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When we are unable
to find tranquility
within ourselves,
it is useless
to seek it elsewhere.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld,
1613 - 1680, French author

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Life's journeys are not destinations but rather processes, acts and thoughts within and through experiences. Recently I have compiled my journey to date of building my home, of my spiritual life, and below throughout the world. My CV/resume details my formal educational journey, and my awards and media markers on the road.

International travels


I have circumnavigated the world once,
and journeyed to all of the continents except "the cold one." I began my travels with the United States' Peace Corps in 1968. I was a small city boy who had not traveled before.

In my younger days, my philosophy about travel was that I tried to study the language of an area/country before visiting, and that I visit more than "several days" in one location to get a sense of place, to know the people, that they may also get to know me.

Travel is a reciprocating experience.

Journey presentations:

2017: Liege, Belgium; Luxembourg; Strasburg, France.

2016: Cambodia: Angkor Region of Archeological Temples

Temples of the Angkor Region

2016: Việt Nam Capstone Vietnam Speaking and Book Signing Tour

2016: Cambodia: Angkor Region of Archeological Temples

Temples of the Angkor Region

2015: Europe: the 3-week, 3-country tour
celebrating my 70 years. Timeline and selfies on Facebook, timeline 2015.
Began in Paris, train to Lyons, train to Geneva and Montreaux, train to Milan where I met my sister adn where we attended Design Week! Fabulous. milan, la scala, design week

2014: Lake Itasca State Park, at the head of the Mississippi River
Selfies at my Itasca retreat at the Old Timers Cabin (1932) on a two mile nature walk,
and at the Lodge for "perch chips" and a beer.itasca state park

2014 Boston
Selfies at the Boston Museum of Fine Art
Boston Institute of Fine Arts

2007 South Africa
14th International Learning Conference at the University of the Witwatersrand
14th international Learning Conference, Univ of the Witwatersrand

2007 South Africa National Arts Festival

The National Arts Festival is an important event on the South African cultural calendar, and the biggest annual celebration of the arts on the African continent. It runs for 11 days in the small university (Rhodes) city of Grahamstown, which is situated in the Eastern Cape. The Festival comprises a Main and a Fringe program, and the program comprises drama, dance, physical theatre, comedy, opera, music, jazz, visual art exhibitions, film, student theatre, street theatre, lectures, craft fair, workshops, and a children’s arts festival.

Louvre and me selfie2012 Europe: the 8 week, 6-country research tour
Began in Paris on June 21, proceeded to Prague, Warsaw, Geneva, Brussels, York/London and their environs.
Timeline and selfies also on Facebook, timeline 2012.

San Francisco, California 2009
Google I/O, Asian Art Museum, Proposition 8

Playa del Carmen 2008
for my niece Holly's wedding;
Chichen Itza & Cenote, Mexico, 2008

South Africa 2007

2005 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Study trip and tour of Buenos Aires
(Flash tour to music!)

2005 Argentina & Uruguay
Iguazu Falls, Misiones Jesuíticas,
Montevideo & Colonia, Uruguay

(Another Flash!)

2003 Italy
Tuscany tour to music! |
L'Aquila and the SSGRR Conference (composite photo) | Rome! (Composite photo)

2001 Pipestone Minnesota
An excursion into Southwest Minnesota
and native territory.

November 1999: China
A trip of a lifetime--all in Beijing. The two weeks were plenty to visit friends, a local park, temples, palaces, Tiananmen Square, the summer palace, the Peking Opera, Peking University, the University of International Business and Economics (my hosts), the Great Wall, and to just walk the streets and be part of the scene. Of course, my travel is not a one way street, and I enjoyed being known as well as knowing.

Forbidden City, Mao, and Joe LandsbergerThe series of seven montages of photos were taken with a digital camera on my trip to Beijing November 1999. I went both for my "summer" vacation as well as to pursue two projects. I furthered work on the Chinese translations of "Study Guides" and continued research on Gypsy/Roma immigration into China in the 12th Century, about the same time they emigrated out of northwestern India into Eastern Europe.

Park | Friends | Beijing Opera | Great Wall | Tiananmen | Temple 1 | Temple 2 | Temple 3 | Summer palace | Me in Beijing

October 24-30, 1999: Hawaii
You will see friends, colleagues, and even a stranger. I attended the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education's WebNet 99 - World Conference on the WWW and Internet in Honolulu. I stayed in Lanikai on the windward side of the island at a lovely Bed & Breakfast, a block off of the beach with a friend --with flower in the photo. Favorite memory: sunrise walks on the beach, riding with friends around the island, each other.

peace corps, 1968 - 71, Lome, Togo 1999: Playa del Carmen, Yucatan Mexico, 1999
Just a "spring" break with an old high school friend.

1987: Jamaica, Peru, Brazil

1987/88: Circumnavigating the world
Hawaii, Figi, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, London

Summer 1978: England and Wales
A trip with an old high school friend and my first trip since returning from a stint in the Peace Corps in West Africa. We met in London, but then I proceeded to Cardiff and a walking tour through Wales.

1968- 71: Peace Corps, Sub-Saharan Africa
Togo, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso (La Haute-Volta), Mali, Niger, Benin (Dahomey): Volunteer with les Corps de la Paix Américain/American Peace Corps .


Selected selfies of travel

Joe Landsberger with students, Soutouboua, Togo April 1971

Soutouboua, Togo April 1971
(with students & neighbors)

joe at the bahnhof, Zurich October 1984

At the Zürich Hauptbahnhof October 1984

Joe Landsberger London, England January 1987

London, England January 1989

Joe in Bloomington, MN

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Bloomington, MN 1991 with my dog Tchaddie

Joe Landsberger St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Summer 1998

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA Summer 1998

Joe Landsberger, Grahamstown South Africa June 2007

Grahamstown, South Africa June 2007

Musee de Louvre, Paris, France

Musée du Louvre, Paris, France April 2009

Joe returned from England and Wales 1978

Returned from England and Wales, 1978
(and from a stint homeless at Gatwick without money where I missed my flight)

Joe Landsberger Sydney, Australia January 1987

Sydney, Australia January 1987

Joe Landsberger Szentendre, Hungary June 1991

Szentendre, Hungary June 1991
(With Trabant)


Joe Landsberger Beijing, China November 1999

Beijing, China November 1999

joeat the chinese opera in Beijing

At the Yu Opera, Henan Clapper Opera or 'Henan High Tune' (Hunan), Beijing, China November 1999

Joe Landsberger Buenos Aires, Argentina March 2005

Buenos Aires, Argentina March 2005

"Democracy" ice sculpture, Joe Landsberger, September 2008

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA September 2008 (with "Democracy" ice sculpture and State Capitol)

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