Specialist, The Education Network, School District of Palm Beach County, FL, features the Study Guides on Youtube: See also JoshMartinPodcasts in
October 5: Added translation of "Avoiding procrastination" to the Assamese and Bengali folders.
September 23: Added two translations and one exercise to the Vietnamese section.
September 17: Rated in the "top ten study help websites" by, in the company of the Oxford English Dictionary Online, Wikipedia, JSTOR, Google Scholar, et al.
September 12: Added five translations and two exercises to the Vietnamese section
August 17: Contributions to, and publication of, the printed Study Skills Program, Academy of Our Lady of Peace, SanDiego, California
August 8: Adapted the topic time management to the workplace
August 8: Published a new topic: Cubicle workspace management
August 1: Exemplary! 3/3 Curriki review of the Study Guides and Strategies Website
Ranked highest in its three categories of techincal completeness, content accuracy and appropriate pedagogy : "...probably the most visited and referenced educational public service in the world"
July-August: Reorganization/reformatting of guides into two new sections:
Guides for the workplace and for teaching
June: Publication of Dám Thay Đổi /Dare to Change by Nguyễn Đình Sơn (Tomson Nguyễn) with contributions and Vietnamese translations from the Study Guides and Strategies Website. This is the second Vietnamese academic resource of Joe Landsberger. Please see Vietnamese section.
June: Posted the second newsletter of the year, June 2010 edition!
May: Added new topic and exercise: Finding the right study space
April 8: Added exercise on Researching on the Internet
March: Completed revision of Arabic, French, German, and Chinese pages
March 9: Completed revision of English and Spanish pages
February 24: Added "teaching corners" with teacher-directed resources.
February 10: Added exercise on Influencing teachers.
February 9: Added exercise and guide Mastering one test
February 5: Added Portuguese translation and Flash exercise Acrósticos
February 3: Added seven Bengali translations: শিখতে শেখা, নিরবচ্ছিন্ন সফলতা এবং উচ্চশিক্ষা , সময়ের ব্যবস্থাপনা, কাজকর্মের পরিকল্পনার মধ্যি দিয়ে মানসিক চাপের ব্যবস্থাপন, নিজেকে প্রাণিত করা
February 2: Added nine Vietnamese translations and one exercise in the writing series : Phát triển chủ đề, Xác định người đọc, Nghiên cứu, Sắp xếp việc tìm kiếm vào thẻ ghi chú, Sắp xếp các thông tin, Viết nháp/viết, Chỉnh sửa, Đọc lại, Viết trước hạn
January 31: Semi-annual newsletter sent!
January 26: Added three Spanish translations of Aprendizaje Acción; Estudiando con desorden de deficiencia de atención e hiperactividad (ADHD); Desarrollando la auto-disciplina
January 25: Added Flash exercise on memorization with rhyme keys.
January 24: Added Arabic translation of Developing self discipline/تنمية مهارات ضبط النفس
January 22: Added Assamese translation of the six stages of self motivation/নিজকে স্ব-প্রনোদিত কৰা
January 22: Updated the Acrostic Flash exercise
January 22: Submitted a grant application to the MacArthur Foundation's Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) "Digital Media and Learning Competition" 21st Centruy Learning Lab Designers. Wish me luck!
January 21: Added procedure/exercise for working on group projects
January 20: Added Assamese translation of Reducing stress through organizing tasks/কামকাজৰ পৰিকল্পনাৰ জড়িয়তে মানসিক চাপৰ ব্যৱস্থাপন

January 20: Added Assamese translation of Time Management/সময়ৰ ব্যৱস্থাপনা
January 20: Revised English exercise Acronyms
January 20: Added Portugues translation and exercise Acrônimos
January 19: Added Assamese translation of Succeeding in continuing education/নিৰৱচ্ছিন্ন সফলতা আৰু উচ্চশিক্ষা
January 16: Added revised Arabic time management/ لتحضير للمذاكرة المذاكرة وتنظيم الوقت
January 11: Added second guide and Flash exercise on Critical thinking II
January 9: Added the first Flash exercise on Critical thinking I
January 8: Added Arabic translation of Creating a to do list
January 5: Added Burmese translation of Time management
January 3: Added Portuguese translation and exercise Usando efetivamente a memória
January 3: Added spelling demonstration/exercise "y" suffixes
January 3: Revised, and added Flash spelling demonstration "e" suffixes
January 3: Added Portuguese translation and exercise Pensar em voz alta/fala privada
January 2: Added Portuguese translation and exercise Mapear a mente e os conceitos
January 1: Publication of Pragyan, December 2009 Vol VII, Issue 2 online edition of the newsletter of Tinsukia College, Assam, India including translations in Assamese and Bengali of Time Management to be added to their folders soon.


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