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Goodrich Avenue Residence 2004 - 2016

Addition number 3, 2004! Big Wood Construction, 450 sq ft, 18 x 25 feet with full basement 

At the back of my house there were many issues of the house over its century-plus years. The back yard slopes into it, with consequent wood rot and deterioration. Not only was I building a Japanese-style timber frame upper floor addition but also a full basement!

"Marion" drove the bobcat down the west side of the house, excavating excavating excavating excavating through solid rock for 8-foot basement workshop ceilings.

eastern view of excavation of my old house

Here it looks like I am adding a swimming pool. The posts at right held up the back stairwell. You can see the foundation rot over the years, now corrected.

As the snow fell however, the structure rose and the almost completed project is below with lots of interior work to go.

3rd addition to my old house

In 2016  I purchased boards of old-growth pine, ripped them down into 9 and 11 inch-wide boards; sanded, filled knot-holes, and stained them. Garage workshop:

Deck staining operation for bannister styles:

Basement stair

At left, facing west
Below, facing east.

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Header photo compliments of Christopher Touzelet, France.