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Working in the garden...
gives me a profound
feeling of inner peace.
Ruth Stout 1884 - 1980
American author, gardener

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The (sculpture) gardens of Goodrich Avenue and Leech Street,
as well as the North High Bridge Park

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Leech Street Gardens

The traditional gabled-roofed garden gate or munamon /棟門 was installed in 2014 and frames the moon viewing pavilion Kangetsu-dai 高台寺観月台, installed in 2014. Both were fabricated by Phil Holtegaard of Lanesboro.

See the pavilion construction crew and process

Schmidt Brewery Bench

This bench is constructed from salvaged materials by Phil Gagné, the last brew master of the historic (1855-2002) Schmidt Brewery. Tank cradles form the sides; butcher block plank the seat. A series of cradles held the ruh (aging) tank that held 1000 barrels in W7 (cellar). Amazing piece constructed from Phil's imagination and archival pieces of the Schmidt Brewing history of the West End of Saint Paul, Minnesota..

Curtis Ingvoldstad - carver

Horace originated from a 27" Chinese elm stump taken down two years ago, and was carved by Curtis Ingvoldstad who is seen above at the unveiling.


Just prior to the celebration, we had Horace the Falcon carved and installed.

"Horus" is an Egyptian deity--late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times. "Sokol", the Czech work for falcon, represents my affiliation with Sokol Minnesota (1882) and the international Czech fitness society founded in 1862.



Horace's "egg"

is a sculpture by Marty Hicks



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