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But those who have been under the shadow,
who have gone down at last to elemental things,
will have a wider charity.
H. G. Wells, 1866 – 1946
English author, War of the Worlds, Book 2

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Joe Landsberger


In the public eye, including MN Public Radio, documentary film on MN State Capital building, KARE-TV tour of my gardents, Czech Radio, etc.

Publications & presentations:

Conferences and books and digital publications including Websites.


Community service and volunteer activities.

Home and Gardens:

My home of 35+ years, several additions, and even property acquisitions and developments.

Animal Companions

Cats and dogs,
oh my. But good friends all.

North High Bridge Park

Over 25 years developing this park including gardens and artistic installations.

Poetry and Quotes

Writings and favorite quotations that you will also find on each Webpage.


Professional activities including research and development of Online educational resources


Six continents and many international friends and events.


The Landsberger and Devorak/ Dvořák immigrant families date to the 1800's



My faith community of seekers and pacifists.
Twin Cities Friends Meeting is basically non-creedal without clergy as we are all called to minister to each other. We meet in silent worship.

West 7th Business Association

President, 2013-14 of one of the oldest neighborhood commercial strips in the
State of Minnesota.

Democrat/progressive bordering on Socialist.

More than a family political heritage.

Czech Slovak Sokol Minnesota

My neighborhood "immigrant" group. Sokol was founded in 1862 in Prague, and in St. Paul in 1882 as a fitness society.

West 7th Federation District 9
(Community Council

My "West End" neighborhood bordering the Mississippi River west of downtown St. Paul. I actually grew up on the "other" side of the river, the West Side, though it is really on the south side of the river here.