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But those who have been under the shadow,
who have gone down at last
to elemental things,
will have a wider charity.
H. G. Wells, 1866 – 1946
English author, War of the Worlds, Book 2

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Joe Landsberger

Current home:

112 Leech StreetPurchased in 2010; rebuilt beginning in 2017;
occupied November, 2022.

Minneapolis/Saint Paul Home Tour, April 30/May 1, 2022.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, HOME & GARDEN section, August 19, 2022: St. Paul garden tour founder is all about creating Zen in his garden — and his home For more than a decade, Joe Landsberger has been a fixture of St. Paul's West End Neighbors Garden Tour. By Nancy Ngo

My Victorian home for 43 years before


Landsberger, Moes, Devorak/ Dvořák, Mozanec, Thompson, Bengtson immigrant families from mid-1800's in Minnesota

Home gardens

Aging Gardens Website COVID 2020 project: an inventory of perennials, shrubs, trees, ground covers, etc.


Community service and volunteer activities.


MN Public Radio "Music with Minnesotans";
"MN State Capital" documentary; KARE-TV  "Summer Backyard (Garden) Tour";
Czech Radio


Professional activities including research and development of Online educational resources

Publications & presentations:

Conferences and books and
digital publications
including Websites.


Six continents,
60-ish countries and many international friends and events.

Animal Companions

Cats and dogs,
oh my. But good friends all.

Poetry and Quotes

Writings and favorite quotations that you will also find on each Webpage.



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